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You know what, guys? I don’t even care that Broad City Live is sold out at UCB Chelsea tonight; you’re gonna do what you have to do to get your hands on one of those tickets, and/or you’re just going to sit here and wistfully look at Broad City GIFs forever. (Since you probably picked the latter, let’s just get going with that right now, yeah?) VERY QUICKLY, here are some things you may have missed on BYT this week before we get started:

  • Tonight Emmy the Great will be playing a SECOND NYC show for the week, this time over in Manhattan at Mercury Lounge with Clementine and the Galaxy! Highly recommended gig, and tickets will run you twelve in advance, fifteen day of show.
  • Plume Giant will also be playing the late show at Mercury Lounge tonight, so if you’ve got time ‘n money then you should FOR SURE stick around; the band will be joined by The Perennials and Pearls, and tickets are ten bucks a pop.
  • MEANWHILE we’ve got Alpenglow playing a show with Laura Gibson and Wild Leaves at Rough Trade tonight, so if you don’t mind shifting the focus over to Brooklyn, then grab yourself some ten dollar tickets in advance, twelve dollar tickets day of show.
  • And a little further south of there we’ve got Swearin’ playing a show with The Goodbye Party Attendant for twelve bucks in advance, fourteen day of show. All of that is set to kick off at 8pm // plenty of time to get there after work.

  • Let’s also not forget that we’ve got a show from Mykki Blanco and LE1F happening over at NYU at 7pm // tickets are free for NYU students, and they’re only five bucks each for all us “regular” people, which is a total steal.
  • Not into the tunes tonight? Head to the Morbid Anatomy Museum instead, where you can attend an eight dollar illustrated lecture on American tattooed ladies from 1840 to the present day with Anni Irish!
  • Or like, just go be totally lazy after work by sitting in a dark movie theater whilst cramming Milk Duds and buttered popcorn into your face! For example, you could head to BAM tonight for a screening of Ghosts of Mars // #SPOOKY!
  • It also looks like you’ll be able to grab some complimentary cocktails from 10-11pm at the Leonora (525 West 29th Street between 10th and 11th) for a free New York Fashion Week closing party by AIM Model Management.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11f

  • If you can sneak out of work at a reasonably hour tonight (it IS Friday, after all…) then get to Mercury Lounge for the early gig; Miracles of Modern Science are playing with Sun Nectar tonight for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • We’re also big fans of Leisure Cruise over here, so you might consider getting yourself over to Brooklyn for their show at Rough Trade with LEGS and Dinowalrus. (Tickets are ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.)
  • Definitely try to swing by Baby’s All Right for Young Ejecta’s record release show if you can, though; openers include Bruce Smear and Solvey, and tickets cost just TWELVE BUCKS A POP! Show starts at 8pm.
  • And/or if you want to keep it ultra-classy, get to the Brooklyn Masonic Temple for an evening with the Kishi Bashi string quartet, which will cost you twenty-five bucks a ticket and which will begin at 9pm.
  • BUT there’s always a chance you just wanna D-D-D-D-DANCE tonight, in which case you should hit up Brooklyn Bowl for a special DJ set with the inimitable Q-TIP! Tickets will run you ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.

  • Too upbeat for your liking? Hit up Cameo Gallery instead, where Diary (you know, the nostalgic party where they only play emo, screamo and/or pop punk tunes all night long) will be happening for all of ZERO DOLLARS.
  • OR if you want to celebrate the fact that NYFW is OVER (at least for another six or seven months…) then MAYBE you wanna get weird over at the Bell House for Wasabassco’s Hot Couture, aka a burlesque fashion show or some shit! Tickets will run you between twenty-five and fifty bucks each.
  • PERSONALLY I think we should make a beeline for Videology, where TV Hangover is presenting an AMAZING event called Galentine’s Day in which we all just sit around and watch episodes of 30 Rock and Parks & Rec for $5! SO GOOD!
  • AND/OR you could always head on over to Littlefield for the latest edition of Haunting Renditions w/ Eliot Glazer (Ilana’s brother // do you think he gets pissed I keep referring to him this way?), Dave Hill and MARNIE THE DOG!

