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Welcome back to another weekend – I’m your host, Megan Burns! (Man, don’t you guys wish I was a game show host?) This is a big weekend, frens! The L Word: Generation Q premieres THIS SUNDAY NIGHT on Showtime! Yes I am planning to purchase a Showtime subscription specifically for this reason! No this won’t be our GIF theme because the BYQueers already jacked it for their BWB! But fear not, there’s a ton of stuff to do that doesn’t revolve around who killed Jenny Schecter!

PAR EXEMPLE (that’s French for “FOR EXAMPLE”) – Janelle James Fest kicks off at the Bell House! There are about six hundred DJ sets and dance parties happening! And since I’m not willing to give up the gay ghost just ’cause of the aforementioned BYQueers beating me to the L Word chase, I’m pleased to say that Portrait of A Lady on Fire premieres at Angelika Film Center tomorrow! And so THAT will be our GIF theme!

Before we get into all of the DETAILS, here’s some stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy looking at Baby Yoda memes, which are the only pure vibes left in this cruel world!

Thursday December 5th

  • Kicking things off on a comedic note, heck yes for Janelle James Fest at the Bell House! It runs for three days starting TONIGHT with Comedians That Don’t Owe Me Money ft. (in addition to Janelle) Ilana Glazer, Abi Sanchez, Kristen Toomey, Daniel Simonsen and Chloé Hilliard! Tickets are $20-$25 for individual shows, or $55 for a festival pass.
  • I’d also highly recommend swinging by Littlefield for Tommy McNamara’s album release show ft. w/ Mike Lebovitz, Meg Stalter, Clare O’Kane, Martin Urbano and Mike Hanford! Tickets are $10 a pop.
  • In the music universe, meanwhile, we’ve got Devendra Banhart and Black Belt Eagle Scout at Brooklyn Steel for $40+…
  • Thurston Moore Group with Devin Brahja Waldman at LPR for $25+…
  • Avey Tare at Public Records for $32…
  • …AND The Joy Formidable and TWEN at Rough Trade for $25!
  • (Lucy Dacus is also at Webster Hall but the show is sold out. Mentioning it in the event you can wrangle a resale ticket!)
  • Plus I feel like I legally have to mention that ALT 92.3 is putting on Not So Silent Night at Barclays Center ft. Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men…y’know, basically similar vibes to whatever noise a pair of those scissors that are slightly sharper than children’s safety scissors but not sharp enough to hurt you would make if those kinds of scissors were in a band. Anyway, tickets to that are $65+!

  • If dancing is your MO, then you might want to consider grabbing a $45 ticket to Winter Disco at the Whitney! (And apparently if you buy TWO tickets, you automatically get a free year of individual museum membership.)
  • (Personally I think we should all just head to the Choose Love pop-up store for a Resident Advisor takeover which starts at 2:30pm and which’ll feature a launch party from 7-9pm w/ DJ sets from Dee Diggs and Or:la!)
  • If you’re more into movie theater vibes, probably get to Alamo Drafthouse for a $16 screening of Elf tonight! There are only a few seats left, so grab ’em quick!
  • But maybe you just wanna TOON OUT (wow, the incredible things I do with my Political Science degree!), in which case head on over to Nitehawk Prospect Park for Spoons, Toons & Booze Xmas After Dark! Tickets are $18 each.
  • Or maybe you just really love getting your books signed by the people who wrote them! In that event, jet over to Books Are Magic, where Gloria Steinem will be signing copies of The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off! (Yes, you need to buy the book, but the signing itself is free!)

Friday December 6th

  • For GAYGAYGAY starters, you should clearly make a beeline for Angelika Film Center, which is where Portrait of A Lady On Fire begins showing today!
  • If it’s comedy you’re after, Janelle James Fest continues at the Bell House tonight w/ A Black Ass Show hosted by Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaughn and ft. Kevin Iso, Yassir Lester, Janelle James and Hadiyah Robinson! Tickets are still $20-$25, or $55 for the full three day pass.
  • You can also head to Union Hall for 1. Whiplash ft. Shalewa Sharpe, Dina Hashem and more ($8-$10) and/or 2. Oh, Such A Good Show, Oh! ft. Bardia Salimi, Ariel Dumas, Clare O’Kane and more ($8-$10)!
  • Meanwhile, we’ve got some highbrow LOLs over at Caveat tonight! First up is Citizenship Live, which “will pit immigrants and US citizens against one another (but in a FUN way!) in a test of wit-izenship.” (Hosted by real life immigrants and citizens.) Tickets to that one are $15-$20! After that it’s a new round of Modern Whitney for all you art comedy fans, and tickets’ll run you $10-$12!
  • In terms of tunes, if you have $87+ (I do not!) then maybe head to Barclays Center for a Bad Bunny show!

Saturday December 7th

  • Start with a brunch screening of Love Actually at Nitehawk Prospect Park and/or a brunch screening of Elf at Nitehawk Williamsburg, duh! Tickets are $15, and if you can’t make it today, they’re also showing tomorrow!
  • In terms of LOLs, it’s the third and final day of Janelle James Fest at the Bell House! Tonight’s gig is Comedians Who Flewed Out ft. The Lucas Brothers, Ayo Edebiri, Jaboukie Young-White, Casey Balsham, Ethan Simmons-Patterson, Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington, and once again tickets are $20-$25 unless you got that $55 festival pass!
  • And/or most definitely post up at Union Hall for 1. Picture This! ft. Dave Hill, Shalewa Sharpe and more, and 2. That Shit Ray! w/ Rachel Pegram and Rachel Joravsky ($9.49-$11.55)!
  • In tunes land, my top recommendation (aka Ralph at Berlin) is flippin’ sold out! But maybe you can scrounge up a ticket somebody doesn’t want anymore!

Sunday December 8th

  • First, consider your L Word: Generation Q viewing party options, which include free screenings at Abilene Bar and 3 Dollar Bill!
  • Next, grab a ticket to a $15 brunch screening of Home Alone at Nitehawk Williamsburg, ’cause yesterday’s showing SOLD OUT, and nobody wants to not watch one of the greatest movies OF ALL TIME!
  • Unless you feel like you can’t get your ass outta bed to make those 10:45am Christmas vibes, in which case pivot to a special $16 1:30pm screening of It’s a Wonderful Life at IFC Center ft. Mary Owen (Donna Reed’s daughter) in person to introduce the film!
  • Of course, if you’re more into holiday shopping for the weirdos in your life, be sure to hit up Villain for Oddities Flea Market! Entry is free!
  • For comedy, 110% get to Union Hall for A Date w/ Sloop Jumbly ft. Lorelei Ramirez, Peter Mills Weiss and Tim Platt! Tickets are $8-$10 each.

  • You can also pop on by QED for The Muslim Otherhood’s presentation of Habibi, it’s Cold Outside! Tickets are $10 each.
  • In tunes land meanwhile, I’d highly recommend you get in ye olde holiday spirit at the Bell House, where it’s the FIFTH! Landlady Holiday Spectacular tonight! Performances by everybody from Lizzie Loveless to Dave Hill, and tickets are $15 a pop.
  • Or if musicals are more your speed, catch a chat w/ Andrew Barth Feldman and Stacey Mindich of Dear Evan Hansen at 92Y! Tickets are $30 each.
  • Broke AF? (YEAH, I STILL SAY “AF”!) Get to Pioneer Works for this month’s Second Sundays ft. music, open studios, a performance from Hailu Mergia and more! FREE!