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There will be more than one audience member when Ruby The RabbitFoot plays 9:30 Club tonight before of Montreal. In fact, there will be hundreds of people. And hundreds of people are easier to play for than a few. Or less than a few.

Ruby The RabbitFoot’s new record, Divorce Party, was released last month. It’s worth your time.

We’ll let Ruby take it from here.

“Just Douglas”

Driving 7 hours from Dallas, Texas. Typical sleep deprived trolls running on magic. We are about to play our last show on a 2 week run. It’s a Monday which is weird for any job. Arriving about 2 hours late to the venue, we are worried that perhaps we have stressed those who are looking forward to our arrival. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Rolling up we walk into what must be one of the darkest, smokiest, most desolate holes the south has to offer. There is absolutely no production staff, no support band (which was promised), no bartender etc.. just 3 men at the bar. The florescent lights and concrete floors were our cold hard truth. We loaded in, sound checked ourselves, and prepared to play to absolutely no one.

I had never played to an empty room. That’s honestly shameful. My time had come and was way overdue. My bandmates had the purest attitude. There was no bitching and complaining. I will never forget that.

We started our set around 9 p.m., which is early but we figured lets do our job and bounce. During the 3rd song I see a man walk in, pull up a couch, and plop down right in front of me. Our show went from 0 to 1, which is more difficult than playing to nobody or 500 in my opinion. The intimacy was extremely confusing. I felt like we were a hair’s status away from a lap dance. We held strong.

The best part about this guy was that his shirt said, “Do I look like I care?” He offered to buy us drinks and proceeded to bring us “tequila” shots that tasted nothing like tequila. In my dark state of mind I surrendered my life to Douglas (that was his name). Ziona and I reminded ourselves of the idiocy of drinking a beverage given to you from a strange man, but in the end we had one fan that night, and we drank his sweet nectar.

Anyway, the show was absurd. I could ramble on about all the things we hated about it but in the end we had fun. Paul and Austin found a ping pong table and their mutual love for competition. Ziona made me laugh so hard during the set that I couldn’t even sing “Nicola La.” I’m so ready to have every show be amazing and perfect, filled with hospitality and fans, but I also think every “nightmare gig” is when your true colors shine. How you play to one man is everything.