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I had a radio show that only played bands performing in the District. That show is super dead, so we’ve resurrected it (with way more words and far less radio) in the form of this column. Every day I’ll review a song from a band playing in D.C. that night. The rules are, 1. I can only listen to the song once and 2. I only have until the end of the song to finish my review.wS4k[/youtube]


I have no idea why, but for some reason as soon as this song started it immediately reminded me of Christmas music. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. There’s so much echoing. That’s not a bad thing… there’s just a lot of echoes and echo-y singing and stuff. It’s kind of nice. I think I like this. I know for a fact I really like the music video. It’s giving me some LOST vibes (100% because of the old shitty computer) and it’s just weird and silly and fun. If the show is anywhere as silly as this music video then I’m sold.

You can see Telekinesis tonight at the Black Cat.