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Usually when I walk into a dance party and the thing I become immediately aware of is the wall of must that has just hit my nostrils I take it as a good indication of dance party par excellence. Such was the case Saturday night at DC9… if DJ Gavin Holland and co. are trying to go for a touch a class with the Nouveau Riche moniker, it is with a keen sense of self mockery that they do so, because the theme of Saturday night’s sesh might as well have been the get-exploit-beaucoup-niche. Between the shirts-off testosterone romp to (and I’ll just call her) the lady in red, lets just say nipples were in abundance. Can I just say, thank you Cole for your enthusiasm, you are truly one of god’s children.

See all the pictures from Saturday night here: Nouveau Riche @ DC9, Dakota Fine on flickr

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-25 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-176 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-133

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-147 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-153 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-152

As the topless twosome lived out their dance club fantasies, it appeared there were at least a couple of ladies who were also backing up their homo-grind… DJ Gavin Holland tore it up all night with his eclectic mix of sounds. And can I just say? Big fan of the tight tights, ladies keep it up. Work it out.

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-139 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-209 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-180

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-208 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-95 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-141

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-196 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-193 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-195

This dude above passed out at the table, these chicks thought they’d give him a little arousal, I think they succeeded, although no one’s ever pleased to be awoken from a deep sleep, this guy was no different. As for the man with the handlebar mustache, all I can say is damn, son.

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-185 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-184 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-84

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-36 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-61 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-83 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-79

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-100 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-104 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-117
08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-178 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-106
08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-83 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-119

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-140 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-119 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-87 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-48 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-109

Seriously though, the party was off the chain. Big ups to DC9 and all the Nouveau Riche crew for taking my night from great to spectacular.

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-40 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-77 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-101

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-31 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-70 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-94

08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-96 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-214
08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-203 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-200
08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-139 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-198 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-207
08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-191 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-105 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-107 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-80 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-64
08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-99 08_2.23_DC9Nouveau-85