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Let’s all kick September right in the teeth this weekend, ’cause OCTOBER RULZ! And just how should we welcome the upcoming month? For starters, I think we should definitely watch Donnie Darko at Nitehawk Cinema, because nothing says posi-vibes quite like Sparkle Motion ‘n #CELLARDOOR. So here we go:


  • If you can spare $10 tonight, it’d be a good look to make a suggested donation at Hotel Chantelle for a charity event. It’s free either way, though, and features complimentary Stoli dranksss.
  • We can also hit up Cielo AGAIN tonight, where there will be another hour of free vodka drinks from 10-11pm. As usual, entry is free before 11pm with RSVP.
  • If it were up to me, though, we would all pile into the metaphorical minivan and head to Videology for a free screening of Cruel Intentions.
  • More into tunes? We’re mega-obsessed with Allah-Las, so I’m going to urge everyone to make a beeline for Mercury Lounge RIGHT AFTER WORK for the 6:30pm $12 show.
  • However, we can ALSO catch Okkervil River at Terminal 5 tonight, which sounds HELLA TEMPTING. Tickets are $27.50 in advance, $30 day of show.

  • OR if we’ve got a spare $45, we could also theoretically pop on by Radio City Music Hall for a Neko Case and AC Newman show instead! (Fun fact: my friend’s dad was / possibly still is Neko Case’s dentist. #TEETH)
  • Too pricey? Seek refuge in poor people-friendly Brooklyn tonight, where the ultra-fun Daytona will be playing a show at Cameo Gallery!
  • We could also panhandle around Bedford Avenue until we can scrape together $15, which is what it’ll cost us to catch Crystal Fighters at Glasslands!
  • Speaking of $15, if we don’t mind zipping back over to Manhattan, there’s a Matias Aguayo show happening over at Le Poisson Rouge, too…
  • OR we could just head to Bowery Electric for an evening with Telepathe, Eraas AND a place both wonderful and strange, all for just $10.


  • Tonight it’s yet ANOTHER round of free booze over at 40/40 Club thanks to BARTENDER JOSH OR SOMEONE! Tell them you’re with Josh at the door and snag an hour of alcohol for all of zero dollars.
  • You can also apparently show up unannounced to USQ Wines for a free tasting of Bulldog gin! Gin’s not my jam, but if YOU enjoy that crisp pine tree taste, definitely get over there.
  • Then, with all of that booze fuel, let’s get our free dance on over at the Bell House, where the latest edition of Head On will feature tunes that pit England against Sweden. YUSSSSS!
  • In terms of NON-free music, there’s a mega-worthwhile show happening at Mercury Lounge tonight thanks to The Sadies, who’ll be performing for $15.
  • OR if we want to conserve all our money and dancin’ energy for an evening with the lovely Andy Butler / Eli Escobar, we should point $20 in the direction of Cameo Gallery instead.
  • Too pricey for your taste? Just head on over to Glasslands, where you can dance the night away to DJ sets by Crystal Fighters and Sinkane for just $10.

  • But WHOA WHOA WHOA, ’cause right next door Black Dice and Teengirl Fantasy will be playing a $12 show starting at 8pm.
  • OR just across the Williamsburg wilderness, Har Mar Superstar will be putting on a $7 performance over at the Knitting Factory! #VALUE
  • What’s that? You miraculously have millions of dollars to spare? Probably use it all to acquire a ticket to Atoms for Peace at Barclays Center.
  • Or just kick it over at Videology, where they will be throwing a mother effing $5 Veronica Mars party! (I still don’t really get who or what Veronica Mars is, but people like it apparently.)
  • Got that Brooklyn fear, though? NO WORRIES! Seek refuge in Chinatown at Santos Party House, where LE1F will be playing a $15 show tonight.


  • FIRST THINGS FIRST, let’s soak up our hangovers over at the Dumpling Festival, where $20 gets us tastes of ALL KINDZA DUMPLINGS, from potstickers to pierogies!
  • THEN, we’ve got two hours of free drinks happening over at The West, ’cause it’s their third birthday party and they want to CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON.
  • And since we saved so much cash on those free alcoholic beverages, let’s catch Dead Heart Bloom for a very reasonable $10 at Mercury Lounge tonight.
  • OR if you’re more about the Brooklyn scene, definitely hit up Brooklyn Bowl for a Cherub show which will ALSO set you back an even $10.
  • How about this for a lineup? You can see Four Tet, James Holden, George Fitzgerald, and the FIXED crew at at Cine Magic Riverfront Studios courtesy of Verboten Stage One. Get your tickets here.
  • What’s that? You DIDN’T spend all your money on intoxicated purchases? Good for you! Use your plentiful brain cells to figure out how to get to Connecticut for a $40 fun. / Tegan and Sara show!

  • But that sounds complicated, so I think we should all hit up Cameo Gallery for $10 and DANCE OUR HEADS OFF courtesy of Tornado Wallace.
  • That is, IF we’re not already having our faces melted by the absurdly fantastic sounds of Susanne Sundfor, who’ll be playing Glasslands around the corner for just $10, too! #AMAZING
  • Of course, if this is all outside your price range, you MIGHT want to hit up The Wall for a FREE Viceroy show, which is sure to be fab for dancin’.
  • SPEAKING of fab for dancin’, it’s not free, but Le Poisson Rouge will play host to Gigamesh and Penguin Prison tonight for $15 a ticket. #WORTHIT
  • OR let’s just hit up Nitehawk for the greatest movie screenings ever, one being Donnie Darko, the other being Back to the Future. Props, d00dz. Props.
  • Not into that? Well HOW’S ABOUT INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE?! I cannot even believe it’s screening at MoMA today, BUT IT IS.


  • Today, I think we should just nurse our hangovers by being mega-cultural and looking at art for the third and final day of the DUMBO Arts Festival.
  • OR let’s hit up Brooklyn Bowl for a day filled with rock ‘n roll posters! It’s free to enter, and will feature an eff ton of posters from the last fifty years of rock ‘n roll.
  • Personally I think we should all get over to the Evergreen Ice Cream Co. for a special pop-up of Blk Bear Vintage, featuring FREE ICE CREAM!
  • And after eating all that frozen dairy, we MIGHT want to consider taking a stroll along Atlantic Avenue for the massive annual Atlantic Antic, back today from 12-6pm.

  • OR if you’d prefer dancin’ to walkin’, if we’ve got the $18 it costs to go see Electric Six at the Bowery Ballroom tonight, we should definitely, definitely get over there for groove times.
  • If that ain’t your jam AND/OR price range, though, be glad to know that Dope Body will be playing a show at Glasslands for just $10.
  • Personally I think we should all sell our least important internal organs to the black market so we can go check out Massive Attack at the Park Avenue Armory!
  • And/or let’s rest inside a dark movie theater for what is bound to be a mega-cultural experience, aka a screening of L’avventura at Museum of the Moving Image.

If you know of something mega-great that I didn’t mention here, it might be because I didn’t think it was noteworthy, but it ALSO might be because I didn’t know it was happening. SO, do us all a favor and mention it in the comments and/or on Twitter, yeah? K THANKS BYE!