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We’re back for a new round of NYC Best Weekday Bets! Each day will feature a top pick in the areas of 1. fitness (active), 2. comedy, 3. culture, 4. film, 5. food + drink, 6. free, 7. learning, 8. music and 9. staying in (because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to not leave your couch, especially when it continues to be cold AF outside). Lots on the books this first couple of weekdays INCLUDING but not limited to drunk yoga, a crash course in astrology, a Fried Green Tomatoes themed four-course dinner (our GIF theme, DUH!) and MORE:

Monday, March 26

ACTIVE: Hit up Coco-Mat for yoga ‘n cocktails tonight! Free cocktails provided by Deep Eddy Vodka!

COMEDY: Head to Union Hall tonight for Shit Arcade (during which comedians play bad video games) ft. Mike Drucker, Mitra Jouhari, Anthony Atamanuik, Josh Gondelman and more! Tickets are $10 each.

CULTURE: Get to MoMA for An Evening of Computer Films with Ken Knowlton! 16mm films by Knowlton and other artists will be screened, after which he will be joined by writer and critic Rebekah Rutkoff and MoMA associate media conservator Peter Oleksik for a conversation.

FILM: You can pop over to Videology tonight for a $12 screening of Millennium Actress tonight!

FOOD + DRINK: Watch a $25 screening of Julie & Julia at Syndicated tonight and get a bonus swag bag ‘n free specialty cocktail!

FREE: Back in the realm of comedy, Side Ponytail is happening at Friends and Lovers fo’ FREE tonight! Lineup includes Kenny DeForest, Reena Calm and more.

LEARN: Swing by Strand Bookstore tonight for a panel on A Wrinkle In Time! Admission can be acquired through the purchase of a $15 Strand gift card.

MUSIC: Most definitely catch Sons of an Illustrious Father at C’mon Everybody for $12!

STAY IN: Matilda is on Freeform NEED I SAY MORE.


Tuesday, March 27

ACTIVE: Trying to be hella zen? You can sign up for a free tai chi class at WMA Karate Corp. in Brooklyn tonight! If you like it, see about becoming a member!

COMEDY: Hit up the Bell House for an evening with The Comedy Resistance ft. Janeane Garofalo, Mike Birbiglia, Judah Friedlander and more! Tickets are $35-$40 each. (Plus there’s Cocks Against Glocks at Littlefield ft. fifty comedians telling dick jokes to benefit gun control! Tickets are $12-$15.)

CULTURE: If you’re obsessed with all things design, then most definitely make a beeline for Cooper Hewitt, where they’ll host an evening with pioneers like Bob Greenberg and more! Tickets are just $5 each.

FILM: The inimitable Floyd Norman will be at Alamo Drafthouse in BK tonight to do a Q+A post-An Animated Life screening, which is something you definitely don’t want to miss!

FOOD + DRINK: Learn what to eat and how to shop with Home Cooking NY tonight! Tickets are $25, and could potentially save you a lot of $$$ during future grocery store trips.

FREE: Elizabeth Smart is at Barnes & Noble to give a talk and sign books tonight, and goddamn if she is not motivational AF.

LEARN: Space nerd? Get to the AMNH for Astronomy Live: Mars In Focus! Tickets are $15 each.

MUSIC: Head to Bowery Ballroom for a Lo Moon gig tonight! Tickets are $15 a pop.

STAY IN: Ummm it’s the premiere of the Roseanne reboot, so like, clearly watch that on ABC.


Wednesday, March 28

ACTIVE: Head to Public Arts for a morning rave from 7am to 9am! Free breakfast included in the $25 ticket price.

COMEDY: Post up at Lucky Jack’s for Too Many Cooks tonight w/ Marina Franklin, Louis Katz ‘n more! Totally F-R-E-E!

CULTURE: Get to Brooklyn Bazaar for a night of artistry and entertainment! Fifty local artists, live music and performance art and SO MUCH MORE for $22-$30 a ticket.

FILM: Feelin’ Lynchian? Catch a screening of Blue Velvet at Metrograph on the LES, duh!

FOOD + DRINK: Oh my god there’s an $80 Fried Green Tomatoes themed four-course dinner at Alamo Drafthouse in BK tonight // IF YOU HAVE THE FUNDS, OBVIOUSLY GO.

FREE: Back over at Brooklyn Bazaar, meanwhile, there’s a free screening of The Master tonight!

LEARN: If you’re into mystical-magickal vibes, you can swing by Catland tonight for a $20 Practical Astrology 101 course!

MUSIC: You’ve got another chance to catch Sons of an Illustrious Father at C’mon Everybody tonight! Tickets are $12 each.

STAY IN: Riverdale is on, and now that Cheryl has been revealed as queer identifying, I feel like I am reinvested in trying to be one of the people that likes this show. So like, maybe we can be reinvested together.


Thursday, March 29

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