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If you’re wondering how my day is going, I googled “Is Mercury in retrograde?” (It’s not, I’m just having not-so-great luck. Shout-out busted WiFi! Shout-out all the misfortune!) But the main thing is that we’re all here now, gettin’ ready to take on some major weekend vibes! There’s plenty happening the next few days INCLUDING a sneak preview of The Nightingale, a Burning Man costume bazaar, a Girls Aloud dance party at Club Cumming (OUR GIF THEME BECAUSE NADINE COYLE AMIRITE) and more!

BUT FIRST, here’s what you might’ve missed this week if you were too busy feeling morally conflicted about getting joy out of hearing Marianne Williamson say the words DARK PSYCHIC FORCE:

Thursday August 1

Friday August 2

  • Slash if you wanna get some good old fashioned LGBTQ+ vibes, head to Caveat for Queer Therapy Live, aka a night of queerness, mental health, and comedy! Lineup features Sydnee Washington, Fat Carrie Bradshaw, Alex Song and Daniel Lempert, and tickets are $12-$15.
  • For queer dance vibes, make it a C’mon Everybody night! A Night At The Baths: A Disco Party kicks off at 11pm, and tickets are just $5!
  • Or if tattoos are your main point of interest, the BK Tattoo Expo kicks off today through Sunday! Tickets are $35+.

Saturday August 3

  • For starters, maybe you wanna kick off your day in a cold, dark place, in which case get to Nitehawk Prospect Park for a brunch screening of West Side Story (running now through tomorrow)!
  • You can also hit up House of Yes starting at 1pm for major Burning Man vibes since it’s their annual Playa Style Costume Bazaar! Free entry!
  • In terms of LOLs, hit up Union Hall for a new round of Picture This! ($8) and/or Laugh World ($8-$10) w/ Matt Barats and Bardia Salimi ft. Dan Licata, Tommy McNamara and more!
  • There’s also an amazing (FREE!) lineup happening at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park ft. Roy Wood Jr., Ronny Chieng, Julio Torres, Maeve Higgins and more!
  • Or if tunes are more your jam, then most definitely get to The Lot Radio for a Shura album release party! FREE!
  • You can also pop over to Brooklyn Steel for a $35+ Bad Religion show!
  • But maybe you’re more in a Barbra Streisand mood, in which case hit up MSG for a $166+ show!

  • Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance? Mall Grab will headline MoMA PS1’s latest Warm Up! Tickets are $18+.
  • If you’re not into outdoor vibes, you can also head to the Bell House for a new round of Party Like It’s 1999! It’s Xtina-themed this time, and as always, it’s free!
  • Plus it’s a new round of BEETLEBUM: Brooklyn Britpop Night over at Saint Vitus! Tickets are $5+.
  • Or if that’s not queer enough for ya, then get to C’mon Everybody for a new round of Yes Homo: A Queer Daytime Party! (Also free, and starts at 4pm!)
  • PLUS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUEER DANCE PARTY OF ALL IS HAPPENING AT CLUB CUMMING! That’s right, it’s a Girls Aloud (and other UK girl groups) tea dance starting at 3pm! NO COVER!
  • But maybe you’re the gayest of all, and you have a real strong handle on ye olde astrological knowledge, in which case hit up VICE’s Leo party at Villain! Tickets range from free to $200.

Sunday August 4

  • For queer dance vibes, hop on a boat w/ Hot Rabbit! Tickets are $40+.
  • Too poor? Then hit up Our Wicked Lady for a new round o’ rooftop rug cutting w/ Jonathan Toubin!
  • Or if it’s comedy you’re after, get to Union Hall for We Love You: A Fucking Positive Comedy Show ft. Amanda Giobbi, Ariel Gitlin, Hari Kondabolu, Alex Song and Erica Hernandez! Tickets are just $8.
  • Just wanna be a film nerd? Lincoln Center is screening Zabriskie Point at 5:30pm! (Fun fact: in college I was made to watch Blowup for a class, and when we had to give feedback I said, “When it comes to Antonioni, I much prefer Zabriskie Point.” It remains to be the most pretentious statement I have ever made!)