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Wow wow wow, it’s Women’s March Weekend all over again! This year is a little confusing, because there are TWO marches happening. I’m not going to tell you which one you should go to, but I AM going to tell you that you should get out there in some capacity.

I also had a real real REAL hard time deciding which GIF theme to go with since there are SO many solid female-driven paths to take, especially considering it’s currently the Australian Open (HI SERENA) and the USWNT is playing France on Saturday, but I know you guys (probably) hate that I love sportz, so we’ll roll with Broad City as a safe bet since the final season premieres next week. (See also: this would be an excellent time to binge the existing catalog of episodes.)

Before we get into all of that, let’s talk about some rad #CONTENT you might’ve missed on BYT this week while you were (like I was) making so many HAMBERDER puns!

  • First, this is not #CONTENT, but I’m gonna be on BYT Radio today w/ Wetherbee to talk about TV and (maybe) other stuff, too! You can live stream it at noon right here if you wanna hear what my radio voice sounds like! (I don’t know what my radio voice sounds like yet, but I bet I’m gonna do that thing where people try to sound more soothing than normal!)
  • Speaking of which, the TV convo topic stems from this thing I wrote about how I want new seasons of shows I like in 2019!
  • PLUS here’s our updated 2019 guide to the best murder mysteries we think you should binge RIGHT NOW!
  • In interviewed MUNYA about songwriting and aliens! (As one does!)
  • And I spoke w/ Lizzie Lieberson from TEEN about the band’s new record, which is due out in March!
  • I also asked self-help guru Jen Sincero about whether or not she believes in resolutions (she does), self-care in the age of Trump (get angry, but not TOO angry), etc.
  • We premiered a video by Earthquake Lights and a track by Cold Weather Company! CHECK ‘EM OUT!
  • We also snapped some shots at Rayland Baxter, Margaret Glaspy and Illiterate Light last Friday! Go forth and re-live/live vicariously through!

Thursday, January 17

  • For starters, be sure to grab tickets to see Gaby Dunn in conversation w/ Akilah Hughes at 92Y about Bad With Money, which is pretty much my new favorite book that I think all of you should buy! Tickets to the talk are $30 each.
  • For tunes, head to Brooklyn Bazaar for a show from Pecas, a place both wonderful and strange, Romantic Thriller AND Beiju! Tickets are just $8 each.
  • Plus it’s Yams Day, so if you’ve got $40+ to spare, head to Barclays for A$AP & Friends!
  • In terms of LOLs, look no further than Union Hall, where it’s a new round of Pop Show tonight! Lineup includes Ziwe Fumudoh (the host, duh!), Jaboukie Young-White, Christi Chiello, Eudora Peterson, Kuhoo Verma and Rebecca Vigil, and tickets are $10 a pop.

  • If the occult is more in your wheelhouse, then head to Catland for a $15 course all about moon magic!
  • Broke as hell but still wanna learn cool new stuff? It’s a new round of Secret Science Club at the Bell House tonight ft. a chat about the mysterious lives of cells w/ a real live biologist! Free to attend as always!
  • Or if d-d-d-d-dancin’ on a budget is more your jam, hit up House of Yes for tonight’s Dirty Thursday, which is free as usual and is Lady Gaga themed tonight!
  • Meanwhile, it’s a new round of PAT Party w/ JD Samson and Amber Valentine at Union Pool! Also free!

Friday, January 18

  • If dancin’ is all you care about, then you should grab a $20-$25 ticket to see Octo Octa b2b Eris Drew ALL NIGHT LONG over at Good Room!
  • For comedy, head to Union Hall for Shit Arcade ft. Mike Drucker, Anthony Atamanuik and MORE! Tickets are $10 each.
  • You can also keep it super queer at a new round of Gayme Show at Caveat! Tickets are $10-$12 a pop.
  • Just wanna watch a movie? Hit up Nitehawk for a midnight screening of The Sixth Sense! (Mischa Barton’s greatest role to date!)

Saturday, January 19

  • Then hone your flippin’ witch powers to enact positive change! Catland is hosting Witchcraft 101 tonight, which is a $10 course that’ll help get you started.
  • For comedy vibes, head on over to Union Hall for TWO solid shows – the first is an $8-$10 live taping of Little Miss Comedy Pageant ft. Kelsey Caine, Martin Urbano, Claire O’Kane, Abby Govindan, Petey Deabreu, Sam Taggart and Nick Naney, and the second is a $10 round of Lo-Fi NYC ft. Karen Chee, Ayo Edebiri, Blythe Roberson and more!
  • Speaking of back-to-back goodness, Caveat is hosting Your Love Our Musical w/ Rebecca Vigil and Evan Kaufman! Tickets are $15-$20, and after that, you can hit up a $15-$20 round of Adult Sex Ed!

  • More into tunes? Get to the Bell House for a $20-$25 show from Azure Ray!
  • Meanwhile, King Tuff will be at Bowery Ballroom for $18-$20 tonight…
  • …AND The Lemon Twigs will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $20 again!
  • If is more your speed, though, then get to Hammerstein Ballroom for a $35+ performance!
  • Just feel like cuttin’ a rug? C’mon Everybody is hosting a another edition of Everybody, Everybody, aka America’s favorite 80s and 90s dance party! Tickets are just $5.
  • Or if queer dance parties are more your vibe, then head to Littlefield for a new round of Be Cute! Tickets are $10.
  • OR if you love you some UMFANG, then you’ll need to scrape together $20 and get to Nowadays instead!

Sunday, January 20

  • First, go eat a fuck ton of soup at The Brooklyn Soup Takedown, which is happening at Brooklyn Bazaar starting at 2pm! Tickets are $25 apiece.
  • And then go dance it all off at Elsewhere tonight, where Horse Meat Disco will be taking over for $40!
  • My top pick for tunes programming today goes to the $13-$15 Gabby’s World + Yowler gig that’s happening at Rough Trade!
  • But if you’d rather celebrate the musical stylings of David Bowie and Elvis Presley, then probably get to Arlene’s Grocery for a $15-$20 celebration!