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We’re back for a new round of NYC Best Weekday Bets! Each day will feature a top pick in the areas of 1. fitness (active), 2. comedy, 3. culture, 4. film, 5. food + drink, 6. free, 7. learning, 8. music and 9. staying in (because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to not leave your couch, especially when it continues to be cold AF outside).

Lots on the books this first couple of weekdays INCLUDING but not limited to a crash course in witchcraft, an erotic live reading of Star Wars (our GIF theme, because of course), yoga with cats and MORE:

Monday, February 26

ACTIVE: Head to Bluestockings for a free pop-up self-defense course! NO ONE WILL FUCK WITH YOU EVER AGAIN!

COMEDY: Tonight it’s a new Butterboy with Jo Firestone, Aparna Nancherla and Maeve Higgins over at Littlefield! Special guests include Josh Gondelman, Josh Sharp and more, and tickets are $10 each.

CULTURE: The Guggenheim is hosting a discussion between Washington Ballet artistic director Julie Kent and choreographer / American Ballet Theatre corps de ballet member Gemma Bond. (Fancy!) Tickets are $45.

FILM: Catch a screening of Wim Wenders’ Notebook on Cities and Clothes at Metrograph, duh! #WIMWENDERSRULES

FOOD + DRINK: The Footlight is doing another potluck tonight – bring a dish (or two) to share!

FREE: RSVP to Standard Sounds to see Salt Cathedral for all of zero dollars at the Standard EV’s dope AF penthouse!

LEARN: Strand Bookstore is hosting a panel called Let’s Women-splain Romance, aka a discussion of the appeal, power and strength of the romance genre. All-female author panel, one open-minded male moderator, and tickets priced at $15 each.

MUSIC: Obviously see Joan As Police Woman’s record release gig at Rough Trade tonight! Tickets will set you back $15 apiece.

STAY IN: I’m going to unironically suggest you watch back-to-back episodes of Antiques Roadshow on PBS, but if you’re the worst and think Antiques Roadshow sucks, then I GUESS you can also switch channels to HBO to watch Get Out instead.

Tuesday, February 27

ACTIVE: Tonight you can head to Union Square Ballroom for Ecstatic Dance, aka a space where you’re pretty much given permission to move as embarrassingly as you want without feeling bad about it! Tickets are $23+.

COMEDY: Most definitely head to Littlefield for STAR WARS: An Erotic Live Reading w/ Lane Moore, Julia Johns and Jessie Atkinson! Tickets are $10 a pop.

CULTURE: Patton Oswalt will be at the NYPL to share the posthumous true-crime masterpiece written by his late wife Michelle McNamara, who died suddenly in 2016. Tickets to that are $40 each, and I would be willing to bet they’ll sell out, so grab ’em quick.

FILM: Blow-Up is screening at Metrograph tonight. Bring a Tinder date! Make them feel inferior in the shadow of your affinity for such sophisticated auteurs as Antonioni!

FOOD + DRINK: EscapeMaker wants to load you up with local food and beer at Fulton Stall Market tonight to benefit local farmers, so if you can scrounge up $34+, probably do that!

FREE: Join [email protected] to celebrate the second print run of coffee table book Queer Threads at Club Cumming tonight! (Club Cumming rules!)

LEARN: I would imagine there is plenty to learn at Bluestockings’ queer socialist mixer tonight, so if you feel interested in any of that jazz, swing by from 7pm until 9pm!

MUSIC: Hit up The Mission for The Lot Radio’s presentation of Okay Kaya! Tickets to this one will run you a very reasonable $12 each.

STAY IN: Do we really have any choice BUT to watch America’s Next Top Model on VH1? (I don’t think so.)

Wednesday, February 28

ACTIVE: Ummmmmm CLEARLY go to Meow Parlour for yoga with cats. $22 gets you thirty minutes with the cats, forty-five minutes of yoga, and a fifteen minute cool-down with the cats. (WOW, SUCH VALUE!)

COMEDY: The Educated Guess Science Fair is back at it again at Littlefield tonight, so most definitely head over there for all of the science-based LOLs with Steven DeSiena and Colin Burgess! Tickets are $7-$10 each.

CULTURE: Swing by the opening of Suki Seokyeong’s Jeong 井 at Tina Kim Gallery! The solo exhibition features sculpture and video works, and is on view until April 7th.

FILM: Broke AF? Hit up Brooklyn Bazaar for a FREE screening of Waiting for Guffman!

FOOD + DRINK: Got $175 to spare? 1. LUCKY!, 2. you might consider putting it towards a special Harlem-meets-Paris dinner w/ Marcus Samuelson at Sofitel! (I’ll be eating rice and beans at home lol!)

FREE: Think you can bunk off work between 11am and 2pm today? Brooklyn Botanic Garden is opening its doors for free! (Just take a long, plant-filled lunch break! They’ll never even know you were gone!)

LEARN: Catland is hosting Witchcraft 101: The Basics tonight, so get over there and expand your knowledge of ye olde practical magik! Tickets are $20.

MUSIC: Catch pronoun, Sulene and Charles Fauna over at Pianos tonight for just $8, duh!

STAY IN: Tonight is the premiere of Survivor: Ghost Island. How is this show in its 36th season. How am I still probably definitely going to hate watch it.

Thursday, March 1

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