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Since October 25th-31st is the “WORLD GO VEGAN” week, we figured it may be as good of time as any to rerun this guide we did in 2009 (with some 2010 addendums) on how to not eat meat in DC without driving yourself crazy.

Full disclaimer: I am NOT vegetarian but, unlike some people (Cale-I am looking at you, yes you) I truly do love eating like one at times and while we can all agree that any city with as many Indian and Ethiopian options as DC is a Godsend for vegetarians, we figured we would compile a list of go-to places that have made a point to win their way into your non-meat eating heart.

Many thanks to Alex, our great food writer and Erik, our amazing graphic designer with helping out with these recommendations (which I am separating into “casualness level” categories):


Java Green- 1020 19th Street NW
A vegetarian and vegan cafe tucked in the Penn Quarter, and a press favorite.
Good news: the deliver (anywhere), they cater, they’re adding more raw and wheat-free options too and it IS delicious.
Bummer news: not open on Sundays.

Sticky Fingers Bakery– 1370 Park Road NW
As far as I know the only vegan bakery in DC proper (Erik is obsessed with it). Good news: Now serving nachos, chilli dogs and more. Bummer news: if you’re not vegan, there is still sort of no reason to eat vegan pastry or vegan quesadillas is there?

Amsterdam Falafel -2425 18th Street NW
The little shop that could and then did save the world (or at least Adams Morgan) from jumbo slice.

Maoz Vegetarian -1817 M Street NW
Sure it is a franchise, but it is a European franchise and it is both vegetarian AND Kosher. Great because you can really never have too many falafel shops.

Pedro and Vinny’s 15th and K NW
All vegetarian burrito carts 4ever.



Soul Vegetarian’s Exodus 2606 Georgia Ave NW
Laid back, co-oppy feel. Comfort food. No booze whatsoever. No delivery either but they do take-out. People SWEAR by the (Vegan) mac and cheese there.

Asylum 2471 18th Street NW

Harmony Cafe-3287 1/2 M St., N.W. Downstairs (no website)
Replace virtually everything on the pan-Asian menu with vegan mock meats. Everything under 10 bucks.

Sticky Rice – 1224 H St., NE
While Indian, Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants are known for always colorful and vegetarian friendly options, a sushi restaurant which looks out for you (The Garden Ball’s eel sauce is vegan!) is something to behold. Try the Tofu Max.

Nirvana -All vegetarian Indian restaurant. GREAT LUNCH BUFFET. (sadly closed now)



Science Club – 1136 19th St., NW
Did you know the menu is all vegetarian?

Zaytinya – 701 9th Street NW
However you felt about Mike Isabella on “Top Chef” this place and its really well balanced selection of delicious vegetarian mezes is great, especially if you’re in mixed eating company.

Domku819 Upshur Street
Delicious Slavic and Scandinavian food with A LOT of vegetarian and some vegan (like the lentil and mushroom “meatballs” ) options.

Lebanese Taverna– 2641 Connecticut Ave., NW
Over 20 vegetarian entrees. Bet you did not know that.



Duccini’s: (1778 U Street NW) more than just an annoying menu under your door, these guys are cornering the market by offering vegan cheese, Daiya, for a modest upcharge. Try it on their pizza or use it to smother a pile of fries.

Afghan Grill: (2309 Calvert St NW) try the Sabzi Chalao (spinach cooked in garlic with tomtato and peppers) and the fried leek dumplings. Don’t hesitate to ask for it without yogurt for a vegan treat.

Sunflower: (6304 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA) it’s mentioned so often because it really is that good. Take your skeptic friends here and watch their minds explode as they swear they’re eating real meat, but it’s not! No car? Take the 4A or 4B from Rosslyn.

Mark’s Kitchen: (7006 Carroll Ave, Takoma) Korean and American vegetarian and home cooked classics. The vegetarian BLT has thus far been the only fake bacon product I have ever actually enjoyed. How they get it so crispy I will never know (Satan may be involved).

Kennedy’s Natural Foods:
(1051 W Broad Street, Falls Church) Way out in Falls Church yes, but they have the best lentil burger around and extremely fresh bread.

Indian Ocean: (4221 Connecticut Ave NW # B) Yes most Indian restaurants offer vegetarian fare, but at Indian Ocean they take great pains to cook the meat separate from the vegetarian food.

Please note that live music venues you love like 930 Club and Food For Thought inside the Black cat are among some of the most non-meat friendly places you’ll ever walk in, if not necessarily remember to eat at.

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Thank you.