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Br’er has a record release show on Thursday, October 8 at The Pinch. We like this band. We interviewed them in 2014 and a new interview with them goes up tomorrow. Before you get caught up on what’s going on now with Br’er, enjoy their pain in this Nightmare Gig. -ed.

Choosing a singular bad show experience is quite a feat for any touring band worth their weight. Chances are if you’re a band starting to go out in to the world and tour, you posses the hopeful, arrogant and self-deluded attitude needed find opportunity to play a laundry room in a small town to be the single greatest thrill of your life (which it is!). Br’er has done a considerable amount of touring from 2007 to now so what is the standard for worst gig? After we almost got blown up only to play to five people in LA? The show where almost all of our gear broke? The show where two members of the band broke up and had to stare at each other every night for two months? No dear friends, we’re going for comedy here, not boring tragedy.

Br’er was doing a month tour in an incredibly small Prius in the fall of 2011. At the time we were a four piece chamber pop band utilizing cello, violin, autoharp, harmonium, synth and saw so it wasn’t the most outrageous thing to think that 4 people could coexist in such an incredibly posture degrading vehicle for a month. This worst gig story is more of a two part gig which will help explain the psychological climate that was hanging over us.

We had a rough week leading up to the show, culminating with a miscommunication with our booker in Bloomington. The conundrum being we were under the impression it was for Bloomington, Indiana and not Bloomington, Illinois which was not communicated to us until a day before the show. OK, we probably could have prevented that, so we were willing to eat shit and accept our ineptitude. The real problem being that when we arrived at the venue it ceased to exist! And on top of that the booker was MIA! The spot had closed two days before and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. We attempted to reach ANYONE who could help us. We eventually tracked the booker down via Myspace and she flippantly said, “Oh sorry that spot closed, you can try this open mic they’ll prob let you play.” We end up at this dive bar with a very unsympathetic crowd who was definitely not in the market for our blend of dark, abuse laden, gender queer chamber pop. We managed to charm a couple in to letting us stay at their place.

Now that was the warm up, the really bad gig came the day after. We were booked at a college in Wisconsin (we checked it was the right town) and when we arrived the booker looked at us with this look of horror to which she says the words no band wants to hear, “Oh shit, I tottttttally forgot about this!” So what is her solution? You guessed it OPEN MIC. Now, here at Br’er we’re not inherently a malicious bunch but apathy can be quite a lubricant for revenge. We played a horrible open mic (bare in mind we did a lot of driving for two days with not even the humoring of payment) and we were broke, hungry and pretty demoralized. So we were “allowed” to crash at the dorm, with its strategically placed deli meats in weird parts of the house. Two of the members fucked in the bookers bed in a very messy way. A brutal classic!