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YOU GUYS. This is basically your last weekend before people start skippin’ town for the holidays, so MAKE THE MOST OF IT. There’s lots to do, INCLUDING but certainly not limited to dance parties (Robyn ones, synthwave ones, queer ones…), Ryan Gosling is gonna be signing books, Matt Dillon is gonna be talking AND Harry and the Potters’ annual Yule Ball (which is our GIF theme, duh!) is happening, too! Before we get into all of that, let’s first get you all caught up on some #CONTENT you might’ve missed this week if you were too busy looking at that boss AF picture of Nancy Pelosi walking out of the White House!

Thursday December 13th

  • Meanwhile, it’s the last day to catch The Seventh Seal at the Film Forum! I mean, who doesn’t want to Bergman-ify their Thursday night?!
  • And although The House That Jack Built is allegedly a huge, flaming piece of garbage, if you like Matt Dillon, you can catch him in-person at IFC Center for their 9:15pm screening of it tonight!
  • UNLESS you think you can bunk off work a little early and get to Lincoln Center by 7pm to catch a free talk with Matt Dillon there instead. (You will likely need to arrive hella early to line up, though, ’cause those things hit capacity super quick every time. THANKS, ALL OF THE OLD PEOPLE WHO LIVE UP THERE AND HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN GO TO FREE CULTURAL STUFF.)
  • Or if deep conversations about fashion are more your jam, Fern Mallis will be speaking to the one and only Peter Marino at 92Y tonight! Tickets are $35, get on the waitlist here.

Friday December 14th

Saturday December 15th

  • Too pricey? Dial it back EVER so slightly at Town Hall, where Chris Thile, St. Vincent and Jon Batiste will play a $55 show!
  • OR catch another $40-$45 Manchester Orchestra/Front Bottoms¬†show at Brooklyn Steel!
  • Just wanna cut a rug on the cheap? OBVIOUSLY get to Brooklyn Bowl for a new round of This Party Is Killing You (aka the Robyn dance party put on by Adventures BK)! Tickets are $10-$15 a pop.
  • Plus a new round of Be Cute, aka (one of) America’s (slash my) favorite queer dance party(s), is happening at Littlefield tonight for $10!
  • Or head back to the Bell House for a $5 Prince dance party!
  • Unless you’re too poor, in which case head to a new round of NIGHT.WAV at Saint Vitus for all the free (’til midnight) synthwave vibes!

Sunday December 16th

  • If you’re one of those people who inexplicably believes it would have been SOOOOO GREAT to be born in earlier, simpler times (no it wouldn’t, there was no internet and also you probably would have died way fast due to lack of medical advances), and you also love drinking tea and dancing, then probably go live out your dreams at the Jazz Age Tea Dance at the Bell House! Tickets are $35+.
  • For LOLs, hit up Littlefield for 1. Drunk Restoration Comedy: A Christmas Carol ($8-$10) and/or 2. Not Quite Midnight ft. Kate Willett, Josh Gondelman, Casey James Salengo and more ($5-$8)!
  • And most definitely get to Union Hall for ANOTHER two solid shows! Couples Therapy w/ Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman is up first, and that one is $8. Next is Thoughts & Prayers: A Mandatory Assembly ft. Liza Treyger, Charlyne Yi, Emmy Blotnick and more, and that’ll run you $8-$10 a ticket!

  • In terms of tunes, you can catch The Weepies at Sony Hall for $37.50+!
  • Or if you feel like taking a deep dive into LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver, then hit up Nowadays for a new round of Classic Album Sundays! $10, starts right at noon.
  • Just wanna be lazy and watch a movie? The Muppet Christmas Carol is screening for $7 at Syndicated tonight!
  • Or if you happen to wake up bright ‘n early, you can hit up a 9:45am cereal party screening of Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse at Alamo Drafthouse!
  • AND the Film Forum is screening It’s A Wonderful Life at 11am should you have opted out of your chance to see it Thursday at Syndicated!