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I had a radio show that only played bands performing in the District. That show is super dead, so we’ve resurrected it (with way more words and far less radio) in the form of this column. Every day I’ll review a song from a band playing in D.C. that night. The rules are, 1. I can only listen to the song once and 2. I only have until the end of the song to finish my review.


So the beginning of this video is like some weird TV thing but when the actual songs starts it is AMAZING. It’s like some 50’s rockabilly shit and it is motherfucking easy listening. I could seriously listen to this kind of music everyday and that is not a joke. Then again, I also listened to “Blue Velvet” (and not the Lana Del Rey version) too many times to count on my commute to work today so that is the kind of person you’re dealing with. Go see this band. You will not regret it.


You can see The Bellfuries tonight at DC9.