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Is it just me or has this been the longest week OF ALL TIME?! Fortunately it’s winding the fuck down, and we have a lot of gr8 options for goin’ out this weekend INCLUDING but not limited to Cat Camp (basically paradise for cat fans), several queer dance parties and TONS of dope movie screenings like Poison Ivy and Spice World (GIF THEME, DUH!), so I hope you are SO PUMPED to bundle up (today will be deceivingly warm before it SNOWS tomorrow and remains in the 20s and 30s the rest of the time // PS I AM A METEOROLOGIST!) and get to any/all of the below suggested events! BUT FIRST…

  • Artist submissions for Mondo 2017 are officially open, so if you’re a band or you know a band, get on it!
  • We’re giving away tickets to see Crystal Fighters both nights they’re in Brooklyn next month!
  • I made another posi-vibes playlist because everything is still terrible!
  • We think Logan is the greatest superhero movie since The Dark Knight! (I cried the whole time!)
  • And we’ll be writing about rad women all month long, so watch this space!

  • Rather talk about literature? Head to Strand Bookstore for a $20 chat about bein’ a woman and readin’ misogynist writers!
  • If movies are your jam, swing by Alamo Drafthouse for a $12+ 35mm screening of motherfucking Poison Ivy!
  • Wanna see T2 Trainspotting for free instead? You can download tickets HERE for the 7pm screening at Lincoln Square!
  • More focused on parties ‘n dranks? Get all of that for free at Dokonoko’s launch celebration!
  • Or for comedy vibes, get to LPR for free stand-up from Phoebe Robinson, Shalewa Sharpe and MORE!

  • …and Grum will be at Cielo for $25+.
  • More into Jose Gonzalez? Got $95+? Head to Lincoln Center, then!
  • In terms of comedy, I’d recommend swinging by QED for $8-$10 Relationshit w/ Lynn Bixenspan and Morgan Pielli!
  • Or if you’re just trying to watch a movie, get to Videology for a $10 screening of Bring It On OR an $8 screening of Space Jam!
  • Too lowbrow? Catch Personal Shopper at IFC Center ft. Q+A’s w/ director Olivier Assayas after the 7:25pm and 8:20pm screenings!
  • Meanwhile, John Dower will be at Sunshine Cinema to talk My Scientology Movie!

  • For queer-friendly dance party vibes, get to the latest edition of Be Cute BK at Littlefield for $5…
  • …OR pop over to Hot Rabbit at Lot45 for $10.
  • Or if it’s movies you’re after, hit up Videology for a $20 screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox ft. bonus hard cider…
  • …and/or an $8 screening of Spice World! GRL PWR ‘N WHATNOT.
  • You can also see Personal Shopper again at IFC Center and catch one more Q+A w/ director Olivier Assayas at 5pm.
  • PLUS director Ritesh Batra will be at Sunshine Cinema to talk The Sense of an Ending!
  • (You can also stick around for The Perks of Being A Wallflower.)

  • First, it’s DAY TWO of Cat Camp, so if you didn’t grab an $85+ weekend pass, you can still snag a $45 all-access, or pay $20 just to shop.
  • Meanwhile, Brooklyn Bazaar is hosting an Oddities Flea Market which sounds pretty dope!
  • (You should also stick around for a $10 rescored screening of The Holy Mountain!)
  • Plus Grand Bazaar will host a fuck ton of food trucks for you to eat away your hangover!
  • Tunes-wise, Slaves play Rough Trade for $15!

  • You also have a second chance to catch Riel for just $8 at Pianos…
  • …AND Moose Blood are set to play Bowery Ballroom for $17-$19.
  • Still have money to blow post-weekend mistakes? Catch Phil Lesh at BK Bowl for $65-$70!
  • Plus The Gift and Friend Roulette will be at Baby’s All Right for $15.
  • Meanwhile, it’s a new Sasheer Zamata Party Time at Union Hall for $8-$10!
  • And there’s also free Titanic trivia over at Videology!