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It should be a given that we’re not recommending buying anyone a cat as a surprise gift. We’re not insane. -ed.

The best last minute gift is right at your fingertips: a cat from MCPAW, Montgomery County’s newest animal shelter. Read on to find out more about some of the special cats who need a family. There are hundreds more than what we are featuring, so go to the shelter to meet the other kitties that are seeking forever home. You can also see a list of the available cats on the MCPAW website, complete with pictures and some other details.


This little girl is small and sweet, but unfortunately she has been at the shelter for nearly four months! She would love to be a part of your family, so come by and meet her when you have time.


Batman is as fearless and attractive as his name suggests. His silky black coat is just like a black cape, and he is in need of a Robin! Adopt him and become his sidekick. Batman is about three years old and has been at the shelter for about a month.


Just a year old, this attractive guy is a spitfire, with loads of personality. He doesn’t like his picture taken and he wasn’t afraid to tell us! He would do well with lots of attention and someone who has time to play with him.



This lovely lady is a big girl who loves to eat and relax. Who doesn’t? She is about eight years old, and ideal for someone who is looking for a low-key companion.



Hanging out with Fiji is like taking a vacation; she is super cute and friendly. She is an all-black, short-haired cat who is around three years old. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted, so she has been overlooked many times. Please consider taking her home!