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March is Women’s History Month. Throughout the month we’ll be profiling D.C. based women you should know. Amy Morse, the founder of Ideas Club, is heading the project. Today she profiles Nicole Rodgers. If you’d like to suggest someone for Amy to profile, tweet at her. -ed.

When she isn’t rocking out with hew new band and performing Bach and Depeche Mode at D.C.-based salons, Nicole spends time thinking about the changing landscape of marriage and family structures in American culture. Nicole is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of RoleReboot.org, a contemporary online magazine about culture, gender roles and “life off script.” Last year she received foundation funding to research the changing landscape of marriage and family structures in the U.S. and what it would mean to redefine how we think about “good” families. She believes that culture change is what paves the way for political change and artists are often the original architects of change.  As Hannah Arendt once said, “storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”

Previously, Nicole was a Vice President at Fenton, the nation’s premier public interest communications firm, a PhD candidate (and dropout) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and managed programs for a couple of education-focused nonprofits. She has written about gender, culture, family, and politics for outlets including The American Prospect, Jezebel, Huffington Post and Alternet. She is a graduate of Women’s Media Center’s Progressive Women’s Voices training and an enthusiastic Bossed Up Board member. She is the lead singer in a new band, a lover of good cheese, an aspiring darts shark, and the long-time domestic partner of an adorable old one-eyed mutt.


Making an Impact in Her Community

Nicole believes in the significance of small day-to-day acts. She supports organizations like Martha’s Table, which makes a direct impact in her neighborhood. She is conscious of doing her part to nurture a community that cares about the well being of all its members. This requires the daily effort of getting know her neighbors and local business owners, and to never ignore local folks who may be struggling with homeless or feeling “invisible.”

Woman Who Inspires Her

Anita Hill, for speaking truth to power. Hill has a very impressive history. She grew up at the tail end of segregation and ended up at Yale Law School. She became the first black female tenured law professor at Oklahoma. She was not necessarily an activist by nature, and it wasn’t necessarily the fight she wanted, but she nevertheless summoned the courage to testify against Clarence Thomas and remained immensely poised doing so. Her bravery paved the way for others women to come forward and share their stories, and brought conversations about sexual harassment into the mainstream.

Ways You Can Get Involved