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There are going to be thirteen NFL games played this Sunday, with 9 of them beginning simultaneously at 1 p.m. If you love bar brunches and you’d love to score a meal outside of your house but fear the shouts and hollers of football fans disrupting your pancakes and mimosas, check out one of these 5 spots. None of them have televisions so unless someone decides to pull up the game on their phone, a move beloved by middle aged men, you should be safe. Nothing can protect you from them any way.

El Centro

El Centro (14th St. only- Georgetown has a television upstairs) deserves to be at the top of this list because $35 gets you an essentially limitless supply of Mexican style breakfast food and assorted cocktails including standard mimosas as well as margaritas and seasonal aqua fresca cocktails. Try to find the bottom of this bottomless brunch, I dare you.

The Royal

If you’re looking for your brunch to be a bit on the lighter side, more like a extra leisurely breakfast than a boozy foodfest, then you should check out The Royal. They offer a selection of pastries (including a guava pastry!), bagels, bagel sandwiches, and a variety of egg dishes served alongside an impressive array of coffees, cocktails and beer.


Super cool Shaw spot 1905 is so cool that they not only offer their brunch menu on Sunday mornings but on Tuesday nights as well. I can’t imagine a better way to spend either day than drinking bottomless mimosas while eating their comfort food inspired brunch dishes like soft scrambled eggs with green tomatoes, or truffled grits and pork belly, or caviar and tater tots. Yeah, caviar and tater tots. Told you they were cool.


Ghibellina on 14th St not only has exactly 0 television screens on which you can watch men smash into each other, but they also offer you the opportunity to eat fancy brunch pizzas like the Finocchiona which has fennel on it in more ways than I ever thought possible. Their whole brunch menu is Italian inspired so you can find stables like french toast or a classic fry up with a twist, alongside hardcore Italian dishes like panzanella and gnocchi pomodoro.


Located on the W’s rooftop lounge, and therefore providing killer views of the city, POV serves a selection of classed up brunch staples like lemon pancakes and duck egg hash, as well as more unique items like tuna poke and buffalo cauliflower. Bring your friends who think they’re cooler than you and the tables will be sure to turn.