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Welcome to Halloween weekend, weirdos! You may be confused by my choice of Clueless as a GIF theme, but trust me, I have my reasons; Nitehawk will be screening that one on Saturday and Sunday, and while I love me some good old fashioned candy overdosin’, I’m more than willing to fast-forward through the terrible costumes (I’m going as a black hole, by the way…tightly hugging all people and objects in my path and never, ever letting go…) to get to November. If you are a Halloween fan, though, I’m not going to rob you of sexy-offensive outfits! There are plenty of soirees detailed below, BUT FIRST, here are some SPOOKTACULAR things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, here’s the lowdown on our top picks for international standouts at this year’s CMJ ft. Chelsea Jade, Tkay Maidza and seven other artists you need to know.
  • AND we went ahead and recapped eleven of our favorite all-around gigs at CMJ in HAIKU FORM! Read those pretty little words RIGHT HERE.
  • Next, if you’ve somehow managed to sleep on pumpkin carving this season, here are some hand-drawn printable (and NAUTICAL!) stencils by Kelly Maryanski.
  • Similarly, if you haven’t settled on a costume yet, chances are you’re HELLA LAZY. Take inspiration from our Halloween spread this year ft. Pauly Shore and the cast of Friends!
  • Or, you know, just take your inspiration from these AMAZINGLY DRESSED DOGS from the Tompkins Square Park and McCarren Park puppy parades this year.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11r

  • Tonight my personal vote goes hands-down to Glasslands, where Mykki Blanco will be hosting a Halloween party that sounds like it’s gonna be one to remember. Tickets will set you back a reasonable fifteen bucks a pop.
  • A very close second vote goes to Brooklyn Bowl up the street, though; Dum Dum Girls will be taking the stage tonight with Ex Cops and Christines, and tickets are going at a steady rate of twenty bucks per person.
  • Too pricey for you? Just get yourself to Baby’s All Right for a show by Celestial Shore, Ava Luna, Palehound, Baked, and We Can All Be Sorry; tickets are just ten bucks each, aka about two bucks per band.
  • But WHOA WHOA WHOA, if you’re willing to make it a Manhattan kind of night, then you should most definitely hit up Bowery Ballroom for a show by The Coathangers! Tickets are just eighteen bucks and fifty cents each.
  • I will also have to highly recommend the show by Elysian Fields that’s happening at Le Poisson Rouge tonight for fifteen bucks in advance / eighteen bucks day of show. Doors are at 6:30pm, so get there early!
  • Of course, if none of the above qualify as “your jam”, then maybe you’ll want to reroute to Best Buy Theater for a special Cypress Hill performance?! (Note: tickets are slightly more expensive at $30-$40 bucks each.)

  • We’ve also got several second-chance (or third) opportunities to catch bands in NYC this week starting with another show from Smallpools and Magic Man at Irving Plaza. Tickets are twenty-nine bucks each.
  • In the case of our THIRD opportunity gig, we have another Wilco show that’s happening out in Port Chester at the Capitol Theatre. Tickets are STILL going to cost you an arm and a leg at $66-$96, though.
  • Back in Brooklyn, we have an ultra-worthwhile late gig happening at Verboten ft. Classixx, Le Youth AND Chordashian, so be prepared to stay out dancing all night long, yeah? Tickets are thirty bucks and going fast.
  • It also just so happens to be the annual HALLOWMEME party over at the Bell House, which, provided you shoot an RSVP over, is 100% FREE! Always a good time, and always full of the best costumes on the planet. I support this.
  • AND there’s apparently a free party that’s being thrown by Sour Patch Kids…they’re being pretty vague about what the gig entails, but from what I understand there will be tunes and (I would imagine) a lot of free candy.
  • “BUT I HATE PARTIES, MEGAN.” If it’s you who just uttered those words, you might want to shift your focus to some good old-fashioned seasonal #LEARNING! We’ve got a course on the history of horror happening at the Morbid Anatomy Museum for just $8 that might be right up your alley!
  • Or if Halloween and/or tunes are just not your thing altogether, then try to swing by the Union Square Barnes and Noble this evening for a little in-person chit-chat with Diane Von Furstenberg about her brand new memoir.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11f

  • To start our official Halloween weekend off let’s hit up Glasslands for a Mutual Benefit show, where Emily Reo will cover Lana Del Rey songs and Conveyor will cover Buddy Holly! Tickets are fifteen bucks a pop.
  • OR just spend your evening up the road at Rough Trade, where Meat Puppets will be playing a show with Cass McCombs this evening for twenty bucks tonight.
  • Not into those bands? Head on over to Warsaw instead, where The Presets will be taking the stage with Antwon, Chela and Franki Chan beginning at 8pm tonight. Tickets will run you in the market of thirty bucks a pop.
  • But since there’s a very strong chance you spent all your money on a stupid-looking and highly flammable costume this year, you might want to hit up the Brooklyn Night Bazaar instead for a free show by bands like Diarrhea Planet this evening. (There’ll also be a $500 cash prize to the best costume in attendance!)

