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We’re back for a new round of NYC Best Weekday Bets! Each day will feature a top pick in the areas of 1. fitness (active), 2. comedy, 3. culture, 4. film, 5. food + drink, 6. free, 7. music and 8. staying in (because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to not leave your couch). Tons happening this week ft. a special screening of The Goonies (obvi our GIF theme), a kombucha class, shows from Sidney Gish, Verdigrls, Deidre and the Dark and MORE! Details:


Monday August 19

ACTIVE: Did you blow your entire budget on bullshit this weekend? Go restore yourself with some FREE yoga after work at the Kimpton Hotel Eventi!

COMEDY: Catch Melissa Stokoski, Karolena Theresa, Brian Bahe, Shalewa Sharpe (new album out today, and also her birthday!), Drew Anderson, Wanjiko Eke and Reggie Conquest at a new round of Star F*ckers: Astrology But Make It Comedy at Union Hall! Tickets are just $10 a pop.

CULTURE: Swing by Bryant Park for Asian Cultural Symphony, which is happening from 7pm to 8pm for free!

FILM: CLEARLY get to Alamo Drafthouse for a Goonies screening party! Tickets are $16.

FOOD + DRINK: Carvel is opening at Macy’s Herald Square, and they’re giving away “free” soft serve cones w/ a $2 donation to the American Red Cross. (The main reason I’m listing this is because there will be photo opportunities with Fudgie the Whale, and I just feel like that’s very important.)

FREE: Can’t Hardly Wait is screening for free at Our Wicked Lady tonight!

MUSIC: Head to Elsewhere for a set from the one and only Sidney Gish! Tickets will run you $15.

STAY IN: I hate that I am invested in Bachelor In Paradise now BUT I CAN’T HELP IT, DEMI BURNETT IS MY NEW PRESIDENT. So watch that or Antiques Roadshow, either way we are on the same page.

Tuesday August 20

ACTIVE: Do a free fun run w/ Nike ft. an opportunity to give their new shoes (called The Joyride) a go, plus there’s a bonus after-party!

COMEDY: Catch an Abortion Access Front presentation of The Feminist Buzzkills of Comedy ft. Jaye McBride, Hari Kondabolu, Myq Kaplan, Joyelle Johnson and Bonnie McFarlane! Tickets are $10 a pop.

CULTURE: CLEARLY go hang out w/ Roger Federer at UNIQLO’s flagship store, where he’ll be in (FREE!!!) conversation! LUV U, ROG!

FILM: Scope a screening of The Abyss at IFC Center ft. bonus Q&A w/ critic Matt Zoller Seitz, sound designer Blake Leyh, & FX coordinator Ron Pogue at 7:00!

FOOD + DRINK: Hit up a Kombucha 101 course! Tickets are $65+.

FREE: Catch a free outdoor screening of Boyz N The Hood at Red Hook’s Valentino Pier tonight!

MUSIC: Head to Pete’s Candy Store for a FREE set from Verdigrls, Malcolm Harris and Dougie Poole! (You can/should also stick around for a free gig from Deidre and the Dark and Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue!)

STAY IN: Wonder Woman is on TNT // IMPORTANT.

Wednesday August 21

ACTIVE: Got $20 to spare? Go do yoga on the High Line! V. PICTURESQUE!

COMEDY: It’s the August edition of That Time of the Month w/ Sarah Hartshorne (from ANTM) and Tracy McClendon at Starr Bar! THE CHOICE IS CLEAR.

CULTURE: Head to Books Are Magic to catch Bassey Ikpi in conversation about I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying w/ Melissa Febos! Free and open to the public!

FILM: Scope a $7 screening of Hereditary and/or Midsommar at Syndicated, duh!

FOOD + DRINK: Get to Catland for Kitchen Witchcraft 101, a course in which you’ll explore the multitudinous ways that witchcraft has been utilized in the kitchen over the years! Tickets are $15.

FREE: Head to Pier 1 for a free outdoor screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, plus there’s The Princess Bride at Parklife and Big at Pier 63!

MUSIC: Hit up MSG for a $50 Tame Impala gig! (Yeah, a little pricey, but I feel like probably worth it!)

STAY IN: Home Alone is on BBC America. I do not understand why, but does it even matter? WATCH IT.

Thursday August 22

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