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Once upon a time, I had a radio show that only played bands currently performing in the District. That show is super dead, so we’ve resurrected it (with way more words and far less radio) in the form of this column. Every day I’ll review a song from a band playing in D.C. that night. The rules are, 1. I can only listen to the song once and 2. I only have until the end of the song to finish my review.



A lot of drums going on right now. Sounds pretty cool. Okay, lots of guitar now. Oh, some singing. This reminds me of video game music. Like this would be a song in a Tony Hawk game. That’s not a bad thing, I don’t think. I don’t mean it as a bad thing. What I mean is that’s it’s good cool background music. You don’t really have to pay too much attention to it.

You can see Ceremony tonight at the Rock and Roll Hotel.



Pieces of a Dream sounds like the title of a Lifetime Original movie. This is the best elevator music I’ve ever heard. I wish all elevator music was like this. There would be way more elevator dance parties. Seriously. This is great. It’s very calming. If you’re having a bad day, I highly recommend listening to this. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

You can see Pieces of a Dream on Saturday at the Birchmere.



Lots of chanting so far. Almost in a culty way, but not quite. Oh god. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today but I swear to god I just zoned out and missed half of the song. The lead singer is still just going on about being a mad scientist in his lab, but still. I don’t know if all the music this weekend is perfect background music, or if I’m just too out of it. Anyway, I guess if you like chanting and science you’ll probably like this band.

You can see The Adolescents tonight at Black Cat.