Hello! Today is the first non-hectic day I have had in over three weeks, so of course my body has decided to go off the rails in an impressively bleak fireworks display ft. ectoplasm exploding out of my nose! (That’s fun code for I’M HELLA SICK AND IT IS P. GROSS! SEND EXPENSIVE JUICES AND MACA POWDER OR SOME SHIT TO HEAL MY LIFE BEFORE THE WEEKEND!) Speaking of the weekend, it is practically that! Congratulations if your health has not failed you! Before we get into all of your choices the next few days (including the opportunity to see S U R V I V E, the Stranger Things synthwave soundtrack guys, perform in a graveyard // yes, our GIF theme is about to be YE OLDE UPSIDE DOWN), let’s talk about some crucial stuff you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • Or like…just take a cruise with Peanut Butter Wolf for $35 // YOU DO YOU!
  • If you’re more into distinguishing real science from fake science, Atlas Obscura is hooking you up with an evening of just that! Six presenters will talk about topics both real and fake, and you’ll have to distinguish who’s telling the truth and who’s being Donald Trump! Tickets are $25 a pop.
  • Or for comedy vibes, head  to the Bell House for Throwing Shade w/ Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi! Tickets to that are $25 each.
  • And Reductress’ Haha Wow is celebrating its one year anniversary with a dope lineup ft. Patti Harrison, Blair Socci and more for just $7!
  • But getting back to film, you can go to Videology for a $22 Labyrinth coloring party ft. a screening of the movie and bonus Labyrinth coloring book for each guest!

  • First, it’s Friday the 13th! You can hit up Videology for their co-presentation with BHFF of screenings of the first four Friday the 13th films!
  • But also, what better way to spend Friday the 13th than at a goddamned spirit seance?! There’s one happening for $15 over at Catland tonight, and no joke, I legit might go.
  • Or if you’d rather listen to tunes in a suitable Friday the 13th way, S U R V I V E (Stranger Things soundtrack dudes) will play an $80 show at Green-Wood Cemetery.
  • Too pricey? Start off at Rough Trade, where Widowspeak will play a $15 gig!
  • And I’d be remiss not to mention that Halsey’s at Barclays Center for $20+…
  • …and Atlas Genius will be at Gramercy Theatre for $23+.

  • First, it’s Brainfood NYC 2017 at the Brooklyn Expo Center! Lots of trendy food, plus speakers like Alton Brown and Hannah Hart will be there, and tickets are $50+.
  • You can also catch a brunch screening of The Blair Witch Project at Nitehawk!
  • S U R V I V E will be back at it again at Green-Wood Cemetery tonight // spookiest $80 you’ll ever spend!
  • Daniel Norgren’s playing ANOTHER NYC show tonight, this time at Rough Trade for $20!
  • Meanwhile, Against Me! will be at Brooklyn Steel for $23!
  • You can also catch a live Bicep set at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $22-$30…
  • …AND The Floozies are at Bowery Ballroom for $20, too.

  • In terms of tunes, The Weeks are at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $15 tonight.
  • AND The Fresh & Onlys will be at Baby’s All Right for $12!
  • Got $65+, though? Catch Billy Corgan at Murmrr Theatre!
  • Comedy-wise, it’s a new Picture This (where comedians get drawn live during their sets) at Union Hall ft. Blair Socci, Corinne Fisher, Shane Torres and MORE for $8-$10.