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10ss

  • Look, obviously my top vote for tonight is going straight to Irving Plaza, because Leighton Meester is playing a show there tonight for $32.50 a ticket and it will be THE GREATEST EVER.
  • OR you could kick things off early at Mercury Lounge (7:30pm) for a Made Violent show, yeah? They’ll be joined by Marlowe Grey, and tickets will set you back just ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • You can ALSO head on up to the Studio at Webster Hall for a show by Francisco the Man! Tickets to that one will run you just ten bucks a pop, and all of the action starts at 8pm.
  • Or if you’re just too poor for that, be sure to get your hungover face out of bed at a decent hour to catch a FREE Elle King set over at Rough Trade starting at 2pm sharp! (Doors are at 1:30pm.)
  • Of course, that might just be asking too much of you considering how much alcohol you presumably consumed last night, so go ahead and sleep it off for two more hours and THEN catch a free show from Mindtroll at Baby’s All Right at 4pm.

  • And if you happen to find some cash in your pants pocket at some point, then use it to grab twelve dollar (in advance, fifteen day of show) tickets to see NGHBRS with Fort Lean and The Henry Millers who are ALSO at Rough Trade tonight.
  • Meanwhile we’ve got Monogold playing a show with New Myths and Multimagic at 8pm, so if you can scrape together eight bucks in advance // ten day of show from the couch cushions, this is a solid bet.
  • AND if you think you can stay up a little past your bedtime, then I would super recommend sticking around Baby’s All Right for a New Madrid show (with Grass is Green and Clouder) at 11:45pm. (Tickets are ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.)
  • You could also cruise on over to Brooklyn Bowl tonight for a show with Marian Hill AND Nancy Whang! Kicking off at 11:59pm this one is definitely the latest of the bunch, BUT tickets are a mere ten bucks a pop.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10j

  • Rough Trade’s got us covered with another free (albeit early) show this afternoon, you guys! Hot Sugar will be taking the stage for our hungover skulls starting at 2pm // DON’T SLEEP ON THIS ONE!
  • Meanwhile, it’s the Chinatown Lunar New Year // the parade and overall celebration will be happening all day long in Chinatown today, so let’s go watch it, explode some of those fabulous glitter cannons, and maybe eat some dumplings, yeah?
  • Or like, if you’re just too goddamn hungover to function or whatever, then blend in among the movie-going crowd where no one can see how fucking crazy you look! The Film Forum will be screening Go West at 11am SHARP this morning // I BELIEVE IN YOU.
  • But we all know what they say about “hair of the dog” or whatever, so maybe you should just focus on getting to the Bell House for Brewnity today; twenty-five dollar tickets get you local beer samples for four hours, and all the proceeds will benefit City Harvest. NOT A BAD DEAL.

  • I’d ALSO like to discuss the fact that there’s an introductory taxidermy class happening at the Morbid Anatomy Museum today in which you get your own mouse specimen AND a pair of wings to work with. Tickets are $225 // course is six hours.
  • If reading that last thing made you want to barf, then probably skip it and INSTEAD get yourself to Union Hall for tonight’s edition of SNL Writers Unscripted: The Oscars Show in which Natasha Rothwell and others do a little improv action to coincide with a live screening of THE OSCARS! Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 day of show.
  • BUT seeing as you might be like me (aka sans money), you might be more preoccupied with HOW THE EFF YOU’RE GOING TO WATCH THE OSCARS FOR ZERO DOLLARS. But rest assured; Videology’s gonna hook us up with a free screening party.
  • And perhaps even better than THAT is the party that’s being thrown by The Skint over at Littlefield; not only is the screening free, but you get a free glass of champagne with RSVP AND all the free popcorn you can eat.