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Well HEY, and welcome back to another FIN DE SEMANA! (That’s how you say WEEKEND in Spanish! Out here educating you every day!) We’ve got plenty on deck the next couple of days INCLUDING (but not limited to) erotic animated shorts, a new round of Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore, a Backstreet Boys show (our GIF theme, clearly) and more! But before we get into all ye olde D33TZ, you know the drill! We gotta talk about stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy clinging to the fish tube video as a small glimmer of light in the gigantic black hole that is existence in 2019!

Thursday August 15

  • Kicking things off in tunes territory, we’ve got the one and only Mabel (whose “Don’t Call Me Up” became my anthem after I got a crush on someone who didn’t get a crush on me, which is sort of weird since they definitely never tried to call me up, but THE GRIEVING HEART WANTS WHAT THE GRIEVING HEART WANTS) at Bowery Ballroom for $20!
  • You can ALSO (provided you have $154+ to spare, which I do not) head to Barclays Center for a Backstreet Boys show!
  • Or if you’re more into comedic cabaret, head to the Kraine Theater for a performance of Amanda Hunt’s Monica Lewinsky Sings Your Heart Out! Tickets are $20 a pop.
  • For cinematic vibes, head on over to Metrograph for a late-night screening of Alphaville! And it’s going all weekend at 11pm in case you can’t make it tonight. PS, fun fact: I once posted a screenshot from an Alphaville clip (the one where she goes “Since I met you I no longer feel normal.” // so cool, so emo) to my Tumblr and it’s the only thing I ever posted that got mega-reblogs! RIP Tumblr!
  • I’d also highly recommend poppin’ by Nitehawk Prospect Park for Very Animated Sexy Night (an evening of erotic short films) at 10pm! BOI-OI-OI-OI-OING AMIRITE?!

  • For something a little more PG (or G?) head to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a free outdoor screening of An American Tail!
  • Or if you’re more into a mixed media bag, head to 98 Orchard Gallery for the opening night of musical performances, film screenings and an interactive multi media installation ft. Arthur King, Jason Lytle and Randy Randall! Free w/ RSVP, must be 21+.
  • You should ALSO get to Green-Wood Cemetery for a screening of Desolation Center ft. Q&A with filmmaker Stuart Swezey, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), and Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Wolfmanhattan Project) // there’ll be a bonus performance by Lee Ranaldo afterwards, plus an after-party! Tickets are $16.
  • But do you just flippin’ love chicken parm? Get to Archestratus Books for a three-course chicken parm dinner, then! Tickets are $30, beer ‘n wine for sale.

Friday August 16

  • Beginning on a tunes note, we’ve got the annual HIGH WAISTED ON A BOAT gig should you be inclined to hit the high seas! If you slept on tickets it’ll set you back a pretty $75 at this point, but it’s open bar and general (good) madness, so (probably) worth it!
  • In terms of LOLs, it’s a new round of Dark Tank ft. Yedoye Travis, Jordan Temple, Randall Otis, Rollie Williams and Joey Dardano! Tickets are $10-$15.
  • And after THAT, you should stick around for Open Flame ft. Peter Valenti, Sam Campbell, Jessica Henderson, Kate Sisk, Simone Leitner, Jes Tom and Andrés Govea! Tickets are $8-$10.

  • Meanwhile, it’s a new round of Adult Sex Ed at Caveat! Tickets’ll run you $15.
  • Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance? Head on over to C’mon Everybody for Happy Birthday Madge: A Madonna Party! Tickets are just $5 each.
  • Or for the queerest vibes of all, head to the latest edition of Hot Rabbit LGBTQ Dance Party at DROM! Tickets are $10.
  • But maybe you’re more into the idea of watching a movie, in which case get to the Intrepid for a free outdoor screening of the OG Willy Wonka!

Saturday August 17

  • More into comedy? Get to Littlefield for Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore! Her guests tonight are Joanna Hausmann, Shalewa Sharpe and Louis Peitzman, and tickets are $15-$18 a pop.
  • You can also head to Union Hall for Domesticated N-Word ft. Petey Deabreu, Alex English, Rosebud Baker, Ramon Rivas and Reggie Conquest! Tickets are $8-$10 each.
  • If queer dance parties are more your jam, then head back over to Littlefield for a new round of Be Cute! Tickets are $10.
  • You can also head to House of Yes for always-queer-friendly dance vibes w/ a nighttime pool party twist! Bae Watch kicks off at 10pm and will run you $20-$35.
  • But if that’s past your bedtime, just head to C’mon Everybody for this week’s Yes Homo: A Queer Daytime Party, which kicks off at 4pm and is FREE!
  • Or gettin’ back to movie vibes, head to the Bell House for the latest round of A Drinking Game, which is Princess Bride themed this go-round! Tickets are $15.

Sunday August 18

  • For starters, you can do what I’M doing, aka heading out to Red Bull Arena to watch the Seattle Reign kick Sky Blue FC’s ass (I hope)! Regardless of the outcome, if you enjoyed any aspect of the USWNT’s World Cup dominance, YA GOTTA support the NWSL to help the sport grow on the women’s side. Grab tickets (starting at just $20) here!
  • Or kick off your day a little more locally at Nitehawk Williamsburg for Spoons, Toons ‘n Booze! Saturday is already (at the time of this writing) sold out, so grab tickets while you can!
  • You can also pop on by Archestratus Books for their weekend summer sale! Thirty to fifty percent off a real good selection o’ stuff!
  • In terms of tunes, we’ve got the 5678’s playing Brooklyn Bazaar for $22.50…