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Hello I do not feel like writing an involved intro because I have been in three foreign countries (Iceland, Denmark and Norway) over the last WEEK and I just got back to my house and I am v. tired! I WILL be around this weekend, but I will be going to some birthday parties, so I probably won’t have time/energy to join you at any/all of the below. (I know you feel devastated by this news!) HOWEVER, there’s some real high quality programming, and you should take full advantage if your schedule isn’t full o’ birthdays! For example, you can hit up tons of free shows, a 2000s singalong, a screening of E.T. ft. Coors and Reese’s Pieces, AND a flippin’ Romy and Michele tea dance at C’mon Everybody! (Our GIF theme, because Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is one of the greatest movies of all time!) Before we get into all the details, here’s what you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

  • We watched Bachelor in Paradise so you don’t have to!
  • Rell Battle earned the title of our latest round of Funny Human of the Week!
  • We talked to Suzan Murray about her amazing career, which allowed her to go from being a fan of Jane Goodall to being her colleague!
  • Here’s our ultimate guide to having a great experience as a member of a co-working space.
  • And we had a chat to Eugene Jarecki about his latest film, The King, which takes a look at the connection between Elvis and the American dream.


  • More in the mood for games? Head to Videology for a round of Wes Anderson bingo! This time it’s Royal Tenenbaums themed, and tickets are $16.
  • For LOLs, head to Union Hall for Pop Show w/ Ziwe Fumudoh, Janelle James, Anna Drezen, Mo Fry Pasic and MORE! Tickets are $10.
  • It’s also a new round of Who? Weekly with Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger at the Bell House! Tickets will run you $15 a pop.
  • Or maybe you just want to take a course called Tarot for Sexual Empowerment, in which case make a beeline for Catland! Tickets are $25.


  • For starters, obviously get to C’mon Everybody for a $5 Madonna dance party, DUH!
  • You can also pop by Elsewhere for a $12-$20 show from Gigamesh, plus a $15 show from Open Mike Eagle AND a $25 show from Ra Ra Riot!
  • Meanwhile, Cake and Ben Folds will be at Forest Hills Stadium for $50+!
  • But do you have the desire to live the Coachella life on a boat for some reason? Boatchella is for you, then! Tickets are $25.

  • Film-wise, you can head to Videology for an $18 screening of Death Proof ft. bonus shot of chartreuse, and/or a Big Lebowski drinking game which’ll run you $12!
  • Plus it’s a Dirty Dancing themed drinking game at the Bell House tonight, and tickets to that will set you back $15.
  • Or if you’re more in the mood to sing, head to Union Hall for a $10 2000s singalong!
  • Union Hall’s also your home for LOLs this evening, ’cause it’s a new round of Oh Such A Good Show Oh ft. Marcia Belsky, Lorelei Ramirez and more! Tickets are $8-$10.


  • First and foremost, get to C’mon Everybody for a Romy and Michele tea dance! There’ll be a post-it wall for all your song requests, plus plenty o’ businesswoman specials. Free to attend!
  • You can also catch a $10-$15 DJ set from Chrome Sparks on the roof at Elsewhere, plus be sure to hit up Zone One for a $12 George Clanton show!
  • For comedy, head to Union Hall for a new round of Picture This ft. Ana Fabrega, Sam Taggart, Christi Chiello and more! Tickets will run you $8-$10.
  • It’s ALSO a brand new round of Tinder Live with Lane Moore at Littlefield! Tickets are $15 and are likely to sell out, so grab ’em fast!

  • (Stick around for Be Cute afterwards, ’cause everybody loves a $5-$10 queer dance party!)
  • And while we’re back on the subject of dance parties, head to Brooklyn Bowl for Cool 4 The Summer: A Summer Hookup Party! Tickets are $10.
  • Meanwhile, there’s lots going on film-wise at Videology tonight! There’s a $15 Little Shop of Horrors singalong, an $18 screening of E.T. ft. bonus Coors and Reese’s Pieces, PLUS a $12 midnight screening of The Ring!
  • PLUS all of the summer movies are happening at Syndicated! Catch $4 screenings of Wet Hot American Summer AND Jurassic Park today.


  • First, if you’re a good old fashioned burner, then maybe you wanna head to House of Yes for a Playa Style Costume Bazaar! No cover!
  • But maybe you wanna hide your hungover face in a dark movie theater, in which case get to Nitehawk for a brunch screening of Roman Holiday!
  • You can also dance off your hangover at Brooklyn Mirage, where you can hit up a big ol’ sweaty $40 dance party! (Provided you have the means, which I do not!)
  • Meanwhile, you can hit up Videology for a $25 screening of Pleasantville ft. bonus boozy milkshake, and stick around for free Simpsons trivia after that!

  • If drawing is more your jam, get to Strand Bookstore for a FREE literary draw-in with Jenny Kroik and The Sketchy Book Club!
  • Or if you’re drawn to star signs, hit up an Astrology 101 course at Catland for just $10!
  • For comedy, get to C’mon Everybody for a new round of Not Dead Yet w/ Lorelei Ramirez! Ticketes are $5.
  • You can also pop over to UCB East for tonight’s If You Build It ft. Mike Drucker, Casey Ley and more! Tickets are $9.