  • And speaking of free parties, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Gowanus appears to be teaming up with Flavorpill on a Weird Al-oween shindig that begins at around 6pm. All the Weird Al hits will be playing, there’ll be an ice cream eating contest in honor of “I Love Rocky Road” and MORE. RSVP to get on the list.
  • But look, I’m not fuckin’ around here with these free parties…a complimentary cocktail or five would be nice, AMIRITE?! So let’s skip all that other stuff and hit up a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure-themed party ft. FREE Espolon cocktails from 9-10pm at PIPS on Roebling.
  • Of course, if zombies are more your jam, then go relive high school as it was intended at the Zombie Prom! There will be tunes, people dressed as zombies, etc., and it’s all happening at Littlefield for $15-$20 tonight. (I will not be attending because people dressed as zombies stress me out.)
  • And if none of that suits your fancy because #SOCIALINTERACTION, probably just hole up in the Museum of the Modern Image for a very appropriately scheduled screening of Poltergeist! (But again, I am not going to be in attendance thanks to permanent burial ground #FEAR.)

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10ss

  • Tonight my first vote goes 100% to Baby’s All Right, where Yellowbirds will be playing a show with Mesiko and Steve Salett for the VERY INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE of just ten bucks per ticket.
  • And a bit north of there you’ve got a second chance to see Cass McCombs and the Meat Puppets at Rough Trade, so if you’ve got another twenty bucks to spare then get tickets NOW because there are not many left.
  • If you happen to have a little MORE dough, however, then you might want to head to the Hammerstein Ballroom for a show by The Glitch Mob AND Chrome Sparks tonight. Tickets will run you just under forty bucks a pop.
  • But because you’re probably ultra-poor like me, I’m going to suggest we head to the Bowery Electric instead for a Goodbyemotel show instead. Tickets are just eight bucks each, and Goodbyemotel rules.

  • What’s that? You’re too poor to shell out $8?! Well, just get yourself to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar again this evening; not only will there be a second opportunity for you to snag a $500 cash prize for a great Halloween costume, BUT there’s a full lineup of bands (again, all free) for your listening pleasure.
  • Union Hall will also play host to another edition of Drinking Game for $15 this evening, and the selected film (to be reenacted live by a troupe of actors) will be Ghostbusters! So probably go and booze your face off until the cows come home.
  • OR if the ship has sailed for you on all things Halloween, then head to tonight’s edition of Discosynthesis, which is also happening at Union Hall this evening. It’s free as always, and will feature all the best tunes for you to work off all the candy you drunkenly shoved in your face last night.
  • Let’s get real, though; I’m most excited about the screening of Clueless that’s happening at Nitehawk to usher in November, so I’m going to vote we skip all that other stuff in order to roll with the homies and wish we had Cher’s wardrobe.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 10j

  • TONIGHT definitely grab tickets to catch a miraculously non-sold out show from Lo-Fang at Glasslands this evening! Tickets are just fifteen bucks and are likely going fast, so get ‘em ASAP!
  • But are you not so into the tunes side of things? Well MAYBE you’re into comedy! Are you into improv? OR are you into stand-up? Well, TONIGHT the two will come together for an epic evening of LOLs over at Union Hall for Simply Unemployable, which’ll cost you just $5 to attend.
  • We can also head to the UCB Theatre in Chelsea for tonight’s edition of ASSSSCAT 3000, where lots of rad people (including Amy Poehler) usually show up to perform. Tickets (as of this writing) are still available for purchase, OR you can line up w/ the other peasants for the later gig that’s free but w/o reservations.
  • If you think that LOLs are a waste of your brain cells, though, then perhaps you should hit up the Brooklyn Brainery with a very reasonable twelve bucks in hand to learn the ins and outs of Persian cuisine! (#KNOWLEDGE)

  • You could also take your cooking smarts one step further (provided you have a little extra cash) at the Brooklyn Kitchen, where THEY will be teaching you how to make your very own mozzarella for $75. (You’ll never have to buy it again!)
  • Let’s get really real, though…nobody’s trying to learn to cook on a Sunday when there are plenty of delicious things we can cram in our faces. For example, THE 5th ANNUAL MAC OFF IS HAPPENING AT LITTLEFIELD FOR $15 FEATURING ALL OF THE MAC AND ALL OF THE CHEESE.
  • If that somehow doesn’t suit your fancy but you’re still trying to be super lazy today, then you might want to consider tapping into some cinema, yes? For instance, if you’re STILL not over Halloween, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is screening at the Film Forum today.
  • AND over at BAM they will have an extra-special 3D screening of Creature from the Black Lagoon at 2pm, which is DOPE AS FUCK IF YOU ASK ME. Admission is ten bucks and the screening begins at 2pm sharp.