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Well HEY THERE, AMIGOS! How was your week in New York City? Fast-paced? Edgy? Hungover? Whatever it was, I’m sure it was the opposite of MY week, which was spent in the suburbs at my mom’s house hanging out with my dog and my depressing high school CD collection. But I am BACK this weekend, and while I plan to continue reverse-hibernating in my bedroom until summer is over, if I WERE to leave the apartment, I would most definitely hit up any/all of the events listed below INCLUDING (but obviously not limited to) a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which will serve as our GIF spirit guide in this edition of BWB. Before diving into all of that, though, here are some stories you might have missed on BYT this week that you should check out RIGHT NOW:

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  • Over in Brooklyn, meanwhile, we’ve got YET ANOTHER evening with Galactic (I repeat: they will be churning out tunes through Saturday night) at Brooklyn Bowl, so if you can part with twenty bucks, you’ve got yourself a ticket.
  • Or maybe you (unlike me) thrive on secondhand embarrassment, in which case you should probably hit up the latest edition of Mortified over at Littlefield this evening instead for ten bucks per ticket, yeah?
  • Meanwhile, the inimitable Ann Beattie will be posting up at Strand Bookstore this evening to talk about her new book The State We’re In: Maine Stories at 7pm! Tickets can be acquired by purchasing the book and/or a $15 Strand gift card.
  • Or head downtown to Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, where they’ll be celebrating the launch of Radiator, a new literary journal, with a whole slew of readings AND snacks ‘n beer starting at 7pm sharp.
  • More into free movies? I KNEW IT! Let’s start things off at North Plaza in Union Square Park, where they’ll be showing The Wizard of Oz tonight and IT WILL BE WONDERFUL! (Plus we can get snacks at Whole Foods beforehand!)

  • Did you shudder at the thought of traversing the East River, though? Well REST ASSURED, ’cause Syfy has come to your rescue with a free screening of Dr. Strangelove that’s set to take place in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • And if you want my PERSONAL feelings on which outdoor movie screening we should see (which I am sure you do), then the answer lies at Riverside Park (72nd Track + Lawn) for Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight.
  • I do sympathize with those of you who fucking hate summertime and being outdoors, though, because (at the end of the day) I am among your ranks. So maybe let’s skip those last three things and INSTEAD seek air conditioned shelter at Nitehawk, where they’re showing NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER for one night only!
  • You can also try your luck at getting into a free sneak preview of Mistress America at Lincoln Center, which will feature a bonus Q+A with motherfucking Noah Baumbach AND Greta Gerwig. Standby only at this time, but could be worth the gamble.
  • And if it’s comedy you’re after, then look no further than UCB Chelsea this evening, where they’ll be hosting a new round of the ever-popular CollegeHumor Live! with Cole Escola, Josh Gondelman and MORE for five bucks.

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  • Let’s get started how we did last night over at Mercury Lounge for the early gig! Miracles of Modern Science will headline tonight’s show (doors at 7:30pm) w/ opening act Wilder Maker for ten bucks a ticket.
  • If you’re a big ol’ David Lynch and/or Angelo Badalamenti fan, though, then you’ll most likely want to make a beeline for Le Poisson Rouge, where Silencio will be performing tunes inspired by the aforementioned geniuses this evening for eighteen bucks in advance, twenty day of show.
  • Over in Brooklyn (read: EL PROMISED LAND) we’ve got a solid show happening at Rough Trade tonight featuring headliners Teen Commandments in addition to Lazer Cake and Tropic of Pisces for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • It’s also another edition of Galactic at Brooklyn Bowl tonight, so if you’ve got the Galactic fever and/or haven’t gotten a chance to catch ’em live yet this week, then you should scrounge up twenty-five bones and GO.
  • If we’re making it a Brooklyn night for sure, though, then I’m going to go ahead and suggest getting ourselves over to Baby’s All Right for a show from Ne-Hi, Heliotropes and Surf Rock Is Dead for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • And a close second for me would have to go to Palisades a bit further down Broadway because 1. it’s close to my house and I am lazy, and 2. Pictureplane, Celestial Trax, Eaves and Negative Gemini will all be there for ten bucks in advance, thirteen day of show.

  • Meanwhile, if you don’t mind shelling out twenty bucks to d-d-d-d-dance your face off all night long, then be sure to head to Verboten for an evening with Just Blaze, DJ Ayres, DJ Eleven, Lauren Flax and Lindsey.
  • But why not d-d-d-d-dance your face off all night long for a little cheaper to the tune o’ the eighties? The Skint is presenting Cruel Summer at the Bell House this evening, and tickets will run you ten bucks a pop.
  • Or if you feel like flexin’ your vocal chords instead, then get it done at Union Hall instead; SecretFormula is presenting a 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B Singalong tonight, and tickets will ALSO set you back ten bucks.
  • There’s also a free screening of Guardians of the Galaxy tonight at Rockaway Beach (Beach 73rd at Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk, to be more specific) that I would highly recommend since Rockaway Beach rules.
  • But if you’d rather keep it EVER SO SLIGHTLY more local, there’s always the option of holing up at BAM for the night; they’ll be screening TWO mega-classics, aka Sex, Lies and Videotape AND This Is Spinal Tap! THE GREATEST!

