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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first ever (EVER!) BYT NYC BEST WEEKEND BETS. That means that one day you’ll be able to say: You know what? I READ THEM BACK WHEN THEY WERE STARTING OUT IN NYC. And we may give you a plaque or something, if you can prove it.

But for real-it is a long weekend ahead, we are SO EXCITED to be publishing in NY and we have quite the event selection ahead  to spend your hard-earned free time and expendable income on. As is customary with BYT-we’ve calibrated this very carefully for maximum fun and minimum stress and we’ve decided to punctuate it with (somewhat predictably, but hopefully endearingly) with images from ANNIE HALL. You know you love it too.

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Anyway, ready for the weekend?


  • first things first: FLEET WEEK is here. According to Sex and the City “a GREAT time of the year”.
  • sneak out of work a little early and check out the kick off of the Hester Street Fair which is (somewhat confusingly) not on Hester Street but on Madison between 29th and 30th: food, friends, fun.
  • in the mood for some good AND hilarious times? BYT fave funnyman Dave Hill is having a book party launch for his TASTEFUL NUDES opus over at The Bell House in Gowanus. Doors for this classy literature/mayhem event are at 7:30, which means it is PERFECTLY timed to enjoy some awesome happy hour specials at Mission Dolores courtyard beforehand (a close 10 or so min walk away), which is ends at 7pm and features 2-for-$5 rail drinks, $12 pitchers of beer and more. EVERYONE WINS.
  • then-help support the NY Poetry Festival by checking out their benefit @ The Norwood Club (241 W. 14th)
  • if we say: “Imagine if The Strokes went a bit more of a jangly rnr route” – does that make you want to check a band out? If so-then Mail the Horse @ Cake Shop is a show you DO want to go to.
  • and while we know Questlove is @ The Brooklyn Bowl every Thursday, considering that Friday may as well be a day off, all things considered, Bowl Train should be a really good place to spend some quality later night swimming in choice vinyl and Soul train videos.





LEAVE US COMMENTS WITH THINGS YOU THINK WE MAY HAVE (not on purpose) MISSED. And remember: if you have tips, an event you want to let us know about or would like to get involved with BYT NYC, shoot us an email at: [email protected] with #BYTNYC in the title. See you around and all the time. And always remember: