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We’re back for a new round of NYC Best Weekday Bets! Each day will feature a top pick in the areas of 1. fitness (active), 2. comedy, 3. culture, 4. film, 5. food + drink, 6. free, 7. music and 8. staying in (because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to not leave your couch, especially when it continues to be cold AF outside). Lots on the books this first couple of weekdays INCLUDING but not limited to lobsters ‘n ghosts, being near Tyra Banks and her mom and MORE:

Monday, April 30

ACTIVE: SPRANG BE SPRUNG! Hit up Central Park for a New York Running Company monthly run! (Free!)

COMEDY: Nick Thune’s at Union Hall with Andre Hyland for $15, so like, DUH!

CULTURE: Videology is hosting a FREE sneak preview of Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean Michel Basquiat tonight, so DO THAT!

FILM: I’ve heard nothing but AMAZING things about Unsane, so go catch it for just $7 at Syndicated!

FOOD + DRINK: You can swing by 92Y to catch the inimitable Tamar Adler in conversation about ALL OF THE THINGS for $35!

FREE: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is screening FO’ FREE at Our Wicked Lady, which sounds FAIRLY IDEAL.

MUSIC: I mean OBVIOUSLY go catch Jessie Ware at Brooklyn Steel for $35!

STAY IN: Watch Killing Eve on BBC America.

Tuesday, May 1

ACTIVE: If you (like I) generally feel an urge to dance in any/all public spaces, you will find like-minded humans at Washington Square Park today and will look (slightly) less insane! Go forth ‘n bust some moves!

COMEDY: David Cross is at Littlefield for a new round of Shootin’ the Shit and Seeing What Sticks, so be sure to grab yourself a $12-$15 ticket before they’re inevitably sold out!

CULTURE: Ummmm I am not entirely sure this even fits with this category, but OH MY GOD TYRA BANKS AND HER MOM ARE GOING TO BE AT STRAND BOOKSTORE. Either by a copy of her book from Strand or cough up $20 to attend!

FILM: Go see Jay and Mark Duplass in conversation at Symphony Space for $42+, DUH!

FOOD + DRINK: You can eat bugs and drink wine at Blender Workspace, so I mean…do it if you’re brave? Tickets are $40+.


MUSIC: The Xiu Xiu show at The Guggenheim is sold out, but there ARE a couple of standby tickets that’ll be available at the door. If you’re a mega fan, get there early dot com to grab ’em.

STAY IN: Watch Killing Eve on BBC America.

Wednesday, May 2

ACTIVE: I kind of love bachata more than anything, so I’m gonna vote you hit up a beginner dance class BC HAKUNA BACHATA.

COMEDY: Catch Stand-Up for Justice: Benefit for Kalief Browder Foundation at Berg’n!

CULTURE: Rumaan Alam and Emma Straub will be at Books Are Magic tonight for a convo, and you should go!

FILM: Catch Iron Mule over at Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse!

FOOD + DRINK: I don’t actually recommend you do this, but oh my god lobsters and ghosts.

FREE: Rachel Kushner is at Greenlight Bookstore to present The Mars Room! Go hang out!

MUSIC: Go see Glasser at House of Yes as part of The Hum series! Tickets are $15-$30 a pop.


Thursday, May 3

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