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Wow, here we are again at another weekend after a week in which Simulation Theory has seemed increasingly plausible! Tons on deck the next few days INCLUDING (but not limited to) dog Halloween parades! Hocus Pocus screenings! (Our GIF theme, duh!) Beer and music festivals! Julie Andrews!

Before we get into all of ye olde details, let’s first talk about what you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy thinking about how Elizabeth Warren looks like Clare from Degrassi!

Thursday October 17

  • Starting on a musical note, we’ve got a $15 Patrick Park show happening at Rockwood Music Hall…
  • …plus The Early November play Rough Trade for $25…
  • …AND Vivian Girls play Warsaw for $30!
  • Or for pure dance party feelings, you can hit up a Pitchfork DJ night which is heavily focused on their 2010s judgement calls // just RSVP here for free (non-guaranteed) entry!
  • (To skew slightly queerer, there’s ALSO a new round of PAT w/ JD Samson, which is ALSO free and highly recommended!)
  • If we’re going for comedy, Union Hall is hosting Zach Teague: Bold ft. Drew Lausch, Sydnee Washington and Mary Beth Barone! Tickets are $10 each.
  • More in the mood for a movie? Metrograph is screening Mulholland Drive tonight and tomorrow for $15!

  • But if I were you, I’d get in ye olde holiday spirit at Syndicated! They’re running $7 screenings of Hocus Pocus every day now through Sunday!
  • Plus over at Caveat you can catch a “sublimely spooky celebration” of women who defined the horror genre! Tonight’s Nevertheless She Existed is all about women in horror, and tickets are $15-$20.
  • And while we’re on the subject of seasonally appropriate educational vibes, head to Catland to learn all about POTIONS ‘N TINCTURES! Tickets are $15.
  • Maybe you’re more into aliens, though, in which case you should get yourself to Strand Bookstore for a chat w/ Daniel Oberhaus about Extraterrestrial Languages! You can either grab a $15 Strand gift card or a $25 signed copy of the book to attend.
  • Just a Bill Bryson stan? He’s presenting his new book w/ a talk at Cooper Union tonight! Admission starts at $22.

Friday October 18

  • And/or hit up C’mon Everybody for a new round of Everybody, Everybody: An 80s, 90s + 00s Party! Tickets are just FIVE BONES EACH!
  • Not occult enough for ya? Catland is hosting the release of Cat Cabral’s The Spells Deck! “A 78 card all levels guide to witchcraft, The Spells Deck is a compendium of charms, remedies and rites for magical practitioners.” (Plus there’ll be cake ‘n wine! FREE TO ATTEND!)
  • For a slightly spookier mood, you can head to Syndicated for $7 late-night screenings of the OG Suspiria today and tomorrow!
  • But maybe you’re part of Black Philip’s fan club, in which case head to Nitehawk Williamsburg for midnight screenings of The Witch today and tomorrow!

Saturday October 19

  • Start things off in cinema town! Nitehawk Williamsburg is hosting TWO excellently witchy brunch screenings today and tomorrow – Practical Magic, AND Hocus Pocus!
  • In terms of comedy, YA GOTTA get to Union Hall for a new round of Picture This! ft. Samantha Ruddy, Rosebud Baker, Chanel Ali and more! Tickets are $8-$10 a pop.
  • Plus don’t forget to stick around for Sandwich w/ Jess Salomon and Gastor Almonte after that! Janeane Garofalo, Jo Firestone and more are on the bill, and tickets are also $8-$10 each.
  • Just wanna be in the same room as Julie Andrews? Head to 92Y to catch homegirl and Emma Walton Hamilton in conversation with Annette Insdorf! Tickets are $40 a pop.

Sunday October 20

  • But maybe you just wanna learn, in which case head to the Bell House for a new round of Secret Science Club! Tonight’s topic is flippin’ CLIMATOLOGY (#r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t), and as always, it’s free to attend!
  • More into ye olde occult? Catland is hosting TWO courses tonight – 1. Mediumship for the People ($15), and 2. the next chapter of Witch School 2019 ($20)!
  • Or if you just wanna go hang out with Julie Andrews, head to Metrograph where she’s introducing a 6:15pm screening of 10! Tickets are $35 each.