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Well hey, New York! It would appear our weekend is off to a rainy start, but who the fuck cares? We’ve got SO MUCH TO DO (all of which is happening INDOORS) that it won’t even make a difference, so prepare to GET ACTIVE OR WHATEVER! But FIRST, here are a few things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, there is a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE BURGER (no, that isn’t a typo) that debuted yesterday at Umami, and we ate it (obviously). Here’s what we thought.
  • Next, we premiered the DOPE video for Burning Palms’ “Thorns”, which you should definitely watch RIGHT NOW.
  • I’d also super suggest that you enter our giveaway to win two free tickets to this month’s One Step Beyond (ft. DJ Questlove) at the American Museum of Natural History next week…
  • And when you’re finished with THAT, probably read our interview with the legendary John Epperson on Lypsinka.
  • Finally, we interviewed Aglaia Kremezi on her rad all-vegetarian Mediterranean cookbook (recipes from which we ALSO tested…), so READ IT!

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11r

  • TONIGHT I’m going to firstly recommend that we all head to Union Hall for some New York Comedy Festival programming in the way of How Many Questions LIVE, the brainchild of ultra-hilarious ladies Sabrina Jalees and Liza Treyger ft. special guests Aparna Nancherla, Michelle Buteau and MORE for just ten bucks.
  • Got a little more dough than that? For around the neighborhood of forty bucks a ticket, you can be hanging out at Town Hall for a comedy show by Tig Notaro, which is the stuff that dreams are made of.
  • Meanwhile, if you’re into cooking and/or books and/or the thing that happens when they combine to form cookbooks, then you should probably drop by powerHouse Arena for a discussion with Gabrielle Hamilton on Prune.
  • But WHAT THE EFFING WHAT?! Jennifer goddamn Lopez will be at 92Y tonight in conversation with HODA KOTB! (I realize how fucked it is that I am more excited for the latter than the former, but to each his own, goddammit.) Tickets are $75 / FIGURE IT OUT, PAUPERS.
  • You can also figure out how the fuck to get to Westbury (the SPACE at Westbury, to be more specific) tonight for another round of Jenny Lewis tunes! Tickets will cost you around twenty-five bones a pop, thirty with fees.

  • PERSONALLY I think we should keep it a bit more local tonight on the Lower East Side at Mercury Lounge, where the early gig will feature Avi Buffalo AND High Highs, and will cost you a very reasonable twelve bucks.
  • Or if you can stomach the idea of hitting up Terminal 5, then you might want to scrounge up around thirty bucks from the ol’ couch cushions to buy a ticket to tonight’s Gesaffelstein show.
  • And if you CAN’T stomach the idea of hitting up Terminal 5, then probably just head on over to good old Glasslands for a Glass Gang release party, which is going to be amazing and will only cost you ten bucks a ticket.
  • Of course, if you’re just lookin’ to d-d-d-dance tonight, then you should reserve all of and/or most of your post-work energy to hit up a late night round of Bowl Train at Brooklyn Bowl, ft. (as usual) all of the tunes and all of the Questlove for $10.
  • And while it’s likely that the RSVP ship has already sailed on this one, I’m sure that VICE would love to have your email address to add to its gentrified mailing list, SO, if you’re willing to run the risk in hopes of free booze for some sort of launch of like, Starbucks or TJ Maxx or something, then email [email protected] to say “I AM COMING TO YOUR PARTY!”

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  • TONIGHT definitely try to snag some tickets to the New York Comedy Festival’s Uncivil Union benefit concert at the Bell House, where Reggie Watts, Jim Gaffigan, Cameron Esposito and MORE will be in-house to perform for between twenty and a hundred bucks.
  • And/or if you’re super broke, the Bell House is ALSO offering some solid free programming in the way of Party Like It’s 1999, where you can dance your goddamned face off to the nostalgic tunes of the nineties forever!
  • But have you somehow managed to not get sick of Halloween? First, you probably did it wrong and didn’t eat enough candy, but also second, you should most definitely slake your spooky thirst at Nitehawk tonight (and/or tomorrow) with a screening of Suspiria.

