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No one is more excited than I am that it is 1. the weekend, and 2. ALMOST CHRISTMAS, HOLY EFF! (And like, is already Hanukkah! There is that, too!) There is SO MUCH to do the next few days, whether it’s hitting up a screening of any/all of the holiday movies (including Home Alone, duh!), snagging free booze, heading to one of like three hundred burlesque performances, hanging out with Mara Wilson // Matilda // Mara Wilson, entering a homemade eggnog throwdown…I mean, I could go on and on BUT I WON’T because I already did that below. Before we cover all of that, here’s some important stuff you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, here is a guide to HOT DRANKS 4 COLD NIGHTZ!
  • We also have a holiday style guide
  • And a general hosting guide featuring some ultra-solid recipes by Nycci Nellis!
  • Plus it’s our film team’s top fourteen movies of 2014

  • Tonight we’ve got HITS playing a show over at Rough Trade with Wild Arrows and Reputante, so if you think you might be able to part with all of ten bucks for a ticket, this is DEFINITELY A SOLID DEAL.
  • But personally I think we should conserve our energy and hit up Glasslands at 11:30, where The Black Madonna will be putting on an ULTRA dance-worthy gig this evening for just ten bucks per ticket // NOT BAD!
  • And Ice Choir‘s going to be playing Cameo Gallery as well this evening, so maybe you want to zip around the corner to catch the set for the very low price of ten bucks per ticket!
  • And while we’re on the subject of ten dollar shows, let’s also briefly discuss the fact that Har Mar Superstar will be playing with others at the Bowery Electric for ten bones and IT WILL BE GOOD.

  • Of course, if you just so happen to be made of ALL OF THE MONEY, then maybe refocus your goals to Webster Hall tonight, where Thievery Corporation will be playing a show for just about fifty bucks per ticket.
  • Or just get your burlesque on over at the Bell House, where Wasabassco’s will be presenting a “70’s Christmas Carol“, which should be a weird and good time! Tickets will cost you twenty bucks a pop.
  • More into free vodka? Head to Pruv’s holiday party with MeetSelect and NightTables at Open House in the East Village! All you have to do is cruise on by between the hours of 9pm and 10pm to take advantage of an hour long open bar.
  • And while we’re on the subject of free sauce, you can snag complimentary sangria over at Fuck A Genre Entertainment’s AKA Festival! There’s no cover charge, and it’s all happening at The Living Gallery.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11f

  • Mates of State are playing TWO Mercury Lounge shows tonight, but one of them is SOLD OUT. Drink a cup of coffee and hit up the late gig (10:30pm), which will set you back fifteen bucks in advance, eighteen day of show.
  • We also love us some Pancakes and Whiskey action, so be sure to make an effort to swing by their holiday party at Rough Trade ft. The Dig, Dreamers and Stargazy for twelve bones per ticket.
  • AND let’s not forget that just around the corner at Bowery Ballroom we have Marco Benevento playing a show with Parkington Sisters at 8pm (doors at 6pm) for a very reasonable fifteen bucks  a pop.
  • Or save money and say goodbye to Glasslands in style with Adventures BK! They’ll be DJ’ing an #RIPGLASSLANDS party this evening with all of the best tunes for just five bucks a ticket.
  • And while we’re on the subject of DJ times, we’ve also got Goldroom doing a set over at Webster Hall this evening! You’ll have to fork over twenty bones a ticket, but that could be well worth it all things considered.
  • Speaking of Webster Hall, you’ve got another semi-pricey opportunity to catch Thievery Corporation this evening; tickets will run you just about fifty bucks, so I hope you are gainfully employed or whatever.

  • But back to the DJ times, you can head to Donna Cocktail Club for Nouveau Classique with Steve Shakewell and Mister Disco for plenty o’ dance jams sans cover! (All of the free things, all of the importance!)
  • Of course, if you’re more into burlesque times than you are straight up dancin’, then swing by the Bell house tonight for The Shelter Western Peep Show! All the action kicks off at 8pm (7:30pm doors) for ten bucks a ticket.
  • We’ve also got ALL of the Christmas movies happening over at IFC Center today and tomorrow with Die Hard, Gremlins, HOME ALONE (!!!), and It’s A Wonderful Life! Thank CHRIST for all of this // get ready for a marathon time, yeah?
  • And if you’re not trying to pay for your movie screenings, then you’ll most definitely want to hit up Videology for a complimentary showing of Love Actually! Everything kicks off at 7pm, so be sure to bunk off work in time.
  • But if you find out you can fork over five bucks in the meantime, be sure to catch Videology’s A Very Nickelodeon Christmas Party (presented by TV Hangover), featuring all your favorite Nickelodeon Christmas specials at 9:30pm!
  • Or if none of that suits your cinematic needs, hit up the NYC premiere of Positive Force: More Than A Witness (3o Years of Punk Politics In Action) by our amigo Robin Bell! It’s happening at the Anthology Film Archives at 8pm, and you can grab tickets here.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10ss

