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First, press play.

Sufficiently energized for this Saturday’s NeonTuxedoDisco, now? They’ve got the DJs on lock (Miami Horror, Mr. JPatt of The Knocks, and Chris Burns), and now you just need to look the part. Never been to a black-tie rave? Neither have we. So, here’s a handful of party-ready clothes, some of which (namely, the furry boots), you can easily wear to the office come Monday. Just don’t forget to pick up your tickets before they sell out.


  1. Lux Blue “Tokyo Joe” Suit, Topman
    Probably the only actual outfit on this list that you will be able to wear into the office, Topman is known for it’s slim, English style suits with a decent price tag to match.
  2. Zebra Sock in Blue/White, Happy Socks
    Bring back 80’s style with Happy Socks incredibly comfortable, incredibly stylish socks that only sort of look like a pack of Fruit Stipes.
  3. LunarGrand Wingtip, Cole Haan
    Cole Haan has more understated neon offerings with a reversed colorway, but why not go all out with a pair of wingtips that look more like Nike Frees?
  4. Blacklight Reactive Solid Bow Tie, Blacklight.com
    The most understated way to party-up your look, pair one of these bow ties with that pinstripe suit you haven’t worn since high school homecoming.
  5. Have You Seen Molly Tank Top, Cafe Press
    Not going to judge.


  1. Cutout Body-Con Dress in Yellow, Nordstrom
    Neon coloring? Check. Sexy cutouts? Double check. At least at the after-party, you won’t look like you popped straight out of an Electric Forest.
  2. Rainbow Shutter Shades, Amazon.com
    Semi-protect your eyes from all of the lights.
  3. Brockovich LED Glove Set, RaveReady.com
    Get them sooner rather than later, and be sure to practice beforehand.
  4. Cult Gaia Munchies Headwrap, Urban Outfitters
    This isn’t Coachella, so no flower crowns. Opt instead for a pop-art inspired headband.
  5. Light Up Over the Rainbow Outfit, RaveReady.com
    Seriously, not going to judge. Just don’t make this face.