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Here’s the deal, we here at BYT are party animals. We live for neon, we live for tuxedos, and above all, we live for disco. That being said, The Neon Tuxedo Disco is a real life, actual thing and it’s about to go down. As usual, we want to get you guys hip before the actual madness transpires, so here’s what you can expect.

The Features:

  • Miami Horror DJs:

In their first appearance since U Street Music Hall, they could’ve chosen to be anywhere in the world, but they chose to come be with us. In addition to coming out of self-imposed recluse, they’re coming out in the midst of recording a new album. Are we to be privy to some brand new tunes? Seems likely.

  • Mr JPatt

Half of the electro-music duo, The Knocks, Mr JPatt has decided to take some time off from recording their latest album to work on DJing for a while. DJing with people like us, at parties like this. Can’t say it was a bad choice.

  • Chris Burns

Chris Burns is taking a break from the deep house sounds and returning to his Disco Stu-esque roots. Nothing can go wrong with disco involved.


The Event:

  • Dress Code

Neon/ formal attire! What does that even mean? It’s freaking neon, tuxedo, disco themed! Put on your 1988 glow in the dark dancer tights and a penguin-tailed jacket, I don’t care.

  • The Venue

All of the crazy party happenings will be taking place at the one and only (that I’ve heard of anyway) Howard Theatre. E.g, that place where all sorts of cool events happen all the time.


  • The SWAG

– In addition to the opportunity to win yourself a pair of tickets, right hither, there’s tons of awesome crap to get once there. Neon party favors, whistles that resemble a sweet pair of green lips, party shades, and tons of other cool junk!

-Peruvian Bros catered sliders aaaand premium open bar for four whole hours to the VIP balcony, so make sure your tickets are upgraded.

– And lastly, Uber is giving away free rides to first time users when you use the code “neontuxedo”. Already an Uber user? No biggie, enter code “neontuxedo20” and get 20% off. Cool? Cool. 

Now that you’ve been properly informed of just what it takes to NeonTuxedoDisco party, get up and get your tickets! See you there partiers!