  • First (provided you don’t get physically or ethically squeamish) you MAY be interested to hear that the Morbid Anatomy Museum will be hosting a five-hour-long anthropomorphic mouse taxidermy class, meaning $110-$125 gets you all the materials you need to make a dead mouse look like it’s doing human stuff!
  • And speaking of the Morbid Anatomy Museum, they’ll be hosting their annual Krampus Costume Party at 8pm! Tickets are $25 for non-members, the price of which includes complimentary cocktails, cake AND TUNES!
  • And music-wise, probably hit up a fantastically non sold out round of The Bogmen with The Yum Dee Days over at Bowery Ballroom; tickets are thirty bucks OR two hundred and fifty bucks (for a VIP table, obvi), so be sure to save those pennies.
  • Not your jam? Head on over to Glasslands for Widowspeak instead; they’ll be joined by Quilt, What Moon Things and MORE starting at 7pm (doors), so be sure to scrape together twelve bucks and GET OVER THERE!

  • AND be sure to stick around for the late gig, which is going to feature Com Truise, Figgy and Nitemovesstarting at 11:30pm (doors). Tickets will run you fifteen bones in advance and seventeen day of show, so get ‘em early.
  • Let’s also not forget that Awkwafina will be playing a show with Prelow and others over at the Knitting Factory tonight, so rustle up ten bucks for a ticket and GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!
  • Meanwhile, we’ve got a very solid night of LOLs happening at Union Hall for just eight bucks! Chris Gethard Loves Weirdos is basically exactly what it sounds like, and will include guests like Dan Licata, Elsa Waithe and MORE.
  • But if that’s too pricey for you, just wait around for CRAZY $INCE DA 90$, which (despite the dollar bill signs in the name of the event) is one hundred percent FREE so long as you RSVP and will feature ALL OF THE NOSTALGIC DANCE TUNES!

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10j

  • The only thing you need to focus on doing tonight is getting to Glasslands for the Dave Harrington and Friends Holiday Spectacular, featuring sets from members of Bear In Heaven, Real Estate, The Antlers and MORE for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • UNLESS you are as big a fan of Harry and the Potters as we are, in which case you’re most definitely going to want to hit up the Bell House for the annual Yule Ball! Tickets will cost you twenty bucks; get ’em now // they WILL sell out.
  • And while we’re on the subject of Christmas-y things, we should definitely head to Nitehawk Cinema for the second day of chances to see Home Alone AND/OR Love Actually! All of the Christmas spirit, all for you.
  • Of course, there is ANOTHER cinematic option happening today over at Lincoln Center, where they’ll be screening good ol’ Casino Royale this evening JUST FOR YOU WOODY ALLEN FANS!

  • And if THAT’S not enough to charm you into heading to the movie theater today, then prepare to wake up EARLY, ’cause Mary Poppins is screening at the Film Forum at 11am sharp as part of their Film Forum Jr. series.
  • We can also swing by another round of What Are You Afraid Of? hosted by Mara Wilson (YES, MATILDA!) over at Union Hall ft. special guests including (but not limited to) the very funny Aparna Nancherla! Tickets are $7 in advance, $10 day of show.
  • Or like, just hit up Nog-A-Thon-2 at Bearded Lady in Brooklyn, where you can enter two quarts of your own homemade spiked eggnog for the chance to win infinite glory (and prizes) at 3pm! (Spectating is always cool, too…)
  • Need a little burlesque to go with that nog buzz? Head to Le Poisson Rouge back over in Manhattan, where they’ll be hosting “It’s A Pink Christmas” starting at 7pm! Tickets will set you back between fifteen and twenty-five bones.