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Holy eff, you guys…Halloween totally draws nearer. I know this for sure because Videology is planning to host a screening of Hocus Pocus on Sunday, and while it’s technically part of their kids programming, I DON’T CARE because I was alive in 1993 and those mother effers were definitely not. #RECLAIMING

Speaking of Halloween, let’s revisit the fact that we’re hosting our R.I.t.E. Halloween party at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, which we’ll be presenting with CHERYL! It’s going to be amazingly weird, so we hope you can join us.

Aside from that, it’s ALSO totally CMJ right now, meaning we have A LOT to look forward to this weekend. Evidence RIGHT NOW:


  • If there is a single showcase I’m most excited about this year, it’s 100% The Windish Agency Showcase @ Mercury Lounge; they’ve got GEMS, Dan Croll AND Wilsen (among others), and the $12 gig has somehow not sold out yet. #MIRACULOUS
  • But ummmmmmm the Cascine and Driftless Recordings Showcase @ Cameo Gallery lineup is massive and completely fantastic! From Jensen Sportag to Heavenly Beat to Rush Midnight, the list goes on ‘n on ‘n on for just $12.
  •  Meanwhile, the lovely folks over at I Guess I’m Floating set up Floating Fest @ Pianos, and it’s F-F-F-FREE! My advice? Go for GEMS at 3pm and stick around for the rest.
  • You may as well just hole up at Pianos for the day, ’cause Drowners, Rathborne and a whole bunch of others are on the Frenchkiss CMJ Showcase bill later tonight for $10.

  • OR so long as you RSVP to the FILTER Culture Collide @ the Knitting Factory daytime showcase (and can skip work or whatever), you’ll be entitled to free drinks, food ‘n tunes, which sounds like a smart way to pass the time if you ask me…
  • Then again, you could also just catch a live broadcast of Au Revoir Simone, Minks AND Ski Lodge today, all for free at the KEXP Live Broadcast @ Judson Memorial Church. Excellent.
  • Or get culturally spooked with an ENTIRE DAY of Italian horror movies, which will be taking place over at none other than Videology today!
  • No? Maybe just hit up Brooklyn Brainery for an evening of educational discussion about the food of funerals! Totally uplifting and all that jazz!


  • First up, let’s talk about the most IMPORTANT thing that’s happening today, which is a mother effing BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER PARTY that’s happening at Videology for just $5!!!
  • Next, there’s another very solid lineup from the The Windish Agency @ Brooklyn Bowl! We’ve got Wardell, Small Black, a Neon Indian DJ set and more for $12.
  • If you’re hella poor, though, GOOD NEWS! You can catch Lapland, Pearl & the Beard and more for FREE as part of the HMG PR + Ear Candy Showcase @ Rockwood, which is mind-blowingly fantastic.
  • And although it’s not FREE, we’ll just need to pay $10 for a whole evening of good tunes comin’ from Wilsen, Ski Lodge and MORE at The Deli Magazine Showcase @ Pianos.
  • But back to the free gigs! Crash Avenue Media Management Showcase @ The Delancey’s got Psychic Twin and Thomas Azier as headliners, and we are obviously going.
  • And if you like a little free booze AND food with your tunes, you may want to hit up the Knitting Factory for round two of just that, THIS TIME ft. Ski Lodge, aka one of our favorites, as part of FILTER’s Culture Collide.

  • SPEAKING of free booze, you can grab a little more AGAIN, coincidentally ALSO with Ski Lodge over at Arlene’s for the Never Better CMJ Party @ Arlene’s Grocery:! #BONUS Just RSVP here: [email protected]
  • PLUS the Decades Records + Timber Wolf Showcase @ SPIN is just $10 and will feature a full lineup headlined by GERMANS, aka one of our mega-favorites!
  • Too lazy for all that? Hit up Videology for an all-day screening marathon of FRENCH HORROR FILMS! TRES SPOOKY AND STUFF!
  • But let’s just talk about the most IMPORTANT screenings of tonight, which will be happening at Lincoln Center and which will include Vivre sa vie AND Band of Outsiders, aka the best films OF ALL TIME.
  • Or maybe you AREN’T too lazy and just wanna DANCE, in which case you should probably head over to the Bell House for another edition of Head On, the theme this time around being Dad Jams vs Mom Jeans!



  • Today it’s all about Videology; they’ll be doing a marathon screening of Japanese horror flicks this time around, which is awesome and also terrifying.
  • AND they’ll be putting on a “Kids Club” screening of Hocus Pocus! Yeah right, like we’re not going to that just because we’re not technically children anymore!
  • And SPEAKING of cinematic options, we can also hit up Habana Outpost for a FREE screening of Mad Max, which is basically the greatest thing ever.
  • Of course, we can ALSO catch another free round of School Night tonight, which is happening at Brooklyn Bowl and which will feature Wardell!

  • OR if free booze is in your viewfinder today, definitely hit up The Monocle Order in Williamsburg for free booze, free food, AND free eyeglass repair! #AMAZING
  • BUT lest we forget that the Grub Street Food Festival is happening today as part of the Hester Street Fair, meaning we get to eat SO MUCH FOOD from vendors like Dominique Ansel and Robertas!
  • We can ALSO hit up a rummage sale in Greenpoint where they’ll give us plaid bags for $25 that we can fill with as much loot as will fit! #VALUE
  • Or maybe we just all feel like watching a Halloween-themed pole dancing competition over at the Bell House or whatever! In which case we’re in luck!

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve forgotten to mention anything, please feel free to internet-berate me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!