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We’re pleased to premiere a track from Nora Keyes & The Rococo Jet’s upcoming album Mysterium Tremens. “Open Door” is a haunting and personal four and a half minute walk through a piano.

According to the band, Mysterium Tremens is, “a modern surrealist concept album, which thins the veil between the boundaries of reality, transporting listeners to the borderlands where synchronicities, déjà vu, mutual dreams, a sense of connection with lost loved ones, ecstatic love, and visions intertwine through the subtle doorways nature presents.” “Open Door” reflects that. We’ve listened to it on speakers and in headphones, each time connecting to the song in a different way. Your setting will help determine your interpretation on this track. At night, alone, it’s haunting. During the day, in a crowded room, it’s comforting.

Nora Keyes & The Rococo Jet’s Mysterium Tremens will be released September 21.

Feature photo by Leva Ann