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10ss

  • FIRST OF ALL, let’s begin with some HAIR O’ THE DOG, AMIRITE?! It’s the 2015 Tap + Cork Beer and Wine Festival in Brooklyn today, and twenty bucks gets you fifteen 3oz samples of whatever you like! Forty-five bucks, meanwhile, gets you unlimited tastings from 2-5pm.
  • Music-wise, I am going to STRONGLY SUGGEST that we all go be teenage dirtbags over at Le Poisson Rouge tonight, ’cause WHEATUS will be playing what I am sure will be an ultra-nostalgic gig for fifteen bucks.
  • But maybe you are like “Who is Wheatus?” in which case there is a fifty-fifty chance you are younger than me with your whole shiny life ahead of you, in which case skip that last thing and go hang out with other youths and Ricky Eat Acid at Riis Park Beach Bazaar today.
  • Or maybe we ARE the same age, but you are just 2KEWL4NOSTALGIA, in which case cough up twenty-five bones in advance // thirty day of show to see the inimitable Donavon Frankenreiter at Bowery Ballroom instead.
  • I’ll also go ahead and recommend swinging by Cake Shop tonight for a show from Keeps that kicks off at 8:30pm this evening, and which will set you back the VERY MINIMAL price of eight bucks a ticket.

  • MEANWHILE to the north over at the Studio at Webster Hall we’ve got a show from Brick + Mortar, Deal Casino and Canon Logic tonight starting bright and early at 7:30pm, and tickets will run you twelve bucks a pop.
  • And before we move on from the Manhattan vibes, if you think you can stomach the crowd that’s likely to flock to Cielo tonight to see Treasure Fingers, then you should cough up fifteen bucks in advance // twenty-five day of show.
  • OKAY, let’s cruise on over to Long Island City in good old Queens for some daytime party feels at MoMA PS1 for today’s edition of Warm Up, which features Untold, Vessel, Cut Hands and MORE for eighteen bucks in advance, twenty day of show.
  • And in Brooklyn Town we’ve ALSO got a whole slew of shows to look forward to tonight, the first of which is being held at Rough Trade ft. Galactic fo’ FREE, so if you’ve been wanting to see the band at BK Bowl but have been too broke, now’s your golden opportunity.
  • But if you DO have all of the money to grab a ticket to see Galactic at Brooklyn Bowl, then you should most definitely do that tonight before their residency wraps up. Tickets will run you twenty-five bucks.

  • For something a little more affordable, though, then you might consider popping over to Cameo Gallery around the corner this evening; The Suits will headline tonight’s bill, and tickets will cost you just eight bucks in advance // ten day of show.
  • Or if you don’t care about anything except dancing your dumb face off all night long, then be sure to get yourself to Verboten at 11pm for a show from Moon Boots, Garrett David and special guest Kenny Dope for between twenty-five and thirty bucks.
  • OR just go dance your dumb face off all night long on the CHEAP over at Union Hall, where it’s a new edition of Crazy Since Da 90s (which you know is crazy because they spelled “the” like “da”!) that’s FREE with RSVP.
  • Aside from tunes, though, I’m going to HIGHLY recommend heading to Picture This (also happening at Union Hall), where comedy and animation will be married to one another for one magical evening! Tickets are eight bucks in advance, ten day of show.
  • Would you prefer your comedy to be married to cinema, however? Then you should get over to Videology for another round of The Bechdel Test, where they’re pitting Annie Hall and Amelie against one another. (Entry is FREE!)
  • And if you’re the biggest Star Wars nerd of all time, then you will probably be happiest at Washington Square Park tonight between the hours of 9pm and 11pm, which is when a gigantic Lightsaber Battle is going down! (Insert lightsaber sound effects here…)

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10j

  • For starters, sorry you are (probably) hungover right now! If you dare to check your bank balance, I’m sure you will find that most of your savings are depleted as a result of using Uber liberally last night; feel better by hitting up a free show from The Hotelier at Brooklyn Flea today.
  • Provided you find some money in your couch cushions, you can also go wallow in the darkness of Nitehawk Cinema instead, where they’ll be showing some VERY IMPORTANT BRUNCH SCREENINGS to get you feeling semi-well again, the first being The Rock
  • And the second being Dazed and Confused, which is pretty much the perfect movie for a hangover // LIVE IT UP with ALL OF THE BOOZE and ALL OF THE BRUNCH ENTREES and ALL OF THE AIR CONDITIONING!
  • Or if you find that you’re far too nauseous to endure sitting next to other humans devouring brunch deliciousness, then go to the promised land that is BAM to catch a screening of The Cosmic Eye instead!

  • Although I have to say that when it comes to movie screenings, I’m PRETTY PARTIAL to seeing Route One/USA, which ALSO just so happens to be showing at BAM today at 4pm for all you late risers out there!
  • Back to free tunes, though! You can ALSO head to Central Park to catch a Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 25th anniversary show today (ft. bonus screening of Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives) for free, too! The zero dollar gods are smiling down upon you today!
  • Meanwhile, it’s another edition of What Are You Afraid Of at Union Hall, featuring host Mara Wilson (yes, Matilda!) alongside Sandi Marx, Sharron Paul and Danny Hatch for seven bucks in advance, ten day of show.
  • And if you’re trying to lord your extensive pop culture knowledge over a bunch o’ dummies, then probably just get to Videology for an evening of FREE Twin Peaks trivia and pray they don’t ask “HOW’S ANNIE?!”