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It’s almost Restaurant Week and I know you’re ready for those delicious three-course meals. In fact, we have a handy list of restaurants and tips for next week right here. But, to tide you over for the weekend, I have a list of some great food-related novelty Twitter accounts, whether they be funny or just chock full of food porn.

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Doritos Ontario

It seems legit at first but as you read, you realize that this is Twitter account has no actual affiliation with Doritos except for the name. The tweets are usually about a serious topic, such as capitalism or divorce, only to end with some variation of the phrase, “go buy Doritos.” I wonder how much he’s helped Doritos sales since his beginnings. Sadly, the account has recently been shut down because, according to the creator, he couldn’t think of anymore chip jokes. I guess that’s reasonable.

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Taco Bell

Yes, it may be the official Twitter of the Taco Bell Corporation but lord do they know how to operate social media. They have a sense of humor and are most definitely aware of their core demographic: stoned 20-somethings lookin’ for some nacho cheese. I tip my hat to whoever is in charge of their Twitter account.

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NPH Food Porn

A Twitter account dedicated to the food Neil Patrick Harris eats. That’s it, it’s that simple. America’s sweetheart goes to fancy restaurants we’ll never be able to afford and posts pictures of his delicious meals plus some commentary. Simple, elegant, Neil Patrick Harris.

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Nice profile pic

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 10.14.47 AMFoodPorn

Similar to the previous entry except it’s food porn from everywhere, not just where Neil Patrick Harris is currently pigging out. It’s got everything from cookies and cake to pizza and bacon cheeseburgers. So basically do not check this account out if you’re hungry. It’ll make everything worse and you’ll get sad. Unfortunately they don’t include any recipes, which is the worst part. I want to know how to make Chocolate Lasagna…

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 10.15.20 AM

I mean look at that.

This Is Why You’re Fat

Just to make you feel better about that caloric intake, I’ve included This Is Why You’re Fat. If you’ve never checked out their site and wanted to vomit, well here’s your chance. It’s a collection of all of the weird shit us humans do with food. There’s a lot of weird shit.

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