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Staying in NY this weekend? THAT MAKES TWO OF US! But it’s not so bad, ’cause there’s plenty on the books to keep us busy in sweaty-ass NYC while all our friends are out gallivanting in Europe or wherever the fuck. For example, there’s a Prince-tastic roller disco, a Planet Earth drinking game, a punk rock picnic, pig roasts ‘n clambakes, plus multiple Dirty Dancing (our GIF theme) screenings for all of the summer-is-ending-thank-god vibes! (I think I am the only person who is amped that summer is ending, but I am the boss of you, at least for this one post, so I DON’T CARE IF MY OPINIONS ARE UNPOPULAR.)

Before we talk details on all of that (and, by the way, you can check back on Monday as usual for our Best Weekday Bets // holiday weekends do not change ya gurl’s process), let’s first discuss some important #CONTENT you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were asleep at the wheel and/or dying of heat stroke:


  • For starters, you can kick back with a good old fashioned movie screening! Keep it classy at Videology, where they’re hosting a $24 screening of North By Northwest ft. bonus Gibson!
  • Speaking of boozy screenings, you can head on over to Caveat for a free Planet Earth drinking game, which sounds KIND OF INCREDIBLE.
  • It’s also the last free outdoor movie screening of the season at Brooklyn Bridge Park – the public has spoken, and they voted for Big!
  • In terms of comedy, it’s a new round of It’s A Guy Thing with Mitra Jouhari, Patti Harrison, Catherine Cohen and more over at the Bell House! Tickets to that one will run you $10-$15 each.

  • (And stick around for the late round of Julio Torres & Friends since the early one sold out! It’ll benefit the ACLU’s work for immigrants’ rights, and tickets are $16 each.)
  • If we’re talkin’ tunes, then I’ll start by saying that the inimitable Holly Miranda will be at City Winery tonight, and tickets are a very reasonable $12-$15 each!
  • Or if you just wanna cut a rug, head to Brooklyn Bowl for a Prince vs. Michael Jackson dance party! Tickets are $12.
  • Broke as hell? Just hit up MoMA for a free show from Mutual Benefit!


  • First, Black Art Matters: The Pop Up kicks off today, so I’d highly suggest checking that out between 1pm and 12am! Tickets are $25 each.
  • I’m also VERY EXCITED about the fact that Dreamland Roller Disco is Prince-themed tonight // YES YES YES DOT COM! Tickets are $18+.
  • For comedy vibes, head to Union Hall for That Shit Ray! ft. Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres and more (hosted by Rachel Pegram and Rachel Joravsky)! Tickets are $8-$10 a pop.
  • If poetry is more your jam, Nico Tortorella will be debuting his new collection at the Bell House! Tickets are $30 a pop.
  • Or if it’s cinema you’re after, Videology is hosting a $16 screening of Do The Right Thing (even though the heatwave is ironically supposed to break today) ft. bonus slice of cheese pizza with EXTRA mozzarella. (And after that, there’s a $12 Sugar & Spice edition of Drinking Game.)
  • But OH MY GOD you can catch the opening of Pick of the Litter at IFC Center ft. bonus Q+A w/ director Dana Nachman, AND THERE WILL BE GUIDE DOG PUPPIES THERE I REPEAT THERE WILL BE GUIDE DOG PUPPIES THERE THIS IS NOT A DRILL. (This will also happen tomorrow, so just PLEASE FIGURE OUT A TIME AND GO.)

  • Or if that’s too gosh dang cute for ya, then hit up Film Noir Cinema to watch a collage of clips about witchcraft ft. live score by Pide Ayuda! Tickets are $20.
  • In terms of tunes, I am like, legally obligated to mention Electric Zoo and how it kicks off today. And by legally obligated I mean someone yelled at me in the comments one time when I left it out one year. (Sorry for just trying to help y’all out! I’ll never try to do that again!)
  • Meanwhile, if you wanna get mildly political, you can hit up Baby’s All Right to show your support for Julia Salazar’s State Senate Campaign! (But more importantly, you can catch a $25+ show from Wet! Worth it! Maybe!)
  • You can also catch a $15 show from Shonen Knife at Brooklyn Bowl…
  • …or pop on over to Elsewhere for a $10-$12 Wax Idols gig! (I love them! They are my favorite!) Plus if d-d-d-d-dancin’ is your MO, shell out $15-$25 to party with Amtrac and Juan Maclean (DJ set, duh) on ye olde roof!


