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It was the coldest week of all goddamn time, but we made it, maybe! Let’s get ready for the weekend ahead (which will hopefully include many Friendsgivings, but at the very least WILL feature a screening of Purple Rain (purple rain), meaning our GIF theme is obviously Prince…) after FIRST discussing what important things you may have missed on BYT this week:


  • If you joined us last weekend for One Step Beyond at the AMNH, 1. THANK YOU! and 2. here are some photos for you to relive the magic.
  • We also interviewed The Barr Brothers, who are in town TOMORROW (11/21) at Bowery Ballroom…
  • Meanwhile, if you didn’t think a tuna melt was secretly mega-occult, you’re WRONG, as proven by this round-up of witchy ‘wiches for National Occult Day.
  • While we are on the subject of food, here are some #CHILLGRIM (chill pilgrim, obvi) elastic waistband equipped joggers to help you cram in all of the extra Thanksgiving servings in style.
  • PLUS we reviewed more of Lypsinka: the Trilogy, which we ABSOLUTELY recommend you check out.

  • For starters, we’ve got Delicate Steve AND Luke Temple playing a show at Mercury Lounge, so prepare to roll up at about 9:30pm (doors and start of show) with twelve bucks in hand to cover your ticket.
  • And over across the Williamsburg Bridge, We Are Scientists will be playing a gig with TEEN and Cookies at Brooklyn Bowl! Tickets will run you a very exact seventeen bucks a pop.
  • SPEAKING of Brooklyn Bowl, we can also catch the weekly edition of Bowl Train (presented by DJ Questlove) for ten bones.
  • Meanwhile, just up the street at Rough Trade we’ve got a very solid lineup in Joywave, Verite and Kopps this evening! Tickets are listed at twelve bucks in advance and fifteen day of show, so get them ASAP.
  • But HOLD THE GODDAMN PHONE, ’cause Mykki Blanco will be playing the Jewish Museum tonight for thirteen bucks in advance and/or eighteen day of show, provided they don’t sell out well before then.
  • Maybe you’re just ultra-cultured, though, and all of the above sound to you like nails on a chalkboard. IN WHICH CASE, there is the off chance that you are a Meredith Monk mega-fan; if that’s true, definitely hit up Le Poisson Rouge for a special MM birthday celebration for $20-$25.
  • Not into paying money for shows? WELL, catch a free set from Javelin PLUS grab some complimentary sweets ‘n goodies for Kipling’s holiday tour! Just be sure to RSVP here.
  • SIMILARLY you can RSVP to dance your goddamned face off all night long at Mister H, where tonight’s FREE musical guest is none other than Plastic Plates.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11f

  • You might want to head out of work slightly early tonight, ’cause Frances Cone will be playing Mercury Lounge for the early slot (doors and show at 7pm) for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • Of course, if you don’t mind shelling out twenty bones for your live music experience tonight, you might also want to consider the fact that Thee Oh Sees are playing Warsaw with Jack Name and Ice Balloons…
  • I’m going to have to personally recommend we all get our faces over to Brooklyn Bowl this evening, though, ’cause it’s motherfucking FREEDIA FEST (yes, like Big Freedia in FEST FORM), which will set us back fifteen bucks in advance / twenty day of show.
  • Meanwhile, we’ve got Kim Ann Foxman and Fred Everything co-headlining a show at Glasslands this evening, so be sure to grab twelve dollar tickets in advance before they get bumped up to fifteen day of show.
  • And Baby’s All Right’s got a pretty dope lineup tonight ft. Natural Child, Las Rosas, The Mystery Lights AND BOYTOY all under one roof for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • PLUS ASTR, Ghost Beach and Body Language (DJ set) will be playing the Knit Ball at the Knitting Factory, which celebrates the venue’s five years in Brooklyn for fifteen bucks a ticket.
  • Let’s also not overlook the fact that the inimitable Jon Hopkins will be playing a live set at Output tonight, so scrape together twenty bucks in advance or thirty day of show to guarantee you don’t miss out.
  • But I’d be remiss not to urge you to hit up another round of Kipling’s holiday tour, because tonight’s guest will be Kitty Cash, AND the free sweets and goodies will continue to flow.
  • You could also skip out on the tunes altogether and INSTEAD pop on over to Nitehawk for a midnight round of its second annual Shorts Festival! Tickets are just $11, and there’ll be a pre-party with the directors from 10pm-midnight.
  • Or if short films ain’t your jam, do it up right over at Sunshine Cinema for a special midnight screening of mother effing Purple Rain (purple rain).
  • No? NONE OF THAT?! Well, maybe you just need some LOLs this evening, which you can find over at One and One Bar thanks to Sean Patton & Co.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10ss

  • Everybody loves Escort, so let’s begin our evening at Brooklyn Bowl where (as previously mentioned) Escort will be playing a show tonight! Tickets are twenty bucks a pop, and the tunes will kick off at 8pm.
  • And then probably just stick around Brooklyn Bowl for ANOTHER chance to catch Big Freedia! Tickets will run you fifteen dollars in advance of the show, and/or twenty on the actual day. (Get ‘em quick.)
  • Things are looking pretty solid over at Glasslands, too, though…for starters, we’ve got ANOTHER opportunity to catch East India Youth for the early gig, which will cost you ten bucks a ticket in advance and/or twelve day of show.
  • And after THAT, provided you can stay up a little past your normal boring bedtime, you can catch and Octo Octa DJ set (again, this is happening at Glasslands) for fifteen bucks a pop.
  • And we’ve also got Shinobi Ninja playing Cameo Gallery just around the corner, so if you’ve got eight bucks in advance and/or ten bucks day of show, then this is also looking pretty good.
  • PLUS it’s another evening of the Knit Ball at the Knitting Factory, this time featuring a solo set byAndrew WK for seventeen bucks per ticket. Go and get your party on, yeah?
  • Meanwhile, the Kipling holiday tour continues today with a set from Denitia & Sene and even MORE free sweets, gift-wrapping, etc.
  • If cinema’s more your jam, though, then hit up Nitehawk’s second annual Shorts Festival today for a little cultural brunchin’!
  • Or, you know, just head to Littlefield and take out all of your pent aggression at Beat It, aka the most magical event ever where you hit things like pinatas and stuffed animals with baseball bats for FREE! Action starts at 1pm.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10j

  • My top vote for the evening is most definitely with Baby’s All Right for Hot Girls Eating Pizza, a very simple concept party in which you go dance your face to DJ sets off whilst eating FREE PIZZA. (No, that wasn’t a typo.)
  • And if you’re down to pay for gigs, then my next vote is going to have to go to Cameo Gallery, where Maluca Mala, TECLA and others will be playing a special show for twenty bucks in advance, twenty-five on the actual day.
  • If the cinematic experience is more in your comfort zone, then skip the tunes and instead hit up Union Hall for tonight’s edition of The Muppet Vault for eight bucks.
  • OR swing by Nitehawk’s second annual Shorts Festival for ANOTHER round of brunch screenings today, provided you can get your hungover face out of bed or whatever!
  • What’s that? You predict you’ll be too mega-hungover? WELL, if you think you’d be more likely to get yourself to MoMA by 2:30pm for an extended cut screening of Nymphomaniac, then maybe you should do that instead.