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Did you actually go to work this week? If so, hi, you’ve earned this almost 2017 Best Weekend Bets! There were a ton of things wrong with the last few days, but I refuse to indulge this cruel universe by eulogizing any of them. Instead, we’ve got a ton of non-morbid choices on our journey into 2017, and I’m perhaps MOST stoked for Royal Tenenbaums times at Videology. Before I tell you all about that stuff, though, let’s talk about what you may have missed on BYT this week because you have decided to hurt my feelings by not visiting frequently and/or are maybe not signed up for our newsletter!

  • Too broke? Videology is hosting its third annual Lord of the Rings marathon fo’ FREE from noon until 1am.
  • Tunes-wise, spend the first day of 2017 w/ Joseph Arthur at City Winery for $20+!
  • OR just see The Bad Plus again for $35 at Village Vanguard.
  • Just really love Japan as much as I do? Hit up JapanFes at Webster Hall for $25-$30!
  • Or if you enjoy watching crazy people jump into ice cold water, head to the Polar Bear Club’s NYD dip!