Newsflash: 9:30 Club Friends with Benefits Rewards Program
stephanie | Jan 7, 2013 | 11:20AM |

It’s hard not to love 9:30 Club; they pull some of the greatest acts in the industry–past, present or future–and have a spectacular staff that works hard to make sure you’ve seen one of the best (most well-lit) shows of your life. It’s centrally located, has a solid beer line-up and a ton of giveaways. There are even cupcakes, for Christ’s sake. But today, Monday, Jan. 7th, it’s getting even harder to warrant whatever eye rolling you may do when you hear the familiar name (if that actually applies to you, who are you, anyway??). Today, 9:30 Club launches its brand spankin’ new customer loyalty program, Friends with Benefits. In essence, we all love 9:30 Club and it loves us right back.

The free program for those of us 18 and up (sorry, kids) rewards us with a free t-shirt in the mail, free cupcake for our respective birthdays every year, tikets to 9:30 Club shows (!!!), tickets to Merriweather shows (!!!!), free merch, gift cards, free shipping for online purchases, and special access to sold-out shows, among other things.

Sounds too good to be true?? IT ISN’T. Sign up here and get a free electronic card, which you can use until your tangible card and free t-shirt arrive in the mail. Use the same email you always do to buy tickets through their site, earn points automatically. Buy merch or food/drink at the club, earn points. Buy merch online, earn points. Do everything you’ve already been doing,  get free goods. We’ve never felt so loved.