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You guys, I’m about to go to the bodega to buy some beer, but I feel like there are going to be eight thousand trick-or-treaters in there UGH. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Halloween, but I just wanna get in and get out so I can come back home and dress up my friend’s dog and watch Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes until it’s American Horror Story time! I might even order a pizza! This is thirty! Pray for me!

If you think that sounds very unexciting, 1. you’re right, because 2. that’s how I like it, but 3. don’t worry, because 4. I have plenty of non-boring suggestions for you this weekend! From Tinder Live to an Addams Family Values screening (GIF theme, obviously) to a second public hexing of Brett Kavanaugh, we’ve got lots to cover. Before we dive into all of your options, though, here’s what you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

Thursday, November 1

  • Too spooky? Lighten the mood w/ a live taping of Little Miss Comedy Pageant at Littlefield ft. Sydnee Washington, Marcia Belsky and more! Tickets are just $8, and there’ll be free pre-show drinks // #BONUS!
  • Plus Ilana Glazer will continue her Generator Series at Murmrr Theatre tonight! Tickets are $15 each.
  • In terms of tunes, you can catch Madeline Kenney at Baby’s All Right for just $10-$12!
  • Meanwhile, Okay Kaya is taking over Music Hall of Williamsburg for $15…
  • …and Death Valley Girls are setting up shop at Mercury Lounge for $10-$12!

Friday, November 2

  • First, celebrate Fèt Gede, aka Haiti’s Day of the Dead, over at Pioneer Works! It sounds super rad, and it’s free w/ RSVP.
  • But maybe you just love you some Morrissey + The Smiths action, in which case head to the Bell House for a (slightly belated) Halloween tribute! Some Depeche Mode vibes’ll be happening to as an added bonus, and tickets are $18-$25 each.
  • Not into that? Head to Bowery Ballroom for a $20 Robert DeLong show!
  • Meanwhile, Escort, Crush Club and more will be churning out some solid tunes at Brooklyn Bowl for $20…

  • …and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters + SSION will be at Brooklyn Steel for $25…
  • …AND tUnE-yArDs and U.S. Girls are taking over Knockdown Center tonight for $30!
  • For comedy, you’ve got TWO solid options happening at Union Hall – the first is a new round of Shit Show ft. Ophira Eisenberg, Katina Corrao and more ($8-$10) and the second is Die Laughing w/ Shalewa Sharpe, Clare O’Kane and more ($8-$10)!
  • Or if you’re just super hungry, head to Villain for the opening night of Smorgasburg x VICE’s Night Market collab! There are a variety of ticket options available, but you can also just attend for free w/ RSVP so long as you want to do a pay-as-you-go eat ‘n drink situation.

Saturday, November 3

  • First, it’s a new round of Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore at Littlefield! We’re in the thick of cuffing season, so it should be REAL GOOD. Tickets are $15 each.
  • There’s also a second ritual to hex Brett Kavanaugh happening at Catland! (You can never hex Brett Kavanaugh enough times!) Tickets are $10, and half of the proceeds will be split as follows: 25% to the Southern Poverty Law Center and 25% to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.
  • For tunes, catch Caroline Rose at Bowery Ballroom for $20!
  • Plus it’s night two of Escort at Brooklyn Bowl! Tickets are $20 each.

  • Tenacious D fan? The boys’ll be at Kings Theatre tonight for $69+!
  • If it’s queer dance vibes you’re after, there’s a Dia De Los Muertos edition of Yas Mama happening at C’mon Everybody! Tickets are $10 each.
  • If it’s queer food vibes you’re after, there’s a Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas inspired four-course dinner happening at Archestratus! Tickets are $60 each.
  • “I JUST WANT TO APPRECIATE NATURE, MEGAN!” Tight! Go gather acorns and learn how to eat them at this $13 course!

Sunday, November 4

  • If you think you can drag yourself out of bed for an 11am movie screening, head to Alamo Drafthouse for Addams Family Values! Tickets are $12.
  • Or if you’re just hungry, swing by opening weekend of Smorgasburg Winter Market at Atlantic Terminal!
  • My top tunes pick is a $36-$44 LANY and Anna of the North show that’s happening at Terminal 5!
  • It’s also night two of Tenacious D at Kings Theatre, and tickets are available starting at $49!
  • For LOLs, head to Union Hall to catch Brandon Wardell live! He’ll be joined by Sandy Honig and Mary Houlihan, and tickets are $15 a pop.

  • Meanwhile, it’s a new round of If You Build It at UCB East! Tickets are $9.
  • Or get serious over at Caveat, where Cramming for the Midterms is happening to get you all set to vote in two days! Tickets are $15.
  • Just wanna relax with your favorite things, aka drawing and books? Head to Strand for Sketchy Book Club Round Two! Guests talk about their favorite books and sketch (as the name of the event implies), and it’s free and open to the public, although there’s a suggested donation of $10.