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Oh hey wow! Welcome to the weekend! This is my first weekend back in Brooklyn after TWO FULL WEEKS and I am very beyond excited to do nothing except sit on my couch watching soccer. Except that is a lie, because I will be leaving to go to 1. the Brooklyn Flying Tiger grand opening because FLYING TIGER IS THE GREATEST STORE EVER and I would like to try my luck at winning free tickets to Copenhagen, and 2. my Dungeons & Dragons club (I am a halfling rogue named Milo Thorngage, ps…) followed by seeing Lydia Ainsworth play Baby’s All Right whilst proper fangirlin’ out! Feel free to go and find me in the crowd and buy me beverages! (If no one finds me and buys me beverages I’ll just go ahead and assume it’s because my all-black attire was too good a camouflage ensemble for anyone to see where I am, not because no one wants to find me and buy me beverages. Fun unsolicited story: one time a guy I liked bought me a beverage at Baby’s All Right after I had consumed many beverages beforehand, and I tried to make out with him because that seemed like a thing that should happen, and he said no thanks. And then I went home and felt weird!)

Now, just because you are not into any of the things I just mentioned doesn’t mean there won’t be something perfect for you below! So do read on and enjoy the ET GIFs to celebrate ET being performed entirely by memory at Videology, BUT FIRST…here are some cr00shal things you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

  • Plus Twin Forks will be at Bowery Ballroom for $18…
  • …and Acid Dad + Honduras will be a Rough Trade for $12-$15.
  • You can also get back to that beer fest from yesterday if you have another $65 // performances tonight come from Worriers and Lost Boy
  • …or celebrate Earth again for $32+, this time to the tune of Tanlines.
  • More into movies? Go watch my FAVORITE movie, aka E.T., aka our GIF theme, PERFORMED ENTIRELY FROM MEMORY at Videology for $10!
  • (You should also stick around for a $20 Planet Earth screening ft. bonus live score!)
  • You can also watch ANOTHER of my favorite movies of all time, aka Goodfellas, over at Moving Image.

  • “BUT I LIKE CHLOE SEVIGNY AND ONLY CHLOE SEVIGNY, MEGAN!” Well FINE, CALM DOWN! You can watch Broken Flowers at Nitehawk today instead.
  • Or maybe you’re just hungry AF and also a fan o’ plant-based diets, in which case hit up Grand Bazaar’s vegan pop-up market!
  • For tunes, just head to Webster Hall for a $22 show from Me First & The Gimme Gimmes!
  • Or if you’re still grieving Prince, dance it out at a tribute night at Littlefield for $7-$10.