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Oh hey, weekend! We are BEYOND BEYOND beyond excited to be hours away from our first CHILLMORE GIRLS party at (le) poisson rouge tonight; we really hope to see you there, if not just for the quality time together, then for the free Milk Bar cookies and Gilmore Girls DVDs. SPEAKING of which, this very full edition of Best Weekend Bets will be GIF-guided by none other than Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. HERE WE GO:


  • First, WE ALL KNOW that you’ll be headed to our CHILLMORE GIRLS party right after work at LPR; featuring two guest DJs, FREE MILK BAR COOKIES with your first drink purchase, giveaways and more, admission is unbelievably FREE! Come hang out with us, we like you!
  • Afterwards, we can head over to Crown Heights for the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Brooklyn Love fundraiser; $20 gets you free local bites PLUS beer and wine, all for a good cause. Most excellent.
  • And after THAT, we can hit up an open bar at Cielo from 10-11pm, possibly sticking around to catch some tunes from Beat Bros or whatever, but mostly guzzling as much free booze as we can in one hour.
  • Speaking of free booze, you can bet there will be some at the L Magazine’s Absolut-sponsored Bar Awards at Huckleberry Bar tonight, so RSVP to find out if you’ll be in attendance.

  • Of course, if we’re hungry, we should definitely make an effort to stop by Day Two of the Malaysian Winter Market in Bryant Park; it’ll be open all day, but lunch kicks off at 11:30, and dinner at 5:30.
  • Then again, if we’re hungry for KNOWLEDGE, then we should probably head to powerHouse Arena to talk all things Andy Warhol on the day before the anniversary of his death. #INTELLECTUAL
  • Musically, we’ll start off at Music Hall of Williamsburg, where we can catch Tamaryn and Milagres for $13.
  • We’ve also got XXYYXX and Teen Daze at 285 Kent for even LESS $$$, aka $10.
  • Or for slightly MORE money, we can head to the Slipper Room for this Gypsy & the Cat show, which will run us $15.
  • Of course, let’s not forget this Matte Black party, featuring Matthew Dear, Chairlift, The Rapture (DJ Set) AND Jim-e Stack for $30.


  • Tonight I vote we head to Glasslands for a Com Truise DJ set, plus Beacon, Nitemoves and Heathered Pearls (DJ set) for $15.
  • Still musically-speaking, for slightly more money we could also hit up the Best Buy Theater for Dirty Heads / Shiny Toy Guns / MIDI Matilda / Oh No Fiasco; tickets will run us $22.50.
  • Or maybe we just feel like hanging out with Danny Tamberelli and his band Jounce at the Rock Shop. #MEMORIES
  • But WAIT A MINUTE MR. POSTMAN, because there’s a Prince / Michael Jackson tribute happening at Highline Ballroom for just $15. AMAZING!
  • And before THAT happens, there will also be a tribute to QUEEN happening at the Highline Ballroom. KILLIN’ IT, HIGHLINE. Killin’ it.

  • Let’s continue with the danceable flashbacks over at Videology, where they’ll be hosting a FREE screening of FLASHDANCE!!!
  • And now that we’ve danced and/or reminisced our faces off, let’s go drink back the calories we lost at this charitable cause; $60 gets you two hours of open bar drinks, PLUS you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your mild alcoholism is supporting the Lower East Side Girls Club.
  • Of course, we could always just go eat a delicious five-course meal complete with beer pairings thanks to this $65 Singlecut Beersmiths event
  • And then we can hit up Nitehawk when the clock strikes twenty-past midnight for a screening / live scoring of Santa Sangre, which will be PERFECT for the inevitable I-just-ate-a-lot-of-food-and-drank-a-lot-of-beer laziness! (Again, I will not be there, because circus fear.)


  • If you’re poor like me, Glasslands is the place to hit up tonight; $5 gets us admission to see Bit Funk, and IT WILL BE GOOD.
  • ALSO just $5 (provided you’re not an NYU student) is this Kurt Vile show happening at Kimmel Center!
  • Of course, for just $5 more we can check out Snowden at Mercury Lounge, which is a pretty good deal, too.
  • OR we could use that same $10 to go check out Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at the Knitting Factory!
  • Personally I vote we hit up House of Yes for a night of good, old school drum & bass; tickets will only run us between $10 and $15, and will likely be well worth it.
  • Of course, if chiptune’s more your scene, then fork over $10 for PULSEWAVE, a BYOB evening of 8-bit beats and bleeps.

  • “Chiptune is not my scene, Megan.” Okay, well what about some good old fashioned Johnny Cash? BB King Blues Club will be paying him a tribute tonight, so maybe ch-ch-check it out!
  • But maybe you’d prefer to keep things weird, in which case I have to point you in the direction of the Little Top Circus & Medicine Show at Union Hall tonight. (I have a phobia of circuses of all shapes and sizes, so I will not be joining you.)
  • If you’re mostly hungry, though, I vote you pregame everything I just said at this event, which is literally just centered around beer and cheese, aka ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD.
  • Afterwards, you’re likely to be in a borderline food coma; go recline at Nitehawk for a screening of Oscar Animation Shorts, JUST IN TIME FOR TOMORROW!


  • It’s officially Oscar Sunday, guys. GAME TIME. Let’s hit up Nitehawk again for a 2:30pm screening of Oscar Live Action Shorts to bone up on our movie knowledge.
  • We could also stick around the area and head back to Nitehawk for an actual screening of the Oscars later, where they’ll be serving Oscar-nominated film-themed food and drinks. (AMAZING.)
  • Alternatively, we could pop over to Videology for THEIR screening of the Oscars, where they’ll also have themed drink specials, PLUS will be giving out awards and prizes for categories like “Best Dressed,” etc.

  • And because we want to be sure we’re weighing ALL of our Oscar viewing options, let’s not forget about the Bell House, where, aside from a screening and Oscar-themed drinks, Dave Hill will MC and be generally hilarious.
  • But maybe you want to pregame the Oscars by indulging in some Obsolete Cinema (this edition being Axes, Amps & Aquanet) at Freddy’s Bar from 2:30-6:30pm? LET’S DO IT.
  • Not into the whole movie scene? WEIRDO. Well, okay, why don’t you go be “alternative” or whatever at this tribute to Pink Floyd. (There have been a lot of tributes this weekend, huh?)
  • Or MAYBE you’re a ginger enthusiast, in which case you should skip all that other stuff and simply head to A Gingered Affair, where $60 gets you several courses of ginger-based meals complete with beer pairings.

That was a pretty jam-packed schedule, but it’s possible I still left something off. SO, if there are gaps, please feel free to tell me ALL ABOUT IT in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!