  • Personally, I’ll probably be watching the US Open on TV all day because that is who I am in my heart. (You can check it out live from Flushing Meadows, which I would highly recommend!)
  • Let’s also talk about our TUNES options for today, yeah? Like, for example, if you’ve got $79+, you can FINALLY catch a miraculously non-sold-out Drake & Migos show over at Barclays.
  • But if your pockets are as empty as mine, maybe also consider dialing it back at today’s PS1 Warm Up, which sounds DOPE AS HELL and will run you $18-$22 – Discwoman, Lizzo, Gang Gang Dance, Yaeji and more will all be out there, and I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Saturday than in their company.
  • Of course, YA GOTTA keep them dance grooves goin’ all night long, so prepare to hit up C’mon Everybody for the latest edition of Yas Mama! All of the queer-friendly cheer for just $5-$8.

  • Meanwhile, there’s a Britpop dance night happening at Saint Vitus for $5-$8, OR get in for free by wearing a Britpop / UK band tee.
  • Or if an indie dance party is more your scene, head to Baby’s All Right for a new round of Dance Yourself Clean! Tickets are $10-$12 each.
  • Have Burning Man FOMO? Get to House of Yes for their answer to all your problems! Free before 11pm with RSVP, up to $30 after that.
  • Or just get in the last true summer vibes with a screening of Jaws at Videology ft. bonus can o’ Narragansett! Tickets are $16. (And if you’re a true night owl, post up for a $12 Scott Pilgrim edition of Drinking Game at midnight.)


  • Get in your Labor Day vibes early at Videology! They’re hosting two afternoon screenings of Dirty Dancing ft. a bonus watermelon margarita for each guest, and tickets are $24 each.
  • For LOLs, head on over to UCB East for If You Build It with Mike Drucker, Casey Ley and more! Tickets are $9 each.
  • If you’re more concerned about dancing today, then get to Brooklyn Mirage for Heat Wave! If you RSVP early, you can grab tickets fo’ free! After that, though, the price jumps to $10-$30.
  • The Well will also host one of the last Tiki Disco parties of the season! Grab a ticket for $10.
  • But if you think DISCO IS DEAD, then head to Otto’s Shrunken Head for PUNK ROCK PIC-A-NIC! It’s a potluck picnic ft. punk band performances all afternoon. Free!
  • Speaking of food, Vandal’s hosting its second annual Labor Day pig roast, where it’s all you can eat and all you can drink for $75!

  • You can also head on over to Brooklyn Cider House for a Labor Day clambake // each $27 ticket comes with a clambake platter and a free bag of apples from their farm, Twin Star Orchards!
  • AND if you’ve not made it out to our buddy Jenn de la Vega’s MASARAP exhibit at Babycastles, head there for closing night tonight – all the ingredients donated to the Dampa project will be cooked for guests to eat (with their hands) on a giant banana leaf, and yes, bringing containers to take home leftovers is encouraged! $5-$10 entry.
  • If you’d rather spend your evening in the company of queer women, and you feel inclined to wear all white, then head to Henrietta Hudson for their summer sendoff white party, which (and I think this might be the first time in Henrietta Hudson history) is cover-free all night long.
  • Or if you’re determined to get to the beach before summer’s over, now might be a great excuse to make the trek to Montauk – Skylar Grey is playing a free show at Surf Lodge tonight!
  • Of course, if you’ve been meaning to learn witchcraft for YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW LONG, then now’s your chance to take a 101 course over at Catland! Admission is $10 a person.