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Wowee, it’s the Super Bowl or whatever! As sort of the antithesis of that, I’m gonna go ahead and make our GIF theme all about Anna Karina // while she’s no longer alive to confirm or deny that she’d probably despise American football, we’re gonna go with a hunch and say she did. (WITH A PASSION.) But also I just wanna feature Anna Karina ’cause the Film Forum is running a tribute to her right now, and that’s p. dope! If you’re going, “WHO ART THOU ANNA KARINA?!” I’m going “WOW OKAY I GUESS YOU DIDN’T SIT NEXT TO ME IN FILM CLASS AT DENISON UNIVERSITY SMDH!” But be not afraid, we’re gonna talk about all the other great stuff that’s happening this weekend, too, like A NIGHT OF PHILOSOPHY AND IDEAS! A CHILI COOK-OFF! A BLOG HAUS DANCE PARTY! AND MORE!

Before we cover all that ground, let’s first discuss all the rad stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy imagining Trump saying “Take her out!” to the tune of the hit 2004 song “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand!

Carbspringa is the Big Chungus of cheat days and we are HERE. FOR. IT.
We had a big ol’ chat about religion w/ the former Head Speechwriter for Michelle Obama!
These are some queer web series that kick The L Word: Gen Q’s ass, according to me!
We caught Loyal Lobos, Angelica Garcia and Jackie Mendoza at Elsewhere and it was P. TITE!
And we thought The Turning sucked but Nic Cage yelling at mutated llamas in Color Out of Space ruled!

Thursday January 30

We gotta start off with movies, ’cause today is the final day that the Film Forum is running its homage to Anna Karina, meaning it’s the last shot you’ve got to scope everything from Band of Outsiders, Alphaville, Pierrot Le Fou and A Woman Is A Woman!

But if you’re feelin’ SPOOKY DOT COM, head to Nitehawk Prospect Park for a special screening of The Shining! Tickets are $15.

In terms of LOLs, my top vote goes to Union Hall for a new round of CGP All Stars! Tonight’s lineup features Chris Gethard (duh), Martin Urbano, Christi Chiello and Sam Taggart, and tickets are just $10 a pop!

Or if you’re more into discussions, 92Y’s got a solid one happening tonight! Taika Waititi and Carthew Neal will be taking part in a discussion of Jojo Rabbit (yes, the evening includes a screening as well), and while tickets are sold out, you can still try your luck at the wait list!

Meanwhile, we’ve got Charles Yu launching his new novel Interior Chinatown with Celeste Ng and Thessaly La Force at St. Francis College! Tickets are $10+.

Shifting into tunes territory, my top pick for tonight is a Seratones show at Rough Trade! Tickets are $15 a pop.

And Molly Nilsson is set to take over Market Hotel! Tickets are $17.

But if you’re feelin’ nostalgic, you can always bop on over to Brooklyn Bowl for a $20 Spin Doctors gig!

It’s also Loud Records’ 25th anniversary show at Radio City, and there’ll be performances from Wu-Tang, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep and MORE! Tickets start at $74.

Just wanna cut a rug? Make a beeline for House of Yes, where this week’s Dirty Thursday is BLOG HAUS THEMED. All of the Uffie, Daft Punk, Justice, Hot Chip, Klaxons etc. vibes you need for all of ZERO DOLLARS!

Friday January 31

Excuse me sir, do you like to laugh? Then get to Union Hall for We Love You: A Fucking Positive Comedy Show w/ Amanda Giobbi and Ariel Gitlin ft. Natasha Vaynblat, Alise Morales, Michael Hartney and John Trowbridge! Tickets are $8-$10.

In terms of tunes, my top pick for tonight goes to Rough Trade! Plastic Picnic, Brothertiger and Blonder have a $15 show.

(You can also swing by Rough Trade to try and catch a glimpse of Louis Tomlinson; he’s doing a SOLD OUT, meaning currently AT CAPACITY, free in-store performance and signing, but I mean, maybe your dreams will come true if you just turn up!)

