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This week we decided to test Jason’s dedication to both the BYT cause AND sparkle motion by sending him to see the latest Rock comedy featuring football AND tutus. I mean, rules are rules and it was number #1 on the box office this week. (thank God we’re starting to reimburse him for expenses). He lived. And what would make him feel better is if you drunkenly tell him you’re not stalking him BUT love his work this weekend at the Cat. Deal? Deal.

The Game Plan

Here’s my game plan: get drunk & cry.

Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’? CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’ JABRONIES? I can. It’s his own soul over the fiery, fiery coals of the Hell that is Hollywood.

I guess there comes a time in every action star’s career when that star needs to shed his tough guy persona and appear in a lovable children’s comedy. Arnold joined Sinbad in Jingle All the Way, Vin Diesel mumbled his way through the Pacifier, and Stallone acted(loose term) in Over the Top*. Now The Rock(or…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as he is billed**) stars in the Disney film, The Game Plan.

The Rock plays Joe Kingman, a self-centered professional football player, with an Elvis fetish, who evidently believes that everyone speaks in football metaphors. One day his long lost daughter shows up on his doorstep, and, GUESS WHAT?!?!, it turns his life upside down! HAHAAHA!! LOLOL! LMAO!!! SMITGDEBs***!!!


I can crow about the plot all day long, because it’s one of the most hackneyed, trite plots ever to be filmed, but I have to be fair. This IS a Disney movie, and this is obviously for kids. I actually found it refreshing that a movie aimed at children didn’t try to be everything to everyone, like Shrek or other recent supposed “Children’s” movies. There isn’t any subversive humor, and there really isn’t any sly inside jokes specifically designed just for adults to understand. This is a movie that is totally for 9 year olds.

Which makes me wonder: why I was sitting in a theater watching it with 8 other people who weren’t in fourth grade?****

I guess everyone else was there to see the Rock, who buffoons his way through most of the movie. This is disappointing, because I’ve always enjoyed watching him on the screen. The surprising thing is that he’s much better in the sappy dramatic parts of the film than he is in the comedic areas. There was actually a very sweet part where he sings an Elvis song to his daughter, and I must say, I got a little misty. Of course, I’m on new meds now, and the fact that Queer Eye has just started its final season makes me bawl uncontrollably. So take my tears for what they’re worth.

Pretty much all you need to know about the film can be summed up by the final lines in the movie, which I will describe to you now, in screenplay form…

JOE KINGMAN, sweaty and tired after throwing the winning touchdown pass in the Football Championship Game, stands among a sea of reporters looking throughout the crowd, searching for someone.

His daughter, PEYTON, pushes her way through the crowd, smiling, and jumps into his arms.

Daddy, Daddy! You won the Championship Game!

Peyton, I’ve won much more that that.

They hug and cry, and the camera zooms out.




I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m all cried out. I have to go get a hug now.
Next Week: Another goddam kid has magical powers and has to save the earth in The Seeker, and Ben Stiller & the Farrelly brothers continue their precipitous fall from hilarity in The Heartbreak Kid. Til then, I’m stocking up on Kleenex. Stay dry, kids.

*Now, technically Over the Top isn’t a children’s comedy film, but it did have a kid in it, and there’ nothing funnier than slow motion close-ups of Sly’s retard sneer in the middle of an arm wrestling match.

**You see, he is a serious actor now.

***Stabbing Myself In The GodDamn EyeBalls.

****Obviously, the perks of writing this column. Cale gives a mean foot massage.