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We’re lucky, there’s always something cool to do in D.C. Whether you’re going to shows at the Kennedy Center or spending hours wandering through our many museums, it’s hard to feel bored in a city like this. But, if you’re looking to shake up your usual plans and get out of the city (without the cost and time commitments of actually leaving the District), look no further than National Geographic’s always excellent event series!

From monthly parties to fascinating talks to premiere film screenings, some of the most interesting events in the city are taking place at Nat Geo HQ. Check out some highlights from the event calendar below (and grab your tickets before these babies are sold out).

Gombe National Park – March 13

Just in case you didn’t know, National Geographic HQ has a lot of very cool virtual reality programming. So strap on one of those VR headsets and get ready to have your brain transported to Gombe National Park in Tanzania. See some chimps up close (or as close as you can be while still physically being in D.C.) and learn all about Jane Goodall’s incredible discoveries.

DCEFF @ Nat Geo – March 14 through March 20

The Environmental Film Festival is one of those events that make you feel lucky to be in D.C. Every year, they bring incredible eco-based programming to D.C. and this year is no exception. National Geographic is hosting a lot of cool screenings during the festival, including a film about the Flint water crisis, a documentary about the Andes that won an award at Cannes and a new documentary film about Jane Goodall that celebrates how her work has changed the world.

Nat Geo Nights: Protecting Canadian Waters – March 19

Are you passionate about coastlines and marine biology? Or do you just want to shoot some interesting facts straight into your brain while you enjoy fun activities and sip on drinks? Either way, this Nat Geo Nights on Canada’s waterways is right up your alley. Learn from a fish biologist, an aquatic ecologist, an ecological entrepreneur, a conservation ecologist and a marine biologist while you party down.

Through the Lense with Robbie Shone – March 26

Take a trip few people have ever been on and soak up some incredible sights with the world-renowned cave photographer Robbie Shone! He’ll be sharing photos and stories from a 2018 expedition in to Veryovkina, which just happens to be the deepest cave in the world. It’s a casual 7,300 feet long.

Getting the Story: Women in a Century of Change – March 31

If you’re a news junkie, you don’t want to miss out on this event. Featuring photojournalist Saumya Khandelwal, documentary photographer Yagazie Emezi, international journalist Rania Abouzeid and science journalist Angela Saini, this talk is all about the lengths these professionals have gone to get the scoop and finish the story.

An Evening with Jane Goodall @ DAR Constitution Hall – April 6

If you walk away from this story (or tab away, we are on the Internet together after all) with one thing stuck in your head, it should be this event. Spend an evening with the incomparable Dr. Jane Goodall as she shares her experiences from Gombe National Park and more recently as a conservation leader. If you’ve always wondered what it feels like to change the world, Dr. Goodall is the right person to ask.

The “Killed” List – April 14

Take a peek behind the curtain at this fascinating talk and learn all about the stories that were left on the cutting room floor. Swing by to see National Geographic Senior Photo Archivist Sara Manco and Library and Archives Senior Director Renee Braden as they go into detail about why certain stories were cut and the process behind it all.

Nat Geo Nights: Colombia – April 16

Take a trip into the lush rainforest of Colombia at Nat Geo Nights. Dance to some music, enjoy a drink or two, and then join some real professionals (including photographer Gena Steffens, ecologist Lina Aragón and documentary filmmaker Federico Pardo) as they talk in depth about Colombia’s wildlife and natural habitats.

Through the Lens with Ami Vitale – April 30

If you aren’t following Ami Vitale on Instagram, you’re truly missing out on some of the most captivating photography on the Internet. Period. If you’re interested in photography and the kind of stories we can tell with images, join Vitale for a talk on her career at large and how she uses photos to convey hope and beauty.

Explorer Trivia Night – May 1

I’m convinced that no city loves trivia the way D.C. loves trivia. We’re a city full of deeply smart people and we’re all varying shades of competitive, so things can get real wild, real fast. If you’re an ace when it comes to geography and exploration, swing by Nat Geo to show off your skills and win some cool prizes at the same time.