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i’m super excited to be a relatively new edition to the digital world of byt. after spending much of my life living in and around the district of claws, i’ve ventured north and have taken up residence in nyc. i hope to use this space as a supplement to the semi-intimate details that i provide on my personal blog, SURFACE. so please indulge me as i take the brightest young things on an nyc tangent… love, lauriebot…

living in semi-abject poverty in the city that never sleeps. gone are the days of comfortable plenty and three-story brownstones that i called home. now i’ve got a 200 square foot glorified studio that i share with my beau. we walk through the kitchen/closet from the bathroom to get to the fabulous bedroom/living room/home theater/bike closet. but we do have a spacious bathtub, plenty of wall space and a lovely fire escape. we combined his matress with my mattress and now we have a 4-foot tall SUPER mattress! i’m also no longer afeared of unruly gangs of street youth on bikes weilding lead pipes with a thirst for yuppie blood.

but despite all the craziness and transitive pangs, there is still fun to be had.

last week, cataract camp rocked our casbahs at northsix in brooklyn; they’re lovely boys and prone to the danse.

bar life
rudy’s: back when i was first looking to move up here, i went to a bar that was delightfully black-cat-esque and lowkey in times square called rudy’s. it had a dark, steamy, red atmosphere and cracked leather seats that were often held precariously together by duct tape. free popcorn, $3 beer and a decent juke.

another room: after a day of aimless wandering below 14th street, ben and i stumbled upon the darkest bar either of us had ever seen. it was lit entirely by candlelight, with comfortable, cushy seats, and a cutiepie bartender who was sunny and helpful.

tom & jerry’s: went down to cbgb’s last night for a second and ended up at bar round the corner on elizabeth street. it was cozy and slightly hipster-y. there was a sleeping cat lounging on a chair near the door. she didn’t care who pet her, didn’t even open her eyes half the time. we had delicious (but leafy) booze-packed mojitos with lots of stuff in it. and sat getting drunker and drunker on the leather barstools in the wee hours of a monday morning.

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