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Hi, do you ever like, wake up at 3am all the time in total existential crisis mode? COOL, ME NEITHER! (JK, I totally do.) This has been a fun way of telling you that I have been awake for a very long time, making this an ultra-sleep-deprived week since I got locked out of my apartment on Monday night and had to sleep on a very small sofa at a friend’s! (Her dog licked my face! That was my alarm clock!) All of the delirium for me, thanks! Anyway, I am going to keep this intro bit short since I am clearly borderline incapable of forming sentences. (It’s still too early to go to Starbucks, UGH.) But basically, while I catch up on sleep this weekend, YOU can do tons of great stuff – it’s closing weekend of the BK Comedy Festival, plus it’s the NY Art Book Fair, there are pumpkin spice goth dance parties, queer fetish dance parties, emo dance parties…SO MANY DANCE PARTIES…there’s a Bill Murray birthday celebration (our GIF theme) and MORE! BUT FIRST, here’s some rad #CONTENT you might’ve missed on BYT this week:


  • First, hit up Ceremony 224 for Pumpkin Spice Goth: A Goth Pop Dance Party! NO COVER!
  • Meanwhile, it’s closing weekend of the BK Comedy Festival! You can grab a 4-day badge for $150, which is not a bad deal if you like to laugh, sir.
  • You can also pop by the Bell House for Welcome To Night Vale! Tickets are $30 a pop.
  • Tunes-wise, you should CLEARLY make a beeline for Beacon Theatre, where Neko Case and Thao will be playing a $44.50+ show tonight.

  • Feelin’ nostalgic, though? Rooney will be at Brooklyn Bowl for $20!
  • Meanwhile, 4U: A Symphonic Celebration Of Prince is happening at Kings Theatre for $60+!
  • Too nostalgic? Well, SOPHIE’s at Brooklyn Steel with support from Cashu and DOSS! Tickets are $25.
  • Just wanna kick back w/ a movie? Videology is screening Moonrise Kingdom for $12!
  • Plus there’s a $4 screening of The 400 Blows at Syndicated if you’re tryna look REAL CULTURED.


  • First, Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair kicks off today at MoMA PS1! Free entry now thru Sunday!
  • PLUS BoJack Horseman producer/production designer and award-winning cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt will be at Books Are Magic fo’ FREE to celebrate Coyote Doggirl!
  • You should also most definitely hit up Videology for a Bill Murray Birthday Tribute ‘n Trivia night! Tickets are $15 each. (Plus there’s a $22 screening of Rushmore ft. bonus Jack + Coke, and there’s a $12 Caddyshack edition of Drinking Game after that!)
  • In terms of t-t-t-t-tunes, get to Warsaw for Babefest: A Concert To Benefit EMILY’s List ft. Torres, Ani DiFranco, Resistance Revival Chorus and Amy Leon! Tickets are $50 a pop.
  • You can ALSO hit up Brooklyn Steel for a $30 show from The Growlers and Surfbort!
  • More in the mood to dance? Head to Nowadays for a $15 evening with Octo Octa!

  • AND Eli & Fur will be setting up shop at Good Room for $35+!
  • Plus there’s a $5 80s and 90s dance party happening at C’mon Everybody if that’s more your speed!
  • “I just have a lot of feelings, Megan. Which are not necessarily conducive to dance-pop vibes.” Great, ’cause William Fitzsimmons is at Rockwood tonight for $25+!
  • “No. Like, emo pop-punk feelings, Megan.” Great, ’cause The Black Parade is a free until midnight w/ RSVP dance party that’s happening at the Knitting Factory!
  • (Plus it’s Emo Night Brooklyn at Irving Plaza, but that’s kind of weird since Irving Plaza is not Brooklyn, and also tickets are $20. So.)
  • Or if you wanna dance AND eat all your #FEELINGS, then head to The Well for Night Market! Tickets are $10-$15 a pop.


  • For starters, let’s just talk about how you can chill w/ Dax Shepard at BAM tonight for Armchair Expert! Tickets are $35+.
  • For ye olde music, Janelle Monae and Sofi Tukker will be at LeFrak Center from 1pm to 8pm! Tickets are $45+.
  • Later, just pop on by Brooklyn Bowl for a $12 DJ set from Wet!
  • (And/or head to Good Room for a late-night dance party with the inimitable Juan MacLean! Tickets are $10-$15.)
  • Plus it’s night TWO of The Growlers at Brooklyn Steel! Tickets are still $30 a pop.
  • (You can also catch St. Lucia on the rooftop at Pier 17! Tickets are $52+.)

  • If you don’t mind a trip out to Forest Hills Stadium, it’s worth noting that Portugal. The Man will be playing a $37.50+ show!
  • Meanwhile, LPR will host WORD*ROCK*SWORD: A Musical Celebration of Women’s Lives VIII ft. Toshi Reagon, Joan As Police Woman and more! Tickets are $20-$25.
  • More into queer fetish party vibes? Head to the latest edition of BOUND over at Elsewhere for $20-$25!
  • Or if that’s too intense for you, dial it back with a less BDSM-driven queer dance party, aka Be Cute at Littlefield! Tickets are $10.
  • But maybe you hate all of that, in which case just get to Videology for 1. a $20 live-scored edition of Planet Earth, and/or 2. a $12 Magic Mike XXL Drinking Game!


  • For starters, it’s day TWO of the 2018 World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science! Tickets are $25+.
  • Or if you’re more into street fairs, it’s the 44th annual Atlantic Antic! As always, free to peruse!
  • Speaking of which, you can totally enter a dumpling eating contest as part of that // winner receives $2000, runner up receives $1000, and third place receives $500!
  • But if you’d prefer to chill out and watch a movie, Videology is hosting a $20 screening of The Godfather: Part II ft. bonus Cuba Libre included in the price of each ticket!

  • AND Black Swan is screening at Museum of the Moving Image if you’re up for a trip out to LIC.
  • You can also hit up Union Hall for That’s So Retrograde Live! Tickets are $15-$20 a pop.
  • In the realm of music, probably definitely grab $25 tickets to see Lucy Wainwright Roche play Joe’s Pub!
  • Or if it’s just drag vibes you’re after, head to Stonewall to chill with MY personal favorite drag queen, aka Zalika Parsons!