The Paranoyds are also set to take over Baby’s All Right for $12…

…and we’ve got Grace Potter up at Beacon Theatre for $32.50+!

If you just wanna dance your face off to minimal, house, techno to elektro and BEYOND, then get to Magick City for the first MOOD of 2020! Tickets are $20+.

(There’s also a $10 ska party at Pianos tonight, for those of you who are resolved to never let it go! Tickets are $10.)

But maybe you just wanna explore the concept of digital vs analog realities, in which case hit up Babycastles for a performance show from DigiAna Group! Tickets are $15+.

Or if you’re just in the mood for a goddamn flick, then head on over to Metrograph for an 11pm screening of Scarface! Tickets are $16.

Saturday February 1

My forever top pick is A NIGHT OF PHILOSOPHY AND IDEAS! As usual, it’s happening at the Brooklyn Public Library and will run all night (7pm to 7am) and will feature twelve hours of philosophical debate, performances, screenings, readings, and music. FREE! Hell yeah!

But to rewind, let’s kick things off at le cinema! Nitehawk Prospect Park is hosting brunch screenings of Groundhog Day today and tomorrow, and tickets’ll run you $15.

There’s also a brunchtime screening of Hunt for the Wilderpeople at Metrograph, or if that’s too early for ya, just get over there for a 10pm screening of The Wedding Singer! Both scenarios will run you $16 a ticket.

In terms of comedy, you can pop on over to Union Hall for a new round of Friends Who Folk & Friends ft. Rachel Wenitsky, Ned Riseley, Meg Stalter, Lorelei Ramirez and George Civeris! Tickets are $8-$10.

Shifting into tunes town, we’ve got Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum at Mercury Lounge for just $12-$15!

You can also post up at Rough Trade for a Miniature Tigers gig! Tickets are $20-$23 a pop.

Or if you couldn’t get enough Babycastles vibes last night, they’re hosting a Bonnie Baxter (of Kill Alters), King Vision Ultra / Geng, Dreamcrusher, Hex.sys, Cyber Nihilist and Nullobite (DJ) show tonight! tickets are $8+.

Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance? Head to the Bell House for a new round of Party Like It’s 1999: OutKast edition! As usual, it’s FREE!

Or if you’re lookin’ for ultra-queer vibes and are willing to shell out a v. reasonable ten bones, you can catch a new round of YAS MAMA (the Shakira vs JLo edition) at C’mon Everybody!

Sunday February 2

Kicking things off with the flippin’ Super Bowl, if you weren’t fortunate enough to be invited to a house party, just get your face to Nitehawk Prospect Park or Nitehawk Williamsburg for a screening party! To attend, just grab a $30 food ‘n beverage voucher.

(You can also hit up Syndicated to watch it for free at the bar, or grab a $12 ticket for a guaranteed spot in the theater!)

AND over at QED they’re hosting a chili cook-off! You can enter your own chili for $10 with a chance to win the whole pot, or just come and taste for $7 and scope the Super Bowl screening and some dope comedy to boot!

But maybe you rue the day the Super Bowl was born, in which case ignore it completely and instead set your sights on CRATE DIGGIN’ over at Barbès’ vinyl fair!

For ye olde music vibes, you can hit up Bowery Ballroom to catch a $30 Nada Surf show!

If you like to LOL, then PROBABLY DEFINITELY get to Union Hall for Björk Presents: Bread (What Is It? How Do You Eat It? Where Does It Go?) ft. Natasha Vaynblat, Katie Hartman, Girls with Brown Hair, Saurin Choksi, Dylan Adler, Zack Phillips and James Hamilton! Tickets are $10.

More of a The Skeptics Guide to the Universe fan? The podcast is goin’ LIVE over at the Bell House tonight, and you can grab tickets for $40.

As usual, I’m gonna vote for the queerest of our options, aka C’mon Queen over at C’mon Everybody! The best part? IT’S FREE!

And finishing on a bonus free note, you can catch Rude! at Hart Bar ft. sets from Shalewa Sharpe, Yedoye Travis and more! All for zero dollars! Go!