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Hello and happy weekend, y’all! Bentzen Ball (THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY // I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE WORKED AT BYT FOR A DECADE) kicks off in DC tonight w/ a show from Los Espookys, so if you haven’t already thought about skippin’ town to head down for that, YA PROBABLY SHOULD. Also, the Neverending Pasta Bowl is BACK at Olive Garden, and if you’re not just postin’ up at one of their many locations, what are you even doing with your life?! (Haha jk, I know you’re all 2 KEWL 4 OG! But seriously, if you wanna go, DM me or something.)

If you would like to step into my shoes for a moment, it is 5:48am, but I have been awake since closer to 4:28am. (I have an alarm set for 4:28am, the reasoning for which remains unclear.) I am listening to Newtown Radio (AG Cook’s “Drop FM ft. Hannah Diamond” just played), and I am heavily considering eating a bowl of cold chili mac (VEGETARIAN, DUH) for breakfast, although wasabi peas are still in the running. Also, I am wearing a T-shirt with Princess Diana on it.

Do you feel like you know me better now? Does it even matter? (PROBABLY NOT!) But I do love a slice o’ life Best Weekend Bets intro, don’t you? (DON’T ANSWER THAT!)

Alright, I’ll stop BOTHERING you and just launch straight into your options the next 96 hours (which is why I ASSUME you’re here) ft. Halloween parties, screenings of A Girl Walks Home At Night (our GIF theme because I flippin’ love that movie and would 110% bone Arash AND/OR The Girl NOT THAT ANYONE EVEN ASKED), dog parades ‘n more!

BUT FIRST…some D0P3 C0NT3NT you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy wondering what people will storm next now that Area 51 and the impeachment hearings have already been done:

Thursday October 24

  • First, CLEARLY go watch a $7 screening of Jennifer’s Body at Syndicated!
  • In terms of tunes, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it for ya – there are a LOT of sold out gigs tonight, including ones from Hinds, DIIV and Cigarettes After Sex. But FORTUNATELY there’s a consolation prize in the fact that you can still snag $40 tickets to see Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins at Kings Theatre!
  • (You can ALSO swing by Brooklyn Bowl for a Freddie Mercury/Queen dance party! Tickets are $15.
  • For comedy, head to Union Hall for 1. Outcast ft. Fareeha Khan, Marcia Belsky and more ($10) and/or 2. WALT ft. Tracy Soren, Sam Taggart and more ($10)!

Friday October 25

  • If you’re lookin’ for LOLs, head to Union Hall for Big Debates, Lil Issues ft. Karen Chee, Ariel Dumas, Jes Tom and more! Tickets are $10-$12 each.
  • More into queer vibes? Get to C’mon Everybody for a new round of Select All! No cover!
  • (Plus stick around for R & She All 90s Halloween Special after that! $5-$8, reduced entry if you come dressed as a 90s pop star!)
  • Speaking of parties, Wet Haunt American Summer Halloween Party is being presented by The Skint at Littlefield tonight! Tickets are $7 each.
  • Or for something a little less fast-paced, head to Books Are Magic to hang out w/ our FAVORITE HUMAN, aka Tamar Adler, as she speaks w/ Kristin Kimball about Good Husbandry, which is all about farming! Free and open to the public.

Saturday October 26

  • Let’s start things just as late (aka 11:59pm) as we did yesterday! Yes, there is another $7 screening of A Girl Walks Home At Night happening at Syndicated and YES, I THINK YOU SHOULD GO!
  • Rewinding a bit, we’ve also got brunch screenings of Beetlejuice today and tomorrow at Nitehawk Prospect Park, and Ghostbusters today and tomorrow at Nitehawk Williamsburg!
  • (Beetlejuice is ALSO screening at 11am today and tomorrow at the Film Forum!)
  • AND clearly get your face to Fort Greene Park for the flippin’ GREAT PUPKIN DOG COSTUME CONTEST!
  • Later, Nasty Women Unite Fest kicks off today and runs through tomorrow! Details can be scoped here.
  • Or if you’re more in the mood to LOL, get to Union Hall for Sydnee Washington: My Favorite Open Book of Beautiful Garbage! Tickets are $10-$15 each.
  • (Plus stick around for Friends Who Folk after that ft. Rachel Wenitsky, Ned Riseley, Larry Owens, Jes Tom and more! Tickets are $8-$10.)

Sunday October 27

  • Kicking things off in tunes land, Gaelynn Lea has a $10 gig at Mercury Lounge // DO NOT MISS!
  • We’ve also got a new round of Disco Tehran happening at Baby’s All Right! Tickets are $18 a pop.
  • Or for CR8 D1GG3R V1B3S, you should swing by The Windjammer for Independent Record Label Market! FREE ENTRY!
  • In the realm of comedy, we’ve got TWO good shows happening at Union Hall – the first is Diwali Party ft. Arti Gollapudi, Aparna Nancherla, Hari Kondabolu, Fareeha Kahn and Pooja Reddy ($10-$12), and the second is B’Ohh! A Sopranos Halloween ft. Mary Houlihan, Nick Naney, Tommy McNamara, Bardia Salimi, Wes Haney and more ($10)!

  • Or make it ultra-queer at Strand Books, where a new round of Queerotica is happening tonight! Lineup includes Jess Solomon, Lucas Connolly, Jaye McBride and more, and tickets are just $5 each.
  • But maybe you just wanna lord your lesbian knowledge over everyone, in which case head to Caveat for Lez Hang Out: L Word Trivia! Tickets are $20 each, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Ali Forney Center.
  • For movie feels of the Hitchcock variety, get to Metrograph for screenings of The Birds and Psycho!
  • OR…or…if NONE of that is your jam, just go take a Sex Ed for Witches class at Catland! Tickets are $15.