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Welcome back, buddies! There is a LOT going on this weekend (especially funny things, because the NY Comedy Festival is REALLY GOING FOR IT), and I will miss all of it since I will be on a plane to New Orleans for a wedding as of 7am tomorrow! (Early morning travel and people in love! Shoot me now!) But since YOU will presumably still be in place the next few days, we’re gonna talk about everything good that’s happening INCLUDING (but not limited to) a Euphoria party! (Our GIF theme obvi!) The aforementioned NY Comedy Fest programming! Dance parties! Also so much more!

Before we get into all of that, let’s first talk about all the great and incredibly important stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy VOTING!

Thursday November 7

  • For LOLs, head on over to the Bell House to catch Quinta Brunson and Friends! Tickets are $20 each.
  • (Plus stick around for Joel Kim Booster and Moses Storm! Tickets to that are also $20.)
  • Kathleen Madigan is also at Town Hall for $30+…
  • Tom Segura is at Beacon Theatre for $50+…
  • …AND there’s a new round of Her-icane w/ Kate Villa and Jenny Gorelick ft. Aparna Nancherla, Dulce Sloan and more happening at Chelsea Music Hall! Tickets are $11, and will benefit disaster relief efforts!

Friday November 8

  • For starters, OBVIOUSLY go hang out w/ Bon Appétit’s Andy Baraghani at Books Are Magic as he speaks to Charlotte Druckman all about Women on Food, a must-buy book she edited ft. contributions from Nigella Lawson, Rachael Ray and more! FREE TO ATTEND!
  • In terms of comedy, YA GOTTA catch Rosebud Baker at Union Hall! Tickets are $10-$15 each.
  • At the Bell House, meanwhile, we’ve got Larry Owens and Friends! Lineup includes Jo Firestone, Sydnee Washington, Ana Fabrega and Catherine Cohen, and tickets are $15.
  • PLUS Littlefield will host The New Negroes w/ Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle! Tickets are $20-$25 each.
  • We’ve also got Comedy Bang! Bang! Live w/ Scott Aukerman happening at Beacon Theatre! Tickets are $38+.

  • More into tunes? My top (and only) pick in the show arena is Julia Jacklin at Warsaw! Tickets are $20.
  • But if you’re more in the mood to cut a rug, then OBVIOUSLY make it a C’mon Everybody night, ’cause there’s a new round of Róisín x Robyn x Björk happening over there! Tickets are $5-$8 each.
  • Plus there’s a Euphoria party happening at Market Hotel ft. music from the show! Tickets start at $10.
  • Or if it’s movie vibes you’re after, then bunk off work early to catch a 4pm screening of Marriage Story at IFC Center, ’cause the one and only Noah Baumbach will be there IN PERSON for a Q+A! Tickets are $16.
  • Can’t finish that quarterly report (or whatever it is I assume people do at their jobs) in time? Just focus on getting to Moving Image for some REAL DEEP TIMES via an 8pm screening of Koyaanisqatsi! Tickets are $15.

Saturday November 9

  • Let’s kick things off on a queer note! Swing by C’mon Everybody for Miss Gay Beer 2020! Tickets are just $5 a pop.
  • (PLUS stick around for the latest edition of A Party Called Rosie Perez! Tickets to that are $5-$10.)
  • In terms of comedy, you can just post up at Union Hall as the NY Comedy Fest continues with FIVE shows there today! First up is The Podcast for Laundry w/ Brett Davis ($8-$10), then there’s Iconography w/ Ayo Edebiri and Olivia Craighead ($8-$10), next is The Unofficial Expert w/ Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington ($10-$15), later is The Underculture w/ James Adomian ($20-$25), and last but certainly not least is Dark Tank w/ Yedoye Travis ($10-$15)!
  • But maybe you just wanna catch the one and only Nick Kroll at BAM! Tickets start at $38.

  • Meanwhile, you can also head to The Stand to catch a Gastor Almonte-hosted joint! Tickets to that one are $20.
  • Or just continue to keep it real queer and swing by Gramercy Theatre for a new round of Gayme Show! Tickets are $20.
  • There’s also a new round of Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore happening at Littlefield! Tickets are $15-$18 each.
  • In terms of ye olde cinema, who would I even be if I didn’t super recommend catching a $7 screening of Selena at Syndicated?!
  • Or if you wanna get an earlier start, head to Nitehawk Williamsburg for a brunch screening of Dead Poets Society! (It’s also screening tomorrow in case you can’t drag your ass outta bed today.)
  • In tunes land, meanwhile, we’ve got Chris Cohen, Lina Tullgren and Lightning Bug at Rough Trade for $17-$19!
  • Plus you can catch Pete Yorn and Surf Rock Is Dead at Warsaw starting at $35!

Sunday November 10

  • First, it’s motherfucking soup season, y’all! I vote you hit up Littlefield for a new round of the wildly popular Queer Soup Night // free w/ RSVP, $15-$20 suggested donation, all proceeds will go to Drive Change, HECK YES.
  • Or if it’s LOLs you seek, then get to Freehand for TRINE w/ Bowen Yang, Mo Fry Pasic and Sudi Green, duh! Tickets are $10.
  • Plus there’s a v. solid edition of If You Build It happening at SubCulture ft. Judah Friedlander, Aparna Nancherla and more! Tickets are $12.
  • You can also hit up Union Hall for Gutterplum w/ Courtney Pauroso! Tickets are $15.

  • Plus pop on over to the Bell House for Another Mother’s Day w/ Karen Chee, Chris DiStefano, Krystyna Hutchinson and more! Tickets are $25-$30 each.
  • But maybe you just wanna talk about illicit substances, in which case get to Caveat for a new round o’ Drug Test w/ Sarah Rose Siskind! This time the topic of discussion is Psychedelics & Family, and tickets are $15-$20 each.
  • If you’re more in the mood for tunes, then get to Webster Hall for a $25 Gus Dapperton show!
  • PLUS there’s a live tribute to Joni Mitchell happening at C’mon Everybody! Tickets are $7.
  • More into movies? Selena is screening again at Syndicated for $7!