  • We’ve also got a screening of Jurassic Park that’s happening at IFC Center ten minutes past midnight, so if you’re down to throw some dinosaurs into your Friday evening, then this is your best bet FOR SURE.
  • And speaking of IFC Center, they’ll also be screening some mega classics today in the way of Gone With the Wind (though you’ll have to skip work to catch it at 11am) AND Reefer Madness, which is another midnight joint. (<— HAHA)
  • Or maybe you’d prefer to fill your ears with ALL OF THE ELECTRONIC TUNES, in which case you should hit up the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival tonight, which features Booka Shade and others for forty bucks day of show.
  • HOWEVER, if you’re not trying to see Cold Specks at Rough Trade tonight you are WRONG, so please do yourself a favor and grab some tickets while you still can, yeah? They’ll only cost you fifteen bucks and it will be SO WORTH IT.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10ss

  • First, the New York Comedy Festival programming continues today with another round of Meet Me In the Bathroom and Tell Me All Your Secrets featuring the inimitable MISTER DAVE HILL for just twelve bucks at Union Hall.
  • But let’s not even TRY to pretend that we won’t be camped out in front of powerHouse Arena forever, because Megan Amram will be there for the book launch of Science…With Her! with JOHN HODGMAN FROM 6-8PM!
  • Meanwhile, if you’re super into burlesque shows then you’ll likely appreciate the fact that it’s Wasabassco’s tenth anniversary party over at the Bell House this evening! Tickets will run you between forty and a hundred bucks to attend, but again, DO IT FOR THE BIRTHDAY BURLESQUE.
  • But since it’s likely that you don’t even remotely have that kind of cash, I’m going to recommend we get our Swayze on tonight with a FREE SCREENING of Road House over at Videology. (It’s going to be the greatest.)
  • And now that we’ve entered into movie territory, I should ALSO mention that there are some solid not free (but definitely worth it) screenings at Nitehawk today and tomorrow which INCLUDE CRUEL INTENTIONS as well as a personal favorite, A Fistful of Dollars! (#ENNIOMORRICONEFORPRESIDENT)

  • But do you enjoy destroying your liver with all of the free who-even-cares-where-this-came-from-’cause-it’s-free booze? Probably get yourself all RSVP’d to Flavorpill’s shindig this evening ft. an open bar by Bronx Brewery.
  • If tunes are more your jam, you might want to consider heading out to New Jersey (also known as God’s Country) for a show by Screaming Females at Asbury Lanes, which will set you back just twelve bucks a ticket.
  • But whoa, remember Little Boots? You can catch a solo set (as well as other sets from other talent) over at Music Hall of Williamsburg as part of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, which is (again) forty bucks day of show.
  • If we’re going the music route, though, then I’m going to have to SUPER RECOMMEND that we brave the terrors of Union Pool to catch a very solid gig from Chrome Sparks, which costs just ten bucks a ticket.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10j

  • Got eight bucks leftover from your irresponsible financial decisions this weekend? Then GURL, you got yourself a ticket to see Haunting Renditions LIVE with host Eliot Glazer at Union Hall this evening and IT’S GONNA BE SO GOOD.
  • Or if you were even MORE fiscally conservative the last few days, you might be able to swing a very well worth it ticket to see Agnes Obel at Le Poisson Rouge with Jennifer Castle tonight (starting at 7pm) for twenty-five bucks.
  • But because you probably DON’T have any dough left after you spent it all on drunk pizza, you could always head to Rough Trade today for what’s sure to be a very solid (and very free) set from Gruff Rhys.
  • Or if you can manage to busk for like, a half hour or whatever, then you might be able to rake in the ten bucks it’ll cost to catch De Lux with Gold Lake, Blood Moon and Allies tonight over at Glasslands…

  • And/or just head on over to Cameo Gallery down the street, where they’ll be hosting a Honduras gig this evening for the low price of eight bucks per ticket. (NOT BAD AT ALL!)
  • BUT if you wanna get the most bang for your buck today it’s gotta be at Kings County, where thirty bucks gets you tickets to see bands like Mystery Lights PLUS access to an all-you-can-eat luau-style pig roast buffet. (Coconut bras will earn you free drinks, too!)
  • Meanwhile, if you can roll yourself out of bed to get to the Film Forum by 11am, then you MIGHT consider hitting up a screening of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, which is happening as part of their Film Forum Jr. series.
  • PLUS remember that you’ve got another chance to catch a screening of Cruel Intentions and/or A Fistful of Dollars at Nitehawk today, so if you’d prefer a little food ‘n drink (that isn’t just Junior Mints and overpriced soda) with your movie, keep it in Williamsburg.