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HOW IS IT ALREADY THANKSGIVING?! I’m headed down to Baltimore to my mom’s at some point (we were supposed to take a road trip to Santa Fe but THANK FUCK that got canceled since it’s three days in the car each way), and I assume a lot of you guys have travel (or at least dinner) plans, too, BUT in the event you’re sticking around for any combination of dates between now and Sunday, we’ve got your plans sorted! SO many dance parties to shake off ye olde tryptophan, plus comedy, potlucks ‘n more! Our GIF theme has nothing to do with any of that, I just felt it was seasonally appropriate to go with Addams Family Values! I am the boss of you! Before we talk #DEETZ, let’s cover some stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

Monday, November 19

  • My top pick for tonight is the Joni Mitchell tribute that’s happening at C’mon Everybody, because JONI MITCHELL RULES AND WE SHOULD HONOR HER ALL THE TIME! Tickets are $10 each.
  • In terms of other tunes, if you’ve got $70, you can catch Pixies at Brooklyn Steel!
  • Meanwhile, Dirty Projectors have got another show happening at Elsehwere tonight for $35!
  • Too broke? Most DEFINITELY see Bottoms play Secret Project Robot instead, then, ’cause tickets are just $8 and BOTTOMS RULE REAL HARD LIVE!
  • Or if showtunes are more your jam, then get to Alamo Drafthouse for a $12 35mm screening of RENT!
  • Not into that? Catch a special screening of Okja at Metrograph ft. intro by Darius Khondji!

  • For LOLs, the latest edition of Butterboy w/ Jo, Aparna and Maeve at Littlefield sounds REAL REAL GOOD! Lineup includes Jess Salomon, Ophira Eisenberg, Mamoudou N’Diaye and MORE, and tickets are $10.
  • Or if you’re just super duper into learning, head to the Bell House for a new round of Secret Science Club! Tonight’s special guest is a developmental biologist, and (as always) entry is free!
  • Plus Masters of Social Gastronomy are bringing you The Secret Lives of Coffee and Tea over at Caveat tonight! Tickets are $10.
  • Just wanna focus on getting in a good head space before you have to break bread (aka turkey) with your conservative family later this week? Swing by Catland for a $5 round of guided meditation!

Tuesday, November 20

  • For comedy vibes, head on over to Union Hall for a new round of The Lesbian Agenda w/ Sophie Santos and Jess Salomon! Tickets are just $8-$10 a pop.
  • At the Bell House, meanwhile, tonight’s Ask Me Another special guests are Michelle Wolf and Amber Ruffin! Tickets are $15-$20 each.
  • In terms of tunes, YOU WOULD BE REAL REMISS not to catch Stefa at Arlene’s Grocery tonight for just $10! HOMEGIRL IS PURE MAGIC, I AM SERIOUS – GO SEE HER.

  • I’m also super into oOoOO x Islamiq Grrrls over at Elsewhere! Tickets are $12-$15 each.
  • Unless you just couldn’t get enough Pixies vibes last night at Brooklyn Steel, in which case cough up another $65-$70 for round two!
  • PLUS Digitalism will be at Good Room tonight for $20…
  • …and Treya Lam & Friends ft. Kaki King will be at Joe’s Pub for an unheard of $12!
  • More into film? Metrograph is hosting Darius Khondji again, this time for an introduction to a screening of The Beach and a Q+A following a screening of Seven!

Wednesday, November 21

  • First, if you’re trying to get into ye olde Thanksgiving spirit, then pop on by Alamo Drafthouse for a $12 screening of Planes, Trains & Automobiles!
  • If you’re lookin’ 4 LOLs of the HTML-based variety, then look no further than Caveat! Tonight’s Internet Explorers is Cyber Wednesday-themed, and lineup (in addition to Mike Vigeant) includes Marcia Belsky and Michael Cruz Kayne! Tickets are $10.
  • AND swing by Union Hall for Black Wednesday w/ Joel Kim Booster and Sonia Denis! Tickets are $8.
  • (You can also stick around for a $10 90s hip-hop R&B singalong after that!)

  • Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance? Get to the Bell House for a new round of Tainted Love, America’s (or at least Brooklyn’s) favorite free 80s dance party!
  • OR if you can part with $5, then the clear dance party winner here is the Sade party that’s happening at C’mon Everybody, duh!
  • Meanwhile, it’s the Thanksgiving Eve edition of Tiki Disco ft. Lloydski and Andy Pry at Output! Tickets are $20+.
  • AND it’s the fourteenth anniversary (!!!) of Glamdammit over at Bowery Electric! Tickets are $10 each.

Thursday, November 22

  • I assume you may have plans with family or friends or yourself today, in which case have the most fun doing those plans!
  • But in the event you’re looking for a dance party, House of Yes has got you covered with this week’s Dirty Thursday, which, as always, is FREE!
  • Meanwhile, Schimanski’s hosting Bassgiving for $15+…
  • …AND it’s Bossa Thanksgiving at Bossa Nova Civic Club!

Friday, November 23

  • Into giving lewks as much as you’re into giving thanks? Head to C’mon Everybody for Queersgiving, which is a dance party and food drive to benefit the Bowery Mission! Tickets are just $5 each.
  • There’s also a unicorn party happening at House of Yes if that’s more your speed! Free before 11pm w/ RSVP, up to $30 after that.
  • If it’s comedy you’re after, hit up Union Hall for Only Child Syndrome w/ Addie Weyrich! Tickets are $8-$10 a pop.
  • For tunes vibes, you can head to Elsewhere for a $25 show from Death From Above

  • …or if you happen to possess $140+, then grab yourself a ticket to see Bob Dylan at Beacon Theatre instead! (I do not have that kind of $$$! See you some other time!)
  • OR dial it back with a $25 ticket to see The Menzingers at Brooklyn Steel instead!
  • Meanwhile, Inoki Party is happening at Good Room tonight for those of you who wanna cut an Anjunadeep style rug! Tickets are $30 each.
  • If you’re more into movies, you may be interested to know that Fatal Attraction is screening at Moving Image tonight as part of the Glenn Close retrospective! Everybody likes festive boiled bunnies amirite?!

Saturday, November 24

  • In terms of tunes, you can grab slightly cheaper tickets to see Bob Dylan at Beacon Theatre tonight – they’re still gonna run you $99+, but take what you can get on this one!
  • Or if you’re broke as hell and love you some Sufjan Stevens, then head to Rough Trade beginning at 11am! Asthmatic Kitty will be handing out free Sufjan postcards, hot chocolate, coffee mugs ‘n more to celebrate the release of the Songs for Christmas box set.
  • For comedy, the one and only Andy Kindler will be at Union Hall tonight! There’s an early show and a late show, and each will run you $12-$15.
  • Or maybe you still feel like you overindulged on Thanksgiving and wanna get ACTIVE, in which case hit up House of Yes for a $10-$20 roller disco party!

  • You can also head to a new wave dance party over at Saint Vitus! Free entry with RSVP!
  • Just wanna get spooky? Swing by Catland for a $10 spooky (TBA) movie screening, and/or cruise through the latest Zodiac Market pop-up, which (as always) is free!
  • Or if movies are more your jam, then head to Syndicated for Studio Ghibli madness! $7 screenings of My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Grave of the Fireflies today.
  • Think you can get up earlier? Nitehawk’s got brunch screenings of Tangerine and Moonstruck! (Or if you’re a night owl, there’s a midnight screening of The Silence of the Lambs instead!)

Sunday, November 25

  • Kicking things off w/ ye olde tunes, Bushwick A/V Club is hosting an after-hours dance party beginning at 4am and ending at 2pm! Entry is $20 before noon, or free after that.
  • Later, Iceage and Show Me The Body are at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $17-$20!
  • Plus you can catch Rufus Du Sol, Cubicolor and Icarus at Terminal 5 for $35!
  • If you wanna keep the Thanksgiving vibes going, then head to Catland for a Friendsgiving potluck! Tickets are $15, but nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds.

  • Or if you’re more into LOLs of the neurotic variety, hit up Caveat for I’m A Doctor Now: Stories About Self-Diagnosis w/ Allie Kokesh and Sarah Burton! Tickets are $8 each.
  • Meanwhile, Doug Loves Movies is taking over Gramercy Theatre for $25 a ticket tonight!
  • And while we’re on the subject of film, Syndicated’s got more $7 screenings of My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Grave of the Fireflies today!
  • Willing to get up a little earlier? Catch an 11am screